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Success Stories - Fussy Dogs

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Success Story Jodine's dog

Jodine's dog

Fussy Dogs

Oh my GOODNESS! What on earth is going on! My 13-year-old dog who has literally been force-fed is now guzzling down his meal and has been returning to his empty bowl every 3 minutes for the last hour!!! I wouldn’t normally message to praise a new company this much, but this is another level!! Well done on this revolutionary product!


Success Story Alfie


Fussy Dogs

Alfie is super chuffed his big order of food has arrived!! He really enjoyed his starter pack! He was a really fussy dog that maybe ate every 2 days or just when he was hungry but now he eats his pure pet food as soon as we put it on the ground! We now have a very happy dog with happy owners


Success Story Berry and Henry

Berry and Henry

Fussy Dogs

After going through Pure's transitionary period and following the tips online Liz has managed to help her fussy dogs, Berry the Lurcher and Henry Springer, to start eating again.

"My dogs love it....they're not the fussy ones though...I am!!"


Success Story Alfie


Fussy Dogs

Brilliant I was debating to try yet another food as my chi is very fussy, so glad I did. I have only had him a few months and he was originally on cheap horrible supermarket rubbish. I wanted a good healthy food with more meat content. I've tried no end of company's including home-cooked from another company and he just wouldn't eat much. So I bought this and it come today. I made him some up and I couldn't believe it, he ate the lot of the Brilliant Beef recipe. He has never done that with anything I've tried. Brilliant stuff and highly recommend for fussy dogs, it's so easy to make up and I love how you can adjust the texture to there liking. It's a great food and takes up less storage space. Happy dog now eating, Happy mummy :)


Success Story Arabella and Gus

Arabella and Gus

Fussy Dogs

Both are two Shih Tzu friends who go over to one another houses to play. When pure is prepped in the kitchen they have fights and wait the WHOLE 15 mins in the kitchen looking at the food and each other to who will get a bowl first. Gus enjoys his food but Arabella is a dog that doesn't even like herself so finding a dog food that gets her excited is brilliant. She's never sat for 15 mins in a kitchen, she would usually walk off and let Gus eat it. We LOVE Pure and it's also great that we are going on holiday to France this week and don't have to take a load of tins.. Just one nice box of Pure.

Thank you for making us the closest thing to 'raw' feeding as I just couldn't bare a chicken leg being on my carpet or all over the floor as she's a sloppy eater.

We rate Pure 10/10


Success Story Bailey and Tyson

Bailey and Tyson

Fussy Dogs Sensitive Stomach

Bailey, 3 and Tyson, 6 have been on Pure for over a year now. Bailey was introduced to raw food from an early age but the cost and storage of the products was expensive and then we discovered Pure! Tyson survived parvo as a pup and has a very sensitive stomach (or maybe he is just fussy) but he wouldn't go near raw food and had lived off costly big brands with all those nasty extras. We successfully introduced him to Pure, a typical Labrador his bowl is licked clean every night, not once, but twice with Pure food for good measure. Pure has made our fur babies healthy and with their active lifestyle, it gives them a balanced diet so they have lost weight in the right places but remain healthy and happy!


Success Story Beau


Fussy Dogs

Discovering Pure has been a revolution to me. Beau was found as a stray and completely starved but has never had a good relationship with food. Over the years I have battled to feed her as she rejects all kibble based food even the grain-free types. We tried raw as I had read so much about the nutritional benefits but she refused to eat that as well.

I started fresh feeding in a last ditched attempt to ensure she was getting the nutrients and energy she needed and she finally enjoyed her food. The downside for me was it is an expensive way to feed with weekends spent trawling the butchers and looking for deals in the supermarket. It was also extremely time consuming and not to mention no fridge space left for our food!

Finally, I spotted pure and thought I would give it a go. It is made of human-grade fresh ingredients with absolutely no nasties. The mix of food is gently cooked to destroy pathogens and no more, thus preserving the nutrients which gives your dog a tasty healthy meal! It is then dehydrated until you use it. This innovative dehydration process actually makes the vitamin and mineral count much denser and there is 300% more protein than found in fresh meat. All you do is add water and wait a few minutes!

I was gobsmacked to find that Beau wolfed it down and has continued to do so. I cannot describe my relief as she is eating well for the first time without a monumental effort from me! I now have a happy healthy dog and more time to play and walk! Another huge plus is that Frazer has also finally lost weight!


