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Success Story Yoda


Fussy Dogs

You guys have saved me from so much stress with your food. Yoda lost her appetite about a week ago due to pregnancy. The only thing she'll eat is your chicken delicious! I need to order her more. Thank you


Success Story Zara


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Skin

I have an extremely fussy Shar Pei bitch with really bad skin allergies. She normally will not touch dog food and will leave it. She loves pure!! She licks the bowl clean every time and can't wait for her 'mash'. Her skin is also 1000x better than it was before she was eating pure !! Couldn't recommend highly enough!!


Success Story Zoe


Fussy Dogs

I have my GSD on a raw diet for 3 yrs now. I am always looking for suppliers and came across Pure. Now it is very different to what I usually feed my girl on but thought I'd give it a go and an alternative variation for her as well as sometimes being and easier option if someone else needs to feel her for me. The first bowl she had was the chicken dinner and it bearly touched the sides - a very clean bowl was left. She's also had the beef and the fish all with same results. The only reason I've given it 4 stars and not 5 is because, in reality, it doesn't look quite like it does in the pictures, but what food ever does!! But in any event, my girl likes it and always eats it up so she's pleased which makes me pleased.


Success Story Zorro


Fussy Dogs

Great products, my dog loves them all. Quality ingredients. Clear, easy instructions. Fast delivery, all correct. Suits a lot of fussy dogs, although ours isn't. We generally raw-feed our dog but sometimes he likes a warm dinner and this works well as a complete food or complements home-prepped food. Wouldn't choose any other dehydrated food at present.


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