Sensitive skin dog food

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Prepared with only the best ingredients, Pure is the perfect dog food for sensitive skin.

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Say bye to bad skin

Itchy, dry skin can be a real pain, but with nutritious, tailored dog food for itchy skin, we’re certain your dog will be saying hello to healthy, hydrated skin in no time.

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Sensitive skin dog food
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Settling sensitivities

Omega-3 for the skin and coat

Omega-3 fatty acids keep the skin hydrated, help ease itchiness and promote a glorious, glossy coat.

Absolutely no nasties

Our ingredients are natural, nutritious and simple, with nothing weird or nasty that could irritate the skin further.

Tailored nutrition

If there’s something that doesn’t quite agree with your pup, don’t worry, we’ll tailor our tasty dishes to suit any allergies and intolerances.

Healthy dog food

Away with allergies

Allergies could very well be at the root of your dog’s itching, scratching and sensitive skin.

If so, tell us all about your dog and we’ll tailor our recipes to suit, eliminating common allergens to prepare the perfect, delicious dog food for skin allergies.

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Dog food for sensitive skin

How Pure works

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your dog

We'll take into account their age, weight and ailments.

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Complete and balanced meals just for your dog.

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GloriouslyGlossy coats

You want your pup to look as good as they feel, so feed them the best dog food for a healthy, shiny coat. With a blend of omega-3 and vitamin E, our recipes are made to promote luscious locks that’ll have everyone you meet stopping, staring and admiring!

Best dog food for sensitive skin

See the differencefrom 6 weeks

Tackling your pup’s itchy, sensitive skin is a process that takes time. But with the right nutrition, you can start getting your pup healthy from the inside, so they can start looking healthy on the outside.

After around 6 weeks of eating natural, wholesome dishes, get ready for:

Healthier skin
Glossier coats
A happier pup!
dog food for itchy skin

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