Success Story Bella


Fussy Dogs

I tried your food a few months ago and although my dog loved it I took her off it as it was more convenient for her to be on the same food as our new puppy. I put her on a natural dry and wet mix which is what she's always loved and she refused it, I tried her on raw and she refused it, I tried her on her safe food (the one she eats over anything every time) and she refused it!! I had an appointment at the vets as I thought there was something wrong, in the morning I found some of her last box of pure with a bit in, I mixed it up and it was gone in seconds, safe to say the vet appointment was cancelled and a new box of pure was ordered! Bella decided she was not going to eat anything else! She's had multiple compliments on her coat shine and she's jumping up my leg at dinner time again, thank you


Success Story Alfie


Fussy Dogs

This is Alfie. He’s 6 months now and been fed a raw diet. We’ve struggled to switch him to anything else since he went off raw Nutriment.

Started him on Pure yesterday and he loves it. Hasn’t licked a bowl clean in weeks! Every time I’m in the kitchen he’s sat by his bowl wanting more. He’s happy I’m happy and no longer stressed! Thank you x


Success Story Alfie


Fussy Dogs

Alfie loves his Pure food and he really can't wait for his dinner. He was always a fussy eater and I worried that he could go for days hardly eating. Since changing to Pure he eats every meal as soon as we put it down. His favourites are Chicken Delicious and The new Fish Supper. Training is fun and rewarding with the lovely range of treats and I am happy to know that these are healthy and not full of additives


Success Story Alfie


Sensitive Stomach Fussy Dogs

My fussy and sensitive Maltese loves this food. I thought the change from kibble to Pure would upset his tummy but he adjusted to it from day one. Plus super fast delivery and excellent customer service when I got in touch with a query, I'm definitely a convert.


Success Story Carlo


Fussy Dogs

My dog is a fussy eater and he really likes this food. Thank goodness I came across Pure Pet food


Success Story Chas


Fussy Dogs

My dog loves this food so much he sits on his towel next to his bowl and shakes with excitement. I have never seen my little dog get so excited with dog food, maybe with fresh meat but never dog food! I have had to change his diet as found he is allergic to chicken, so glad you make a fish, beef and duck recipes


Success Story Chubbs and Jackie

Chubbs and Jackie

Fussy Dogs

Just received my first order of Pure Pet Food my two fussy eaters who walk away from anything are going to have their first meal

Update -

Not a scrap left and they are chasing the ball is round the floor to get every last scrap


Success Story Bryn


Fussy Dogs

Thank you Pure! I have the fussiest Cockerpoo as far as eating goes and I have tried and wasted so many types of food. Today I tried Pure Chicken Delicious and he was begging for more!


Success Story Dash


Fussy Dogs

Dash is still enjoying his pure pet food after 2 months. No more fussy wiener! Loving life


Success Story Dash


Fussy Dogs

Dash had his starter packs delivered 4 days ago, as we thought we would give it a try as Dash is so fussy. Having tried so many top-quality dog foods, I ended up cooking homemade for him, which lasted a while, but he eventually started turning up his nose to this too!! We love our Dash sooooo much and of course, worry so much. Well, so far so good, clean bowl every meal. This has never happened before. Happy doggy parents and one happy weiner! He loves both varieties, delicious chicken and the duck. So far so good xx Thank you Pure Pet Food. Love fussy sausage dog Dash and family xxxx

Success Story Dash


Fussy Dogs

This dog food is excellent. Dash is a very fussy dog but never turns his nose up at his Pure food. I buy different flavours so he doesn't get bored and he has no anal gland problems like my last Bedlington and no skin problems which is common with his breed. Service is also good and I'm using the subscription service now which makes life easier.


Success Story Daisy and Dottie

Daisy and Dottie

Fussy Dogs

We have two Miniature Dachshunds. Our first, Daisy, was a very fussy eater and would often turn her nose up at food. I did a lot of research and discovered raw feeding, something I hadn't been aware of before. Also during my research, I discovered that the ingredients of pretty much all the major brands of dog food are just horrible, really, really horrible.

