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20 Dogs Making the Most of Lockdown

Fun with dogs

Leash off, fur combed, chilling with no care in the world… Twitter users around the world have been taking to social media to share heart-warming photographs of their dogs enjoying lockdown using the hashtag #dogsduringlockdown. Here are some of our absolute favourites:

1. Sunshine over the Easter weekend? That can only mean one thing… time to kick back and relax

2. When it’s time for your hour of daily exercise

3. Putting on your best puppy dog eyes to guilt your human into playing with you

4. Storming up an Easter-themed pose to keep those social media likes rolling in

5. Sure, I’ll play along and dress up as an Easter bunny if it means extra doggy treats

6. Pamper day! Soaking off in the bath and deep conditioning your fur before you paint your nails and pop a face mask on

7. Basking in the heat with Bob Marley playing on repeat while I kick back in the hammock

8. Taking a well-deserved break after a spot of gardening

9. Overseeing laundry day and guarding the clothes while they dry

10. Is it nap time yet?

11. When you’ve just completed Tiger King and you’re debating which Netflix series to tackle next

12. This lockdown business is pretty damn tiring

13. Just going to tan my back for the next hour or so

14. When you’re not seeing anyone or going anywhere and decide to stay in your dressing gown all day

15. When you’ve just finished your third online yoga session of the week and just need to take a minute

16. When you wake up early but don’t want to leave your bed yet

17. Dreaming about your tenth snack of the day

18. The Snoopervisor, reporting for duty

19. Selfie ready! Which sunglasses compliment my fur the most?

20. When you sign up to every single social media site during lockdown to cure your boredom. Might try TikTok next


Now THAT’S how you quarantine from r/aww