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Help your dog live a long, healthy life despite diabetes, with the best food for diabetic dogs.

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Designed withdiabetes in mind

With a tasty blend of natural ingredients, our diabetic dog food helps to limit sugar rushes while providing your pup with all the energy they need for their crazy canine antics.

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Filled with fibre

The best food for dogs with diabetes will be carefully balanced with natural fibre.

Expertly prepared by our team of nutritionists, Pure is packed with real chunks of fruit and veg to aid the gut and give your pup all the fibre they need to thrive in spite of their condition.

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Salmon with apple, creamy coconut and sweet potato

Stopping the sugar rushes

Keep the carbs complex

Complex carbohydrates promote a steady, stable energy release throughout the day.

Low-glycemic-index ingredients

Ingredients low on the glycemic index, like sweet potato, minimise dangerous spikes in blood sugars.

Reduced fat content

Low-fat dishes keep your pup slim, alongside keeping the pancreas healthy - both key in controlling diabetes.

Best food for diabetic dogs

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Caring for you both

A diabetes diagnosis is scary for any pet parent, but rest assured it’s totally manageable with the right food and the right guidance. With the best diabetic dog food and a nutritionally trained Customer Service team, we’ll be here to support you and your dog throughout their condition.

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