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Lulu is now a different dog

We rescued Lulu from the Pro Dogs Direct charity, who were great. She came to us with a whole host of stomach and digestive issues. They were so bad that euthanasia was discussed twice by our vets.

We tried tablets, gels, and prescription kibble diets, and by this point, we were at our wits end. We found Pure after seeing a review online, within just 2 days her issues had eased, and now 3 months on she's a different dog. Thank you so much for saving our dog's life!

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Dr Andrew Miller MRCVS

Nutrition is the foundation for our pets' well-being, feeding natural diets with simple ingredients ensures optimal health. We are what we eat so it shouldn't be different for our pets.

Dr Andrew Miller
Dr Brendan Clark BVetMed VetMFHom MRCVS

When owners are asked what makes a healthy pet food, they often mention ingredients. But what is often not considered is how the food is processed, and this is possibly the most significant factor when choosing a dog food.

Dr Brendan Clark

Meet Nelly & Polly

I rescued Nelly two years ago. She came to me with alopecia; she would itch so much that she had scabs and whiteheads covering her whole body.

I couldn't even stroke her, which was heart-breaking.

We switched from brown biscuits to Pure, and after just a week she completely stopped itching, and her skin cleared up. Thank you Pure for giving Nelly her life back.

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Diesel's much healthier

This is Diesel. For the first two years, he was a happy and healthy pup, it wasn't until just after his 2nd birthday that he started to develop skin, stomach and bladder problems.

We switched to Pure as it's nutritious and doesn't have any of the nasty stuff in it. We've realised by investing in Diesel's health we can give him a healthy, happy life.

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