All about theBest dog food for Cavapoos

Common allergies Wheat, beef, soy
Fussiness High
Common ailments Epilepsy, luxating patella, ear infections

For humans and hounds alike, the sort of food we use to fuel our bodies has a huge impact on our overall health. No matter what kind of dog food you offer your Cavapoo, the most important thing to look for is a nutritious doggy dinner that will protect your pup’s health and wellbeing.

But Cavapoos face some breed-specific problems and behaviours around food that can make mealtimes a bit tricky. For a start, these dogs are notoriously picky eaters and have sensitive stomachs that mean many foods can cause them achey guts and bad bowels.

Since they’re a healthy hybrid dog, making sure they’re eating nutritious food will help to make the most of that hybrid vigour and keep them fit as a fiddle. It also means you can focus a bit more on finding the perfect dog food for your Cavapoo’s personal taste that puts an end to fussy eating and settles their delicate stomach.

When looking for the best dog food for Cavapoos, try to find:

  • Super tasty recipes to tempt picky eaters

  • Digestible ingredients to settle sensitive stomachs

  • No nasties

  • Proper meat for protein

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What is the best dog food for Cavapoos?

Super tasty doggy dinners

It’s no secret that Cavapoos are some of the pickiest canines out there. When it comes to mealtime, they can turn their nose up at their dog’s dinner and leave their parents worrying about whether or not they’re getting enough to eat.

Many pups refuse food if they think they’re going to earn something better afterward, so make sure you keep a routine and follow these dinnertime tips to make sure your own behaviour isn’t influencing your Cavapoo’s fussy attitude to food.

However, picky eating can be rooted in your Cavapoo having a dietary intolerance or a sensitive stomach. They are known for having delicate tummies so it’s likely the two go hand in hand.

If your food contains artificial ingredients, grains, or a common allergen it could be upsetting your dog’s belly and causing them to appear fussy as they try to avoid the offending food they know will make them feel ill.

It’s thought that dogs are able to smell when their food lacks certain amino acids or contains artificial ingredients, so perhaps your Cavapoo is being picky because they know there’s something missing from their dinner!

Meanwhile, giving them natural dog food that’s as tasty as it is healthy is sure to get your Cavoo wolfing down their supper with a waggy tail. The best dog food for Cavapoos will be nutritionally balanced so they’ll always get the goodness they need, but tasty enough to get your pooch to lick their bowl clean.

Plenty of picky pups have been won over by Pure thanks to our naturally delicious and nutritious recipes. There are dozens of success stories from fussy pups, so we’re pretty confident your Cavapoo connoisseur will be happy to try it!

Our recipes have been specially formulated by nutritionists and backed by vets to make sure they provide perfectly balanced nutrition in every mouthful, so even picky pups will still get all the goodness they need even if they don’t quite clean their plate.

Soothing for sensitive stomachs

Sensitivity can also be the root of some picky eating because if a dog is feeling uncomfortable or even ill after eating a certain food, they will often choose to avoid eating it again. That means you might have to find a nutritious dog food that doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, common allergens, or any other nasties that could upset your Cavapoo’s tummy.

Many common ingredients in dog food are also common irritants, thinks like wheat, corn, and soy. Meanwhile, most allergies are caused by protein like chicken or beef. Avoiding fillers and artificial ingredients is one way to tackle intolerances and irritants while sticking to a single source of protein means you can avoid upsetting your Cavapoo’s allergies.

Our recipes avoid common irritants like dairy, grains and soy, and all our food is 100% natural. Our recipes use single-source proteins and whole fruits and vegetables so it fits your doggy’s natural diet and provides proper nutrition without putting any stress on their gut.

Keeping it natural means you know exactly what your pooch is eating, and your Cavapoo can indulge in some nutritious dinners that are super easy to digest. But don’t take our word for it, check out the pack of pups whose sensitive stomach problems have been settled with Pure food.

Never any nasties

Pure never use any kind of hidden nasties, and our dog food is full of real, natural ingredients that you will recognise. There’s no fillers to try and bulk out our food, and there’s definitely no meat meal, animal derivatives, or other mystery meat. All our protein comes from proper, whole meat accompanied with some fresh fruits and vegetables to provide your pooch with perfectly balanced nutrition. Plus, your pup’s plan will be tailored especially for them so it will always suit their individual needs whether that’s avoiding a certain allergen or keeping tabs on what their favourite meal is.

Proper meat for protein

Cavapoos might not be the biggest or beefiest dog out there, but they still need a ton of quality protein to keep them feeling great. Protein should be the most plentiful ingredient in your dog’s food, whatever their breed.

The best dog food for Cavapoos will provide plenty of high-quality animal protein which they can digest for energy and to make their own proteins. Protein is like the building blocks and repair kit for the body. It’s what your pooch needs to grow new skin and muscle, to create DNA, and to heal their tissues if they’re ever injured. Picking food with plenty of high-quality protein means your pup can maintain healthy muscles and be as bouncy and playful as Cavapoos are meant to be!

Not all protein is the same though. A high protein content does not mean a high meat content, and it’s doesn’t translate to high quality either. Many dog foods use meat meal, a highly-processed protein powder made from all the body parts of animals we humans don’t eat. This powder is often made using multiple animal sources.

Further processing like extrusion used to make kibble also destroys the nutritional value of protein. Other foods might also contain vaguely labeled “meat” or “animal derivatives” as ingredients, but there’s no telling what’s gone in there. Animal derivatives are especially murky, as they can even be made from old food that contained meat or meal, or just anything once “derived” from an animal.

Mystery meat and mixed meal is bad news for picky pups and dogs with allergies because it makes avoiding allergens impossible because you don’t have a clue what’s in the can. It’s hard to judge the nutritional quality of meals and derivatives too since you don’t know what parts of an animal have gone in there. It could be nothing but skin and bone, or waste products from human industry.

Either way, we think dogs deserve better than leftovers and they should be eating proper meat to be as happy and healthy as possible.

Here at Pure, we use nothing but whole cuts of fresh meat, just like what you’d buy from the butcher. Plus, we never ever expose it to any harsh processing that would destroy its goodness or harm your pup. That means your pooch can absorb every bit of goodness from the meat as nature intended, and it’s positively delicious too.

Want to win over your picky pup with Pure? Tell us more about your Cavapoo and we’ll personalise the best food just for them to keep them happy and healthy.