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Our petadvisory panel

Together we're changing pet food for the better. Our pet panel features industry experts that advocate the benefits of a natural diet.

Dr Julian NortonMA VetMB GPcertSAP MRCVS, Partner

Julian qualified from the University of Cambridge in 1996, is passionate about health and nutrition and understands the importance of natural ingredients for optimal health.

Julian is a founding partner at Sandbeck vets in Wetherby. You may have also seen him on a popular vet TV show based in Yorkshire.

Dr Lucy WilliamsonBVM&S DVM MSc, Qualified Nutritionist and former Vet

Having worked as a vet for 15 years in the UK and Canada, Lucy studies to become a nutritionist at King's college London in 2016, giving her a wonderfully unique and informed approach when it comes to animals and nutrition.

Lucy embraces a natural, back to basics approach, recognising the importance of sustainability too, in providing evidence-based advice on all things food.

Emma PassmanBSc (Hons) Qualified Nutritionist

Emma is a pet nutritionist and pet food formulator with nearly 20 years' experience in the industry. As well as being skilled in all things pet nutrition, she also has a background in technical management, giving her a well-informed view of all things pet food.

Emma's also a pet food regulatory professional in the UK, EU and US. She's a life-long animal and animal welfare advocate and helps us make sure we're doing the best we can for pets.

Rosie BescobyBSc (Hons), PG Dip CABC, CCAB, Clinical animal behaviorist

A fully qualified clinical animal behaviourist, Rosie runs Pet Sense, providing expert advice and support to owners, businesses and the media on all things behaviour and training.

She often provides guest lectures to veterinary students, has supported over 20 veterinary practices with client's animal behavior issues and regularly contributes to industry magazines, among much more! Rosie provides her expert advice to help us both understand and put pets first, always.

Andrew MillerBVSc MRCVS

Andy graduated from Bristol University in 2010 and has been working closely with us for a number of years now.

Andy sees nutrition as a foundation for our pet's wellbeing and takes a common-sense approach. We are what we eat, and it shouldn't be any different for our pets.

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