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Can my dog catch my cold?

The average adult gets a cold 7 times a year with this number jumping to 12 times a year if you’re a child. That’s a huge amount and every time you might be thinking ‘can dogs get the flu from humans like me?’ and this could make you feel even worse or stress you out. Most dogs want to stay close, protect you and com-fur-t you when you’re ill, but should you let them?

Why is my dog not eating?

We all want our pets to be healthy and happy, so if your dog won’t eat it’s a real worry – after all for most pooch’s dinner time is one of the highlights of their day!

Sadly, dogs don’t talk so your pup can’t tell you why they aren’t scoffing down their grub, but there’s a variety of reasons it could be ranging from boredom of their current diet to medical conditions such as pancreatitis or colitis or in the case of a female dog being in season and not eating.

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