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Success Stories - Colitis

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Success Story Cookie


Tear Stains Weight Management Colitis

Hello, huge thank you to your amazing dog food. Cookie my cavalier King Charles is a rescue dog tried lots of foods due to an unknown intolerance including a very expensive vet prescription. It and they didn't work they caused tear stains, colitis, weight loss, poor coat condition and excessive thirst. A very unhappy eight-month-old. Eventually stumbled across a popular raw frozen food that worked well. I was good but didn't fit into our family lifestyle ... Due to a going on holiday to Scotland we panicked that we would not be able to source the frozen raw and that we wouldn't be able to travel with the amount that we would need for the whole trip. I then stumbled across you guys. Yeahhhhhhh two-week transition and wow no tear stains, weight on, great coat, no colitis, no excessive drinking and urinating in the house. It's also easy to make, easy to source good value for money and we will happily travel to Scotland without dog food needing to be kept at a very low temp.

Whoop whoop high paw thanks happy owners of cookie.

Ps cookie comes to work with me every day I am a manager of a care home working with residents that suffer from severe dementia. He brightens up there day and they love interacting with him. Very important he has a great diet with him working a 9-5 job the picture I sent was him having a lunch break in my office it's a hard life


Success Story Danny



We ordered our first trial of Pure dog food as we had an extremely ill 13-year-old, Danny. He had been in intensive care with Anaemia and was bleeding internally. The vets couldn’t establish what was wrong with him despite several tests. Indeed, they sent us home with him for a few days to spoil him as they thought he would have to be put to sleep, you can imagine the heartbreak. I was trawling the internet in desperation and read on an American website (can’t remember which one) about colitis and links to manufactured dog food. They recommended trying your product if we were from GB. At first, both Danny and our other dog Jed were reluctant to eat Pure but gradually after experimenting with consistency they’re both now eating it. Danny is a miracle! He is now almost back to normal, from lying uninterested and lethargic to playing and eating and his bodily functions are working just fine.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your product. I will certainly be buying it from now on.

Follow up

I was sceptical about trying Pure at first. One of my dogs Danny a 13-year-old German Shepherd had been having ongoing tummy issues. I was home cooking for him so thought I'd try Pure as it contained similar ingredients. Well, I'm utterly amazed! Danny has had no issues at all and has put on a bit of weight (I'm feeding him the maximum as he'd lost a lot of weight). His colitis has ceased and he is full of bounce and energy. Can't praise your food enough as I was at the end of my tether over him. Thank you


Success Story Dinks and Toots

Dinks and Toots


I'm so pleased I tried Pure .... Dinks (Bichon Patterdale cross) had numerous intolerance issues which we've now overcome and her colitis has been at bay since feeding Pure. As for Toots well she's just thriving and enjoys mealtimes no end ..... She's very vocal when she knows her food is being prepared lol.

Pic is them waiting for brekki.

Success Story Jess



Hi there just wanted to say how brilliant your Terrific Turkey and Chicken Dinner meals are. I have struggled with my little Sproodle Jess who suffers from Colitis and finding a suitable food has been near impossible and the Vets bills have been never-ending. Since we’ve been feeding her Pure she’s not had one bad episode and no dodgy tummy whatsoever. It’s such a relief not to see her squirm in pain and not to have to listen to her stomach gurgling constantly. I can’t thank you enough for creating this wonderful food and for caring so much about how important it is to feed our pets quality food and for creating Pure.

Thank you


Success Story Kizzy


Pancreatitis Sensitive Stomach Colitis

Kizzy is an eight-year-old Border Terrier cross who has always been full of energy and clearly enjoys life, that is until around two years ago. Kizzy began to suffer bouts of diarrhoea and constipation with pain and vomiting. After going back and forth from the vet, multiple tests and a lot of money later, they found she was suffering from pancreatitis. However, they had no idea as to what was causing it.

March 2016 my vet referred us to a Specialist vet practice in Surrey, where my poor girl had ultrasounds, blood and neurological tests, anything to try and find an answer. I would pay anything to improve Kizzy's quality of life but this visit cost me £2000 and the tests didn't reveal anything we didn't already know.

Throughout the year Kizzy became more and more withdrawn, refusing to play or go out for walks. I could see she was depressed and I didn't know what to do. January 2017 Kizzy ruptured her Cruciate ligament in her right knee and I now needed to think about subjecting her to surgery even though she was unwell. We went ahead with the operation and she has healed well, but because of her pancreatitis, there were a lot of pain medications she couldn't be prescribed.

Thankfully her leg healed well and in that sense, she was back to normal, but not the way I know her. The following months until July 2017, Kizzy's condition only got worse, until she was bleeding heavily out of her backside both randomly and when she went to the bathroom. Again I was taking her to the vet several times a week with vomiting, bleeding, pain and discomfort not to mention the constant dehydration. She was eventually diagnosed with Colitis. It was found that pancreatitis had been reactive, the inflammation in her little tummy was disrupting everything.

