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Dog food

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Dehydrated dog food

Just Add Water

Pure is a dehydrated dog food made with the same quality ingredients you'd find in your own food. Dehydration is a super-easy way to provide the goodness of fresh home-prepared food, with the convenience of more traditional pet food like biscuit and tins.

Ingredients You Can Trust

Human-grade dog food

No grains, meat derivatives or any other nasties. Lovingly prepared at our human-grade kitchen in Yorkshire. Pure is full of all-natural ingredients that do wonders for your dog’s health. It’s so good even you can eat Pure.

Dehydrated dog food


The gentle process of dehydration involves blowing warm air across ingredients to remove the moisture content and preserve the food. Our meat, fruit and veg are slowly dehydrated between 60 and 90°C, removing the risk of harmful pathogens whilst retaining the goodness and nutrients of our fresh human-grade ingredients.

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