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Pure Pet Food - Natural dog food

Fresh natural food
long healthy lives

Air-dried dog food made with natural ingredients, personalised to your pet.

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Naturally Air-DriedTo Lock in Goodness

We gently air-dry natural, human-quality ingredients to remove moisture and lock in the nutrients, without sacrificing quality. Just add water, stir and serve.

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Dehydrated dog food

Dog food deliveredWithout the nasties

Our dogs are part of the family and deserve real food. They'll enjoy better digestion, skin, coat and much more. Healthier dogs live longer lives.

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Best hypoallergenic dog food

Nelly has tried almost every sensitive/hypoallergenic food, and nothing has been as good as Pure for her skin, stomach and overall happiness. Honestly, the best dog food I have ever bought! Thank you Pure.

Nelly and Polly

Take control ofYour pet's health

Proactively invest in your pet's health with a nutritious, vet-approved dog food that's trusted by thousands. Discover delicious, personalised dog food delivery, every month.

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Proven to improveyour dog's health

Other dog food can contain poor quality ingredients like slaughterhouse by-products, feathers and hooves. They often use harmful heat and pressure processing, then artificially add nutrients back in.

We're banishing bad bellies, boring brown biscuits and badly behaved dogs through the power of food.

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Thousands of happy dogs

Fewer vet visits
Shinier coats
Better bellies
Increased vitality
Personalised dog food

Personalisedfor your dog

  • Tell us about your dog so we can create their perfectly tailored healthy dog food menu

  • Choose up to two different dishes from their menu for each dog food delivery

  • You can change your selected dishes at any time on your fully flexible Pure plan

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Backed by vetsFormulated by nutritionists

If you're looking for a high-quality food for your pet, then give Pure a try. The recipes are made with human-quality ingredients and are personalised to help your pet thrive.

Dr Julian Norton MRCVS
A Yorkshire vet from the telly
Julian Norton the vet recommended
Nick Thompson Vet Professional

Dr Nick Thompson MRCVS
Founder of The Holistic Vet

Andrew Miller Veterinary Professional

Dr Andrew Miller MRCVS
Pure's in-house vet

Brendan Clarke Vet Professional

Dr Brendan Clarke MRCVS
Director at Towerwood Vets

Natural dog food delivered

changing dogs' livesfor the better

We're a bunch of passionate dog lovers from Yorkshire. We know that dogs thrive on a fresh, natural diet so we created just that, a healthy dog food that's easy for owners. Our dogs deserve a healthy, happy life.

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