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What is the difference between your Chicken Delicious and Chicken Dinner dog food recipes?


One difference is that our Chicken Dinner recipe does not contain any egg. Although this is a great source of natural amino acids and protein some dogs can have intolerances to it, so we wanted to have a recipe which didn’t contain any.

The other main difference is that the original Chicken Delicious recipe has a 40% dry matter meat content which means we pack in over 160g of fresh meat into every 100g of dehydrated Pure. Many owners are keen on a very high meat content, so this ticks that box.

Although Chicken Delicious is fantastic for dogs who do well on a high protein diet, some dogs do better on a more moderate protein food as too high of a protein content can be too rich for them. That said 100g of dry Chicken Dinner still contains 100g of fresh meat so is a good source of fresh meat as well.

Finally, the calories and fat levels in our Chicken Dinner recipe are slightly lower which mean it suits less active and older dogs who don’t require as many calories in their diet, whilst our Chicken Delicious recipe would remain our recommendation for more active dogs and puppies.