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No matter how mild or severe, treating pancreatitis starts with the very best nutrition.

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Preventing future flare-ups

Your dog’s diagnosis can feel extremely concerning, but rest assured that with the best dog food for pancreatitis you can manage the condition, minimise the risk of attacks and let your pup enjoy a happy, healthy life without the worry.

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Dog food for pancreatitis
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Low in fat

When choosing what to feed a dog with pancreatitis, always look for low fat.

The less fat in the food, the less work the pancreas needs to put in. And that’s exactly why we prepare nutritious, low fat dog food for pancreatitis to give the pancreas a well-deserved rest.

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Turkey with a trio of veg and a pinch of apple

Gentle on the tum

Pancreatitis is a digestive concern, so we make sure to use simple ingredients that support and protect digestion, which in turn works to help prevent future flare-ups.

  • Natural omega-3 from algae to reduce inflammation in and around the pancreas

  • Chicory extract, a natural prebiotic which supports good gut and digestive health

  • Highly digestible, wholesome ingredients keep things simple and easy on the tum

Pancreatitis dog food

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Pancreatitis is a lifelong condition that requires lifelong support. Nutritionally qualified and brimming with knowledge on dog health, nutrition and more, our friendly Customer Service team will be here from the very start to support you and your dog, for life.

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