I came across PURE and immediately loved their motto "Why would you feed your best friend something you wouldn't eat yourself?". Unlike most dog foods, PURE is made to human-grade standards and has none of the nasty additives or ingredients abundant in other brands. I have actually tasted it and it's not bad at all lol!

After switching to PURE, Daisy has never once turned her nose up at it and her sister, Dotty loves it also. They are excited to eat every meal, jumping around in anticipation and then they wolf it down every time, licking the bowl clean. It's not the cheapest but if you subscribe, you get discounts and also they send me regular emails with 25% discount codes and other offers, which is great. I will never feed my girls the rubbish found in supermarkets, or the equally poor stuff that you see in vets claiming to be 'Science' based... it's just as poor but the vets get a big kickback for selling it.

Well done Dan & Mat and long may you be a great success. I recommend you read their story on their website and how on Dragons Den, Duncan Bannatyne remarked that “it was possibly the best pitch I have seen in over 10 years of Dragons Den” whilst Peter Jones commented that “you made dog food cool."


Success Story Dave and Stacey

Dave and Stacey

Fussy Dogs

Pure Pet Food you passed the fussy dogs test! Dave and Stacey loved it!
Where have you been for the last 6 years!!!!

Success Story Dudley


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Stomach

Absolutely fantastic

My very fussy West Highland Terrier bounces around every mealtime until I set his bowl down. Never has 15 minutes seemed so long! His finishes every last morsel and his digestive system seems to appreciate the new diet


Success Story Echo


Fussy Dogs

Was a tad sceptical at first that any dog will love this food, even the fussy ones as I have an extremely fussy dog!

We tried the starter pack and Echo actually gets excited about Pure, never seen that in his 2yrs!

Great food and we now have it on subscription and the pooch loves it. Hopefully, we can start putting some weight on him!


Success Story Emmy


Fussy Dogs

I have just eaten my first ever Pure dinner. My mummy said I was very good as I ate it all up. She was very surprised as she says I am a fussy eater and change my mind a lot.

Thank you for the present of the red ball. I love playing with balls. I will really try and keep eating Pure as I know it will make my mummy happy and I love her so much. From Emmy (and Mummy)


Success Story Faelan


Fussy Dogs

Faelan my husky/wolf dog cross has always been a fussy eater. But since I got him on to Pure feed he has been thriving. He loves pretty much every version that you sell so I switch around every month or so to give him a bit of variety :)


Success Story Frank


Fussy Dogs

Thanks, Pure Pet Food, apparently even the box tastes good. Never seen Frank eat with such an appetite before.

Frank has been having some trouble with food since he was little. We wanted him to eat raw but he didn't like the texture so he stopped eating, then we had to go over to kibble just to get him to eat. But not even then with a good appetite.

Well, Pure is something different, it's done from natural human-grade ingredients, which then gets dehydrated. So now he can get a good quality food, with all-natural ingredients, that tastes awesome. And, with a long expiry date. And a 2kg box of dehydrated food gives about 8kg food when rehydrate. So it doesn't take up so much space either.

Well, as you might understand both Frank and I are super happy about giving Pure a go. Just wanted to share this with you guys

Success Story Frazer and Beau

Frazer and Beau

Fussy Dogs

Over the years I have battled to feed Frazer and Beau as both was rejecting all kibble based food even the grain-free types. We tried raw as I had read so much about the nutritional benefits but was refusing to eat that as well.

I started fresh home-cooked feeding in a last ditched attempt to ensure they were getting the nutrients and energy they needed and finally, both enjoyed their food. The downside for me was it is an expensive way to feed with weekends spent trawling the butchers and looking for deals in the supermarket. It was also extremely time consuming and not to mention no fridge space left for our food! Finally, I spotted Pure and thought I would give it a go. It is made of human-grade fresh ingredients with absolutely no nasties. All you do is add water and wait ten minutes!

With Pure pet food, you can retain most of the convenience of a dry or wet food but also get the benefits of a raw or home-prepared diet.


Success Story George and Henry

George and Henry

Fussy Dogs

My miniature schnauzer has always been a very picky eater and has never really enjoyed his food. I tried Pure without too much expectation. I have never seen him so excited about food, he loves it!


Success Story Dylan


Fussy Dogs

Just to let you know I LOVE my new food. I've eaten every meal since Wednesday (which has never happened before), mummy's really impressed. I've tried all four flavours but these two are my favourite.

