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Success Stories - Anal Gland Problems

Anal Gland Problems
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Success Story Alfie


Anal Gland Problems

My dog Alfie was having terrible seasonal allergies and suffering with his anal glands. We were up & down to the vets every week he had daily antihistamines & 2 lots of antibiotics I Googled his symptoms & an advert for pure pet food came up so I read the reviews & decided to give it ago. Within a month Alfie's skin had calmed down & he hasn't had a trip to the vets for 2 months now. Pure is very easy to use & Alfie gobbles it up he is a very happy dog now thanks Pure Pet Food


Success Story Oscar


Anal Gland Problems Colitis Sensitive Stomach

My gorgeous boy Oscar has various medical issues - colitis, chronic gastroenteritis, gut issues, and awful anal gland problems. It was an absolute nightmare finding a food that didn’t exacerbate his issues. Until we found Pure Pet Food. It is absolutely brilliant!!! Whilst he still has his issues, he is a thousand per cent better on this food. I would never ever change him from this brand - it has saved his life. Xxxxxxx


Success Story Trilby


Anal Gland Problems Weight Management

“This is my mean look, keep away from my Pure”. Trilby had an ongoing problem with impacted anal glands. Six months on and feeding Pure, she hasn't had a recurrence, and she's lost the extra weight she was carrying. Vet very impressed.


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