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What about the welfare of the animals involved?

We are able to track the source of all of the meat used in Pure, which comes only from fully regulated farms. The farms we source from ensure high standards are met in considering the welfare of the animals. None of our meat comes from animals which are reared in battery or individual cages, ensuring the animal is properly protected and where the perch, bathing area and stocking density is appropriate for their needs, preventing suffering and allowing the animals the opportunity to behave naturally.

What do you do to control the quality of your products?

We require certification that every lot of raw ingredients we buy has been tested clear of salmonella, E-coli, Enterobacteriaceae, yeasts and moulds before it even enters our production plant. Our human food facility works stringently to approved HACCAP and quality control guidelines. We have also been successfully audited to SALSA standard by experienced food safety experts, requiring that we meet both the legal requirements and best practice for producing human quality food. Our finished products are then routinely tested clear of both salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae to ensure the highest possible standards before our food is delivered.

Where is Pure manufactured?

We are proud to say we are one of only a handful of pet food companies in the UK who manufacture their own products in house, allowing us to ensure that our exacting standards are consistently met. Our human-grade food facility is based in Yorkshire, where we make all of our complete, mixer and treat recipes.

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