One week update from Kirsty

Just to let you know, after 1 week Dylan hasn't turned his nose up to one meal! This is huge news as I can normally get him to eat two meals in a row of new food then he won't eat anymore. Also, the meaty sweeties are going down a treat especially at the park. His recall is amazing now! Thanks very much guys!


Success Story George


Fussy Dogs

First time ever in months my fussy little Lhasa Apso George has licked his bowl clean! After trying countless foods, at last, I've found one he likes!! He even sat in the kitchen where his food was rehydrating sniffing the air with anticipation!! Look at him licking his lips in this photo after he's just finished his tea!


Success Story Great Dane

Great Dane

Fussy Dogs

I can't believe how much my great Dane loves this stuff!! When I pick up the box she nudges me like crazy! Does not do this with any other food ❤️


Success Story Hector


Fussy Dogs

Hector, our 15-year-old springer spaniel had stopped eating and his health was going downhill fast when we introduced a home-cooked diet. His appetite improved and when we introduced him to Pure he immediately got stuck into his meals again which was great to see.


Success Story Henry


Fussy Dogs

My dog loves it and after the first few days getting used to it, his digestion improved. He often has problems straining at stool due to anal gland problems but since starting this food he has not been affected. I can't praise the food enough as my dog is usually a fussy eater but not with Pure. The only negative thing is the price. It is expensive. Mine is an elderly boy and I feel he's worth it!


Success Story Holly and Ralph

Holly and Ralph

Fussy Dogs

My two Westies are raw fed but it’s a hassle when we go on holiday so I’ve bought a Pure starter pack to try instead. Well, I gave it to my pups tonight as a trial and they absolutely loved it. Even the fussy one licked both bowls clean! Very pleased and Pure Pet Food will now be our food for holidays and will also be handy to have a pack at home when I forget to defrost the raw food.


Success Story Indie


Fussy Dogs

I have struggled to interest my dog in any brand of pet food until I tried Pure! Since changing to Pure she has not left a gram of food after each meal, she looks in great shape and overall she seems a lot calmer, happier and relaxed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend trying this brand.


Success Story Kendrick


Fussy Dogs

My fussy Shih Tzu used to smell the food and turn away (unless it was home-cooked food). Since introducing Pure dog food he sits wagging his tail waiting for his breakfast in the morning. We no longer have smelly pooh either!!! Plus it is more cost-effective than the dog biscuits I was previously buying


Success Story Loesje


Fussy Dogs

Loesje says: “Main or dessert? I don't mind. Can we just start, pleeeeeeease?” Fussy eater test passed!

Success Story Lola


Fussy Dogs

Hello, Sending a message to thank pure pet food massively!! Our little Jack Russell Lola, who is now 18 months old would not eat anything, being the most fussy dog I know, we tried everything. We were nearly pulling our hair out in fact! Then pets at home recommend your product, delicious chicken dinner, wow! We will never look back! I've never seen her eat her food and enjoy it like yours. Her coat is so skinny and she's much more active, and it's all thanks to pure pet food! Thank you from a happy dog owner and waggy tail

Success Story Ludo


Fussy Dogs

Our dog has always struggled to adjust to a new food, however when we couldn't get his normal food we thought we would give PURE a go and we haven't looked back. His only problem is waiting for the food to cool. He loves it.


Success Story Luna


Fussy Dogs

Brilliant service and my puppy really loves the food. She has been very difficult to feed as she is very fussy. But has eaten this very readily. We have so far tried Chicken delicious and duck delight.


Success Story Luna


Fussy Dogs

Great customer service, always able to help and answer questions. I was unsure about switching to this food - my 1-year-old loves it! Bit too early to say if it helps with anal gland problems. Deliveries are next day and communication is really good.


Success Story Mabel


Fussy Dogs

I just wanted to let you know that I started my dog Mabel on Pure this week and she is absolutely loving it! She actually turned down her beloved chew stick to eat it this morning! She usually never gives up that chew for anything! So just wanted to say thank you!


