All about theBest dog food for Border Terriers

Common allergies Beef, wheat, egg
Fussiness Low
Common ailments Luxating Patella, atopic dermatitis, colitis

What makes the best dog food for Border Terriers?

Border Terriers are usually a pretty healthy and hardy pack of dogs. The breed itself is prone to a few uncommon, genetic problems and are a little more likely than most to become overweight.

However, just like with humans, a balanced diet and plenty of exercise go a long way in preventing certain conditions and keeping your pup as healthy as possible.

The best dog food for Border Terriers will:

  • Help to maintain a healthy weight

  • Protect their bones and joints

  • Nourish their skin and fur

  • Be suitable for sensitive stomachs

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Keeping your Terrier trim

Border Terriers are known to be gannets, gobbling up any food they can get their paws on. Their appetites seem larger than they are, which can be a problem because this breed is prone to obesity. Luckily, you can find dog food that will fill your Border’s belly up whilst helping them to maintain a healthy weight.

That means your Border Terrier’s dinner should be perfectly balanced so that there is enough fat to provide them with plenty of energy, but not so much that it risks them piling on the pounds. The same goes for carbs, and striking that balance between just enough to keep them active, but not so many that they won’t be able to burn the calories off.

A balanced diet should offer your pup plenty of protein and fibre, not just because these are a natural and biologically appropriate part of a dog’s dinner, but they help to keep your pooch feeling full.

How does protein and fibre help?

In humans, protein helps to reduce the hormone, ghrelin, which is known as the hunger hormone. Dogs release ghrelin too and their bodies response is similar to humans, meaning that they feel satisfied after eating plenty of quality protein.

Not only does it stop those hunger pangs, but the protein will also help to encourage the release of other hormones which instead tell the brain they’re full. All in all, plenty of protein will mean your pup isn’t feeling peckish.

Meanwhile, fibre helps your dog to feel full as it slows down digestion as well as other processes such as delaying the emptying of the stomach. This is because fibre absorbs liquid in the gut, which delays the stomach emptying and slows down the absorption of food, meaning your pooch feels fuller for longer.

This is super for a small dog like a Border Terrier because they usually digest their food faster than bigger breeds and their stomach empties sooner.

Pure provides perfectly balanced nutrition and helps your pup to feel full, nourishing their body and their belly with natural ingredients and plenty of all important protein and fibre.

Fatty acids for healthy joints

Like most terriers, Border Terriers are prone to luxating patella and other joint problems. Not all of them can be prevented with diet, but healthy food should lower some of the risks to your dog by helping to keep their bones and joints strong.

That’s why the best dog food for a Border Terrier should have a blend of essential nutrients like omega-3, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium for super skeletal health.

If your own knees are creaky or you’re getting a little older, you probably take cod liver oil or omega-3 supplements to help keep your joints supple. Your dog is little different, and they need essential nutrients and fatty acids like omega-3 and vitamin D to keep their own joints in good shape.

Pure is a wholesome, natural diet, providing your pup with quality protein and omega-3 for your dog naturally to keep the joints in good condition.

Sweet potato is also packed into Pure because it’s packed full of potassium which helps to control the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body, keeping your dog’s bones strong. Speaking of calcium, we also make sure there’s plenty of that cracking mineral in your pooch’s dinner too.

Ingredients to soothe sensitive skin

Allergies and skin problems are quite common in terrier breeds, including the Border Terrier. Some of these issues could be caused by dermatitis, which is where your pooch comes into contact with an allergen, like pollen, that irritates their skin, makes them itchy, and can cause rashes. But some skin problems can stem from dietary allergies too. If your pup has soft poo or flatulence as well as itchy skin, it could be a sign of a dietary allergy.

The most important thing for any allergy is to avoid the offending trigger. A tailored recipe can help you out with this. Tell us about your pooch and their allergies and we will create a personalised menu to ensure they can eat yummy food without the flare-up. Our recipes are short and easy to read so you can keep a close eye on what your pooch is eating.

Dinners suitable for sensitive stomachs

Annoying allergies aren’t all that could be giving your pooch tummy trouble. Border Terriers, like most small dogs, are known to be prone to dietary intolerances and sensitive stomachs. It won’t affect every dog, and it could come and go during the course of their life, but it might mean your pooch becomes fussy with food or isn’t digesting their food as well as they should be.

To give them a helping paw, you could offer highly-digestible dinners. Digestible food just means it’s easier for them to digest and they absorb more of the nutrients from their food. (It also means less waste coming out the other end.)

Natural food with no added nasties is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest because it’s close to what your pooch would eat out in the wild. It also puts less strain on the pancreas compared to highly-processed food.

Personalised to your pup's needs

Pure is a great option for an all-natural, grain-free dog food that will be suitable for their needs.

So what’s the best dog food for Border Terriers? Well, it will depend on your dog and their individual needs. Their age will affect the balance of food they need, but at all life stages, your pooch needs plenty of protein.

Pure creates healthy, natural food without nasties or harsh processing and if you tell us more about your pooch, we will fetch the perfect recipes personalised to their individual needs and portion requirements.