Signs and symptoms of blood in dog stool

Blood In Dog Stool

Blood in dogs’ stools can be bright red, technically known as hematochezia, which would suggest a bleed from the lower intestines, usually the rectum or colon. With hematochezia, you might notice fresh red blood mixed in with your dog’s stools or perhaps notice a few drops of blood whilst your dog is pooping.

On the other hand, blood can also make your dog’s stools look black and tar-like, this is because it is digested blood and probably originates from the upper intestine – the medical term for this sort of bleeding is melana.

Melena can be harder to spot, especially if your dog’s poops are sometimes dark anyway, in fact often it can only be confirmed by analysis at the vets. It’s sensible to ensure you are aware of the normal colour and consistency of your dog’s poops so that if you notice anything unusual about them you can take a closer look. Sometimes your pooch has just eaten something that has caused his stools to change colour, but it could be symptomatic of something much more serious and the quicker it’s picked up the better.

Along with blood in his poop your dog might be presenting with other symptoms too such as lethargy, being off his food, vomiting or have bloody diarrhoea. Obviously, if you are worried your pet is unwell and suspect that your pooch has blood in his stools it’s important to get him checked out, immediately if he is pooping large amounts of blood or is vomiting as well.

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