Sensitive stomach dog food

Delicious food for
sensitive stomachs

Enjoy nutritious, tasty food, made simple - perfect for sensitive stomachs.

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Banishing bad smells

Had enough of sickness, runny poos and an all-round stinky pup? We’re not surprised!

A pup with a sensitive stomach can be a real stress, and it can often feel impossible to find food that just works. But we’re here to help you find it, with a menu of sensitive recipes, tailored to your dog.

Honest food
Happier dogs
Longer lives
Dog food for sensitive stomachs
Backed by vets
Natural ingredients
No nasties

Made fordelicate digestion

Natural fibre

Helps to firm up loose, runny stools and maintain healthy digestion.

Prebiotic chicory root

Feeds the good bacteria in the gut to promote good digestion and nutrient absorption.

Absolutely no nasties

Enjoy natural, easy-to-digest ingredients that won’t irritate an already sensitive stomach.

Healthy dog food

Allergy aware

Something upsetting your dog’s tummy?

Just let us know and we’ll remove the allergen to rustle up tailored dog food that is perfect for a sensitive stomach. We’ll keep working with you to find what’s right.

Just add water
Complete & balanced
Naturally tasty
Sensitive stomach dog food

How Pure works

Tell us about
your dog

We'll take into account their age, weight and ailments.

We'll create your tailored menu

Complete and balanced meals just for your dog.

Delivered to your door for free

Cancel, amend or pause your plan at anytime.

Benefits you'll seefrom 6 weeks

Take things steady when switching your sensitive dog over to a new food, these things take time! We advise giving Pure around 6 weeks to work its magic, in which time you’ll start to see:

Better bellies
Firmer stools
A not-so-stinky pup!
Dog food for sensitive stomachs

One-on-one support

We understand that every dog is different. As such, our nutritionally qualified Customer Service team are always here to offer tailored nutritional advice, supporting you through your dog’s tummy troubles, for life.

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