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Our natural, healthy pet food has led to thousands of success stories from happy owners and healthy dogs.


PureCommon sense

We work on facts and common sense over here in Yorkshire. After all, we all know natural, healthy food is the best way to feed any animal. Our food is made in the UK, is full of the same ingredients you'd find in your own food and doesn't include anything you wouldn't eat yourself.

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Air-dried dog food

No hiddennasties

Air drying acts as a natural form of preservation; this means we don’t add any preservatives while also avoiding the harmful high-temperature, high-pressure processing methods used to make most dog foods. Gone are the days of mysterious brown biscuits full of additives.

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Grain-free dog food
Healthy dog food

LongHealthy lives

Studies have found that puppies fed a processed diet initially appeared to be healthy, but once they reached maturity, they were more likely to rapidly age and develop degenerative disease symptoms. We stand for fresh, healthy food for long, healthy lives.

My experience shows that the effects of feeding a highly-processed diet start to show most in later life. Young dogs often have the vitality to cope with poor quality ingredients, just like children do with fast food. It's not until mid to later life that we really start to see the issues that these inflammatory diets are linked with.

Dr Lucy Williamson BVM&S
Dr Lucy Williamson BVM&S

Better belliesImproved smell

Brown biscuits full of artificial ingredients that are scientifically designed in a lab, can often go in one way and come out the other, smelly and unpleasant. Switching to a highly digestible, human-quality food will improve smell and stool consistency. A welcome change!

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Real food, real goodness

Combat obesity

According to the PFMA, 51% of dogs are overweight or obese. Obesity leads to a whole host of health issues in later life such as arthritis, diabetes and even cancer. Poor quality foods can cause your dog to eat more to feel full.

We know in our diet, if we eat processed food regularly, we can feel sluggish, become overweight and suffer from health issues later in life. Switching to a healthier, natural diet helps maintain a healthy body weight and combat obesity.

Obesity in dogs

Proven Results

Through the power of food, we've helped relieve pets' ailments, improve pets' mood and vitality. Our thousands of success stories show how effective a change of diet can be.

Lloyd, Peta and Lulu

We rescued Lulu, she had a whole host of stomach and digestive issues. They were so bad that euthanasia was discussed twice by our vets. We tried everything. We found Pure after seeing a review online, within just 2 days her issues had eased, and now 3 months on she's a different dog. Thank you so much for saving our dog's life!

Lloyd, Peta & Lulu
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