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We've put together the perfect plan for your kg, old .

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Recipe bag

Human Grade

recipe will be gently dehydrated and prepared at our human grade factory in Yorkshire. It's for though, so keep your paws off!

Just add water

Simply add water to tasty and serve. No freezer space or cooking required.

100% Natural

is one of the family, only the freshest most nutritious ingredients are good enough. You'll be giving the diet deserves!

Glossier Coats, Happier Tums

recipe has been tailored for optimal health, complete and balanced. Thousands of dogs had their shine return with Pure, now it's turn.

What ingredients go into Recipe?

No preservatives

No Preservatives

recipe includes none of the preservatives commonly found in biscuits and tinned food.

Not burnt brown biscuits

Not burnt brown biscuits

Dehydration gently locks in the nutrients & goodness in recipe, unlike heavily processed kibble biscuits.

No nasties

No Nasties

Pet grade food can contain nasties like animal beaks and feathers, recipe is exclusively human grade.

We've helped other dogswith their

Backed by vetsFormulated by nutritionists

Dr. Julian Norton

"If you’re looking for a high-quality, minimally processed food for your pet, then give Pure a try. The recipes are made with human-quality ingredients and are personalised to help your pet thrive!"

Dr. Julian Norton
A Yorkshire Vet From The Telly

plan is fully flexible. Pause, cancel or switch flavours at any time.

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