Now we had a diagnosis we could treat it, she was prescribed daily steroids (something we tried to put off as long as possible) fibre pellets, and Zitac to try and reduce the vomiting. It was also recommended that I buy vet-approved prescription food for her. I was incredibly hopeful and went on with the best of intentions. However, Kizzy wasn't having any of it. She refused the grey coloured, bland smelling food and would go days without eating and despite all the medications, she was still passing blood and mucus, she was becoming thin and I truly worried about her quality of her life and future.

What I found incredibly hard was feeling as though I had to choose between feeding her a food that was essentially a poison to her little body or letting her starve, it was breaking my heart.

Then on one of my regular visits to my local Pets at Home store, I unloaded all my concerns onto a member of staff who was trained in pet nutrition. She recommended Pure pet food, something I had never heard of before.

I bought a large box as I had this feeling that it would be a success, I was excited to see if Kizzy approved. And she did, Kizzy took to the food immediately and has never failed to leave an empty bowl. The food looks and smells appetising and she seems to like the warm temperature especially now it's getting colder.

It sounds like a fantasy rather than fact but Kizzy is now totally medication-free, she no longer passes blood and is regular in her bathroom habits. I haven't seen her out of pain this long since her symptoms began and she has all her energy back. Pure has also helped Kizzy to maintain a healthy weight, which is fantastic for the metal plates in her leg.

The sparkle is back in her eye and she is enjoying life, which gives me nothing but pleasure.

I can't thank you enough for developing pure, it has changed both mine and Kizzy's life beyond measure. (and saving my bank balance too)

I now recommend pure to everyone I come across.


Success Story Molly



I'm in the middle of transitioning one of my border collies who suffers from colitis. As soon as she eats anything other than her usual food she ends up almost immediately with a bout of colitis, for which she is on permanent antibiotics, therefore I was unwary at first, but was helped tremendously, by everyone I spoke to at Pure Pet Food! They couldn't have been more helpful, but the best news ever is how eager my border collie Molly is for her food and so far halfway through the changeover, no upset tum! All my other dogs are most upset that they are not getting what Molly eats! Seeing how well she has so far adapted to her new diet I am seriously considering changing all my dogs over. I have nothing but praise for the food and the people who run Pure Pet food! Tasty, natural food, easy to prepare, much less storage space and an extremely happy dog!


Success Story Oscar


Anal Gland Problems Colitis Sensitive Stomach

My gorgeous boy Oscar has various medical issues - colitis, chronic gastroenteritis, gut issues, and awful anal gland problems. It was an absolute nightmare finding a food that didn’t exacerbate his issues. Until we found Pure Pet Food. It is absolutely brilliant!!! Whilst he still has his issues, he is a thousand per cent better on this food. I would never ever change him from this brand - it has saved his life. Xxxxxxx


Success Story Reggie


Colitis Sensitive Stomach

We have a sprocker spaniel that suffers from a terribly sensitive stomach with bouts of colitis. After nearly 2 years of trying practically every food on the market, we were recommended Pure by our vets. We haven't looked back since. We have a fit healthy dog that thrives on this natural recipe. Many thanks for such a brilliant easy to store product.


Success Story Susy


Colitis Sensitive Skin Weight Management Tear Stains

I am really happy with the food. Susy is no longer obese, she lost 10 % of her body weight, her gut is healthy, she has been colitis free since she started with the food, no more itchy paws and no more tear stains. She looks fab!

Thank you


Success Story TJ


Colitis Sensitive Stomach

It's been just over a year now that I discovered PURE PET FOOD for TJ my Shih Tzu. Before I found this food I tried him on most other makes of dog food from wet canned to raw with mixer and dried kibble none help TJ's sensitive tummy, he kept getting recurring colitis that was very frustrating for TJ and myself, also vet bills were mounting up. Then I tried him on PURE PET FOOD and have never looked back, he still loves it, he is still impatient waiting 10 minutes for the prep time and his coat is in amazing in condition. He has never had any recurring colitis since being on this food, which we would like to thank Mat and Dan for all the hard work they have put into making this food the best on the market. T J highly recommends PURE PET FOOD to all his doggy pals.


Success Story TJ


Fussy Dogs Colitis

Read the reviews and my first thought this sounds good, my very fussy 6-year-old Shih Tzu turns his nose up to most things, so I thought I would try it. Well, it was totally amazing to watch him waiting for it to soak....he just can't wait to eat his dinner now...it's so lovely to see him enjoying his food. My Shih Tzu T. J. does suffer from colitis so have to feed him cautiously. I am so glad I found Pure by accident on the Internet, I will highly recommend the product to friends. I have tried him on Chicken delicious and have got Duck delight today hope he likes that also!

Follow up after 6 months of feeding

My T J has been on Pure pet food for approx 6 to 8 months now and still absolutely loves it, he still cannot wait for the 10 minutes it takes to be ready to eat. I cannot recommend it enough it's the best food on the market, it so nice to see him enjoy his meals now and never ever leave anything in his bowl. His coat is so soft and in such good condition. He used to suffer from colitis and has not had any upset tummy's since he has been on Pure Pet Food. From a very satisfied Shih Tzu.

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