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Can I mix Pure in bulk the day/night before I want to feed?

Once Pure is rehydrated we recommend it is refrigerated and used within 48 hours, so it is perfect to mix in bulk the night before. Just add a little warm water and stir before serving.

Do I need to add vitamins or other supplements to Pure?

Pure's complete recipes are balanced meals and contain an added vitamin and mineral premix providing nutrients essential to healthy bones, blood and overall development. You can, however, add your own raw meaty treats and uncooked bones if you are feeling kind!

Do you have any tips on feeding my fussy pet?

Just like some humans, fussy pets can be challenging when trying new food. The additives, flavourings and other nasties commonly added in to lower quality food can be more appealing than fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. However, the following tips might come in handy:

How do I know if my pet will like Pure?

Until you give it a go we can’t say for sure, but what we do know is that the majority of pets love Pure, and even fussy eaters clear their bowls.

How long will a bag of Pure last?

A 4kg bag of Pure will last the average size adult dog (10kg) almost 45 days based on our feeding indications, making the cost of feeding Pure just over a pound a day for the majority of owners.

How much meat is in Pure?

The meat in our food is gently dehydrated & freeze-dried to remove the moisture so weighs around four times less than fresh meat. This means every 100g of our Chicken Delicious recipe, for example, contains around 160g of fresh meat. The best way to compare our recipes to other kinds of pet food is to look at the protein % in the typical analysis section.

Is it okay to mix between your different recipes?

We will have calculated the best recipe for your dog through the homepage questionnaire however, as Pure rehydrates into fresh food there is absolutely no harm in switching between our different recipes. In fact, this is a great way to keep your pets interested in their healthy Pure diet. Providing varied and balanced meals will do them a world of good!

What about dental health? Is dry food good for my pet’s teeth?

For dental health, we think it is great to add a raw meaty bone with regular meals occasionally, once a week would be fantastic. For dental health tough chew toys work great but are never a complete alternative to regular brushing and trips to the hygienist.

What is crude ash in dog food?

Ash in dog food is not the kind of ash you’d find after a fire but rather relates to the number of minerals that are in the dog food. It’s described this way as when the food is incinerated at very high temperatures the only thing that’s left is the minerals. These are things like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other minerals like these that dogs need in their diets to grow and be healthy.

What is the difference between your Chicken Delicious and Chicken Dinner dog food recipes?

One difference is that our Chicken Dinner recipe does not contain any egg. Although this is a great source of natural amino acids and protein some dogs can have intolerances to it, so we wanted to have a recipe which didn’t contain any.

What is the shelf life of Pure?

If kept in a cool, dry and dark place, Pure will last for up to 12 months once the bag is opened. Once water is added the food should be treated as fresh, refrigerated and used within 48 hours.

What quality ingredients are used in making Pure?

We make Pure from 100% human-quality ingredients. The standards in making Pure are so high in fact that we are regulated by both the human and the animal food authorities.

Why are some vegetables passed as roughage?

If you notice some vegetable matter is passed, this is not a cause for concern. The fruit and vegetables in Pure's recipes are a great source of fibre, which is itself a non-digestible form of carbohydrate that helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent constipation, so to an extent, this is to be expected and still beneficial. The difference with Pure as opposed to a regular kibble biscuit is that with kibble the vegetables have already been processed to an extent where it is not recognisable as such, so you wouldn’t notice if roughage was being passed.

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