It started with a simple question

"Little brown biscuits – we wouldn’t eat these for every meal, every day, so why should our pets?"

This is the question that led us on a journey to change the face of pet food for the better, offering up a service entirely different for dog owners all over the country.


A foodrevelation

Months of research led us to an age-old preservation method of removing the moisture from food, resulting in natural, high-quality, convenient meals without using the harmful extrusion process used to make traditional dry biscuit food.



In 2014, our co-founders entered the Dragons’ Den and we were lucky enough to win over two dragons! Despite the fantastic offers, the terms didn’t quite suit us, and thanks to Pure’s success, it’s certainly not a decision we regret.


Hosting aroyal visit

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, a keen animal lover, visited us here in West Yorkshire in 2017. After a tour around, we couldn’t let her go without a few treats for her own dogs!


Where we aretoday

We’ve come a long way from creating recipes in Dan’s kitchen. Pure Pet Food has moved into bigger and better facilities in West Yorkshire, working alongside industry-leading vets and nutritionists to cultivate one of the best, natural dog food brands in the UK. Although we may have grown, what drives us remains the same: to provide happier, healthier and longer lives for our pets.

So you could say that in many ways, this is only the beginning!

Since 2012we've delivered


meals and changed the lives of thousands of pets for the better

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Our dogs are a part of the family, so they deserve the best food. After all, healthy dogs live longer lives! Just tell us about your dog and we’ll create tailored recipes so they can always enjoy healthy, delicious food that’s delivered straight to your door. Simply add water, stir and serve.

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Proactively invest in your pet's health with a nutritious, vet-approved dog food that's trusted by thousands. Discover your dog's recipe today.