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Pure Pet Food

Fresh natural food
tailored to your dog

Air-dried dog food made with natural ingredients, for long healthy lives.

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Honest nutritionJust add water

Deliciously tasty, Pure includes functional ingredients to improve your dog's health resulting in nutrient-dense meals, every day. Simply scoop, stir, serve.

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personalised dog fooddelivered to you

We’ll create your dog’s tailored dog food menu designed to meet the needs of your pup down to a tee. You can then select up to two personalised recipes for each delivery, helping you invest in the health of your dog for a long, paw-some life!

Dehydrated dog food

Finely choppedfor better digestion

We chop our human-quality ingredients up to a powder and gently remove the moisture which naturally preserves them while maintaining their nutritional value. It’s really simple to prepare our healthy dog food, just add water, stir and serve.

Create a tailored plan
Healthy dog food subscription

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Other dog food can contain poor quality ingredients like slaughterhouse by-products, feathers and hooves. Often using harmful processing, then artificially add nutrients back in.

We're banishing bad bellies and boring brown biscuits through the power of Pure.

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Loved by vetsFormulated by nutritionists

If you're looking for a high-quality food for your pet, then give Pure a try. The recipes are made with human-quality ingredients and are personalised to help your pet thrive.

Dr Julian Norton MRCVS
A Yorkshire vet from the telly
Julian Norton the vet recommended
Lucy the nutritionist

Dr Lucy Williamson BVM&S
Nutritionist and former vet

Andrew Miller Veterinary Professional

Dr Andrew Miller MRCVS
Pure's in-house vet

Brendan Clarke Vet Professional

Dr Brendan Clarke MRCVS
Director at Towerwood Vets

Natural dog food delivered

changing dogs' livesfor the better

We're a bunch of passionate dog lovers from Yorkshire. We know that dogs thrive on a fresh, natural diet so we created just that, a healthy dog food delivery service that's easy for owners. Our dogs deserve a healthy, happy life.

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