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Eco-friendly dog food

Our packaging is 100% recyclable – made up of a cardboard box & pouch. We’ll even collect your used pouches and recycle them for you. We also include a re-useable scoop to really go the extra mile with our eco goals.

100% Recyclable

Zero food waste

The global volume of food wastage is estimated at 1.6 billion tons*. We do everything in our Pure power to avoid adding to this ap-paw-ling stat. The dehydration process we use gives Pure food a long shelf life, meaning our pets (and their owners) don't contribute to fresh food wastage. *Figures according to the United Nations Food & Agricultural Association (FAO)

75% Less emissions

75% Less emissions and packaging

Fresh food contains 75% moisture, and the food industry ships tons of water across the UK each year. When we all have water on tap at home, why create more carbon emissions shipping water? Our process extracts the moisture from our fresh human-grade ingredients, meaning we use 75% less packaging and generate 75% less emissions – win, win!

Natural, healthy dog food subscription

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Proactively invest in your pet's health with a vet-approved nutritious diet

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