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Anal Gland Problems
Fussy Cats
Fussy Dogs
Oral Health
Sensitive Skin
Sensitive Stomach
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Success Story Thea



Here is Thea, during an attack of chronic pancreatitis, to today, thriving and back to being as well she was. Thanks Pure, your Brilliant Terrific Turkey has hit the spot here xxxx


Success Story Jodine's dog

Jodine's dog

Fussy Dogs

Oh my GOODNESS! What on earth is going on! My 13-year-old dog who has literally been force-fed is now guzzling down his meal and has been returning to his empty bowl every 3 minutes for the last hour!!! I wouldn’t normally message to praise a new company this much, but this is another level!! Well done on this revolutionary product!


Success Story Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs

Sensitive Stomach

So far so good. Have two very different dogs, both rescue but one was an emaciated setter with a very sensitive stomach. They both love it. Just ordered my 2nd batch. No sensitive stomach issues which is one of the reasons for my trial order. This food has a pleasant aroma too.


Success Story Persians


Sensitive Stomach Fussy Cats

I have 3 Persians who’re very fussy regarding their food and 2 of them have sensitive tummies. Eight weeks ago I tried them on Pure and not only do they adore it but they now have no more tummy problems! Being flat-faced kits they suffer from very weepy eyes and since they’ve been eating this fab food this has reduced by 90%, I only have to gently wipe their eyes once a day, oooh and another thing their pooh is small, very low odour and firm, so no more dirty trousers!

Delivery is also prompt but what’s better is there is a kind and patient dude at the end of the phone when you’ve got questions. I can’t recommend this food high enough.


Success Story Alby and Junior

Alby and Junior

Sensitive Stomach

Great food which has worked wonders for my dog’s sensitive tummies. Service is always fast & excellent & the response to any queries is always quick, friendly & extremely informative. I can’t recommend the company & their products highly enough!


Success Story Aldo


Sensitive Skin

This is Aldo our 10-month-old French Bulldog. I have recently started feeding Vegiplus to my Frenchie who has food allergies. It is a great way to ensure that he is getting all of the nutrients that he needs from his home-cooked diet. I simply add fresh meat to the Vegi mix and he absolutely loves it! It is early days but his itching from his allergies seem to be improving. I have been recommending to other Frenchie owners as I frequently get asked what I feed him on as his coat is so shiny.

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