Delicious natural dog food ingredients

Real goodnessReal food

After all, your pet should be eating like one of the family too.

What do you currently feed your dog?

Personalisedto your dog

We’ll create your dog’s tailored menu designed to meet the needs of your pup down to a tee. You can then select up to two personalised recipes for each delivery, helping you invest in the health of your dog for a long, paw-some life!

Natural healthjust add water

Lovingly prepared in Yorkshire, we don't use any weird ingredients or anything even remotely strange, it’s just good, honest food that your dog will love! All you need to do is add water, stir and serve.

Our drool-worthy menu of recipes

We'll tailor your menu specifically to your needs and make sure your dog gets the very best nutrition for them.

Carefully preparedwith your dog in mind

We take delicious, natural ingredients, chop them up really small to make everything a bit easier on the doggy digestive system and then remove the moisture from the food.

This way, the nutrients in the food are carefully protected and naturally preserved, meaning that every bite is bursting with goodness and flavour.

Dogs deserve better

Other pet foods contain additives, preservatives and things you just wouldn’t want to feed your dog. Our dogs are part of our family, so why wouldn’t we feed them natural, healthy ingredients?

What if my dry dog food has good ingredients?

Good ingredients are at the very core of good food, naturally. However, what it takes to get those great ingredients into a burnt, brown ball of kibble is pretty intense.

The ingredients are processed beyond recognition using a processing method called extrusion, which is where the food is put under harmfully high heats and then squished, prodded and shaped into those little brown balls we’ve come to recognise as the norm for dog food. It’s those extreme temperatures that can kill all the vital nutrients that were originally in the ingredients, making the quality of the initial ingredients not as important as you’d think.

Personalise yourdog's food

Proactively invest in your pet's health with a nutritious, vet-approved dog food that's trusted by thousands. Discover your dog's recipe today.