All about theBest dog food for Pugs

Common allergies Beef, dairy, wheat
Fussiness Low
Common ailments Obesity, breathing difficulties, Pug Dog Encephalitis

Any owner wants the best for their dog, and finding the best dog food for Pugs is one way to keep your smooshy pooch looking and feeling their very best. But what should you look for in quality dog food, and what makes a great dog’s dinner?

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What is the best dog food for Pugs?

The best food for Pugs will provide paw-fectly balanced nutrition to keep your pooch happy and healthy, preventing common illness and helping to naturally maintain their ideal body weight.

A good diet might not be able to completely prevent congenital problems Pugs face, like hip dysplasia, but it can certainly help to delay the onset of these conditions and significantly lessen their severity. Eating the right paw-tions of healthy food means your Pug can live a healthier, longer life.

Helping to keep wrinkles and rolls healthy

A Pug’s characteristic wrinkles and rolls are utterly adorable, but it does make them prone to skin infections and sores if they’re not kept clean. Making sure they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow healthy skin and fur will help to improve their healing and strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent future problems.

Pure Pet Food provides the right blend of nutrition like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C and E to keep your pooch healthy on the inside, strengthening their natural defences and providing everything they need to grow luscious locks and supple skin. Paw-fect for keeping your Pug itch-free and su-paw cuddly!

We use human-grade meat in our recipes, which means your Pug can digest it easily and absorb more nutrients like essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building-blocks your dog’s body uses to grow new cells, including healthy muscles and skin, and eating whole meat means they get all those essential amino acids naturally. Because it’s whole and never harshly processed, none of that goodness is lost before the bowl either. Unlike burnt brown biscuits, which lose amino acids from the processes used.

Never any nasties

Some skin irritation is actually caused by diet, so if your poor Pug is su-paw itchy or seems to suffer dry or sore skin regularly, they might have a dietary allergy. Although Pugs are also known to be farty, excessive flatulence can also be a sign of an unhappy gut and dietary intolerance. Switching to a new or hypoallergenic food could be all your Pug needs to look and feel (and smell) paw-some again.

Finding the problematic ingredient causing your Pug’s problems can be a nightmare though because many dog foods have dozens of ingredients, some of which are vague and hide what’s really in there. (Like “meat derivatives”. No one wants mystery meat!) The best dog food for Pugs should be free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives as well as any vague or poor quality ingredients.

Here at Pure, we keep things honest and simple. Your Pug’s food will only ever be made from 100% whole, natural ingredients that you will recognise and would be happy to eat yourself. That means no artificial nasties that could upset your Pug’s tummy. With Pure, you’ll always know exactly what your pooch is eating and their dinners are tailored especially for them, making it su-paw easy to avoid any allergens and ensure your pooch is always eating a balanced diet.

Preventing porky Pugs

Pugs are easy to pamper and prone to becoming overweight. A healthy and balanced diet like Pure is su-paw for helping your Pug to maintain a healthy weight naturally by providing the balance of nutrients they need without all the fillers and nasties found in burnt brown biscuits. Your Pug’s food will be tailored to their needs too, including the ideal portion size to suit their lifestyle and help to keep them looking trim and feeling fit.

While a chubby Pug might look cute, it’s im-paw-tent to prevent your pet from becoming overweight. Dogs with a healthy weight are proven to live up to 2 years longer, suffer less illness, and the severity of illness, even inherited conditions, is reduced. That sounds paw-fect for us since that’s more time with your best fur-iend and less heartache and cost of vet visits!

Being overweight puts extra strain on their joints and heart, which isn’t good for a flat-faced Pug who is already prone to breathing difficulties and joint issues. Overweight dogs are also more susceptible to conditions like diabetes and cancer. Keeping your Pug a normal weight is an easy way to prevent poor health and it really is as simple as feeding them healthy food and enjoying walkies and playtime together. It’s easy to do and it’ll benefit your precious Pug’s health and quality of life long-term.

Don't cut the fat out though

Dogs need fat in their diet because it’s their main source of energy. However, too much fat or unhealthy processed fat isn’t good for them. Just like a human looking to get lean, dogs need a balanced diet with plenty of quality protein in suitable servings alongside plenty of exercise to stay in shape.

Our tailored plans include carefully blended nutrition in the ideal portions to suit your Pug and their lifestyle, so they’ll always get all the nutrients they need in every bite even if they need to cut a few calories.

Farewell to farts!

As we mentioned above, although people say Pugs are naturally farty, it’s often a sign of digestive upset. Your Pug might have an intolerance and just can’t digest a certain ingredient very well. Otherwise, a bit like people, they could have extra gas because their gut and its microbiome (the good bacteria) aren’t in paw-fect shape.

Our recipes never have any added nasties, so there are no artificial ingredients that are known to upset sensitive stomachs. We also use a careful blend of fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

Fibre is im-paw-tent for your Pug’s digestion because it provides prebiotics that feed the good bacteria in their gut. Fibre also helps to soak up the extra liquid in their digestive tract, firming up their stools so they’re easier to move through the intestines and better for poop scooping. It also helps to naturally express their anal glands which is gross to think about, but great news for your pup and means less discomfort and bum scooting.

We have plenty of success stories where Pure has settled sensitive stomachs, which can mean a farewell to flatulence.

Combatting cancer

Cancer is the second biggest cause of death amongst Pugs and is sadly as common in our pets as it is in humans. However, feeding your pet certain vegetables can reduce their risk of developing some cancers. Antioxidants like vitamin C and E also help to reduce the risk of cancer, and these are all found in abundance in many fruits and veggies. Eating whole, fresh ingredients that haven’t been harshly processed means this goodness stays in the food and your pup gets all their tasty benefits.

Catered to your breed's needs

Whether you have a little Pug or a giant Great Dane, the nutritional needs of all dog’s are surprisingly similar. All breeds need a lot of high-quality protein, some fat, and select vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Individual dogs do have individual needs though, be it an allergy, intolerance, or a health condition that they need help managing. The best dog food for Pugs might not always be the best dog food for your pug. At Pure, we paw-sonalise your pup’s food so it meets their individual needs, not just their breed’s needs. That means carefully balanced nutrition to keep them happy and healthy at every stage of life, as well as the right paw-tion sizes to keep them looking and feeling their very best.

Tell us about your pooch and we’ll suggest the perfect dog food for your Pug based on their individual needs.