Success Story Magic


Sensitive Stomach Fussy Dogs

Big thank you to Pure Pet Food! Our girl Magic started getting a really sensitive tummy and was being sick a lot on her old food and no one, not even the vet could figure out why! She is a fussy girl too so it is hard to find things to eat that she really likes. We have now switched her to Pure and she loves it! The stomach sensitivity has stopped, she is a lot less bloated, and her sense of cheekiness and fun has well and truly returned! Now she begs for dinner rather than turning her nose up at it. Thanks again for giving us our happy girl back!


Success Story Mandy


Fussy Dogs

Wow, I’m impressed. Just tried Mandy with the chicken dinner for fussy eaters. This is a dog who, since we adopted her, had refused to eat any type of dog food or even put her face in a dish! She waited impatiently for it to rehydrate then she just wolfed it down!


Success Story Molly and Betsy

Molly and Betsy

Tear Stains Fussy Dogs

I saw the advert for Pure Pet Food and decided to give it a go as I have two very fussy eaters; I am so pleased that I did!! Meal times are a breeze now and my fur babies are healthy and happy. Betsy’s tear stains have also improved. The online ordering and chat services are extremely helpful, polite, informative, quick and easy. No need to wait days for delivery as your order is dealt with immediately. I really am pleased I took a chance with Pure Pet Food and would definitely not hesitate to recommend them or their products! Well Done and keep up the good work!!


Success Story Monty and Casino

Monty and Casino

Fussy Dogs

This food is the best ever. If you have a fussy dog buy this. Excellent service. Brilliant delivery.


Success Story Murphy


Fussy Dogs

Old dog, new tricks!

Our 14.5-year-old dog loves Pure and is so much more lively and fit since eating it and giving up on kibble. Great concept, website, offers and selection. Next day delivery usually too. Really great all round and would thoroughly recommend them.


Success Story Nellie


Fussy Dogs

My dog is very choosy about her food and will go for days without eating, so I was very pleased to find that she enjoyed her trial sample of Pure, we will be buying it from now on.


Success Story Mitzi


Fussy Dogs

My dog Mitzi loves Pure even though she has been a little fussy with other pet foods in the past.

What is so good is that it contains only the finest ingredients, and it’s so easy to prepare!


Success Story Ollie


Fussy Dogs

An empty bowl after Ollie's first trial bowl. Ollie is a 9-month rescue collie in his 4th home, who was raised on supermarket own-brand adult food by previous owners so hasn't had proper nutrients growing up and has had allergic reactions to different puppy foods. We thought we would see how he get on with Pure.

He's currently chasing the empty bowl round the room getting every lick of food and even jumped onto the side when preparing it which he's never done before!


Success Story Olly


Fussy Dogs

My Cocker Spaniel Olly is five. For the first time in his life, he's enjoying his meals. He used to go days at a time without eating before. Such a pleasure to see him lick the bowl clean after every meal now.


Success Story Otto, Leiha, Millie and Woody

Otto, Leiha, Millie and Woody

Fussy Dogs

Here are my dogs with my husband last weekend on a camping trip to Scotland. I feed my 4 dogs a raw natural food diet and as we have a motorhome which we use a lot to find extra good dog walks taking raw food for longer than a week isn't really viable I have been looking for a suitable alternative for ages whilst travelling and “Pure” fits the bill. It's also really convenient in that it weighs so little for the amount of food you get once rehydrated And of course the important thing is all my dogs love it including my fussy eater! We have had the Veg Mix and the Duck and l have just ordered Fish which lm sure they will adore as they love fish My dogs are a German Shorthaired Pointer 2 English Springers and a Dutch Herder


Success Story Ollie


Fussy Dogs

Just had our starter pack and Ollie was jumping at the box when I opened it! Made him a scoop and he devoured it 💙 He’s 2 and has NEVER eaten a bowl of dog food since I’ve had him. It’s a hit 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Success Story Podge


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Stomach

Podge has always had a really sensitive stomach, and we have to be really careful with what he eats to avoid upsetting it. On top of this, he's really fussy, and would often leave his biscuits untouched. I was worried about him losing too much weight but also reluctant to give him anything extra just in case it affected his stomach. After reading about Pure online and hearing all the great success stories we decided to take the plunge, and Podge is so glad we did! No more upset tummy and no more leaving food untouched. One very happy dog mum here :)


Success Story Poppy


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Skin

Poppy has been enjoying Pure Pet Food for a month now she can’t wait for meal times she usually starts pestering me half an hour before meal times (which she never did before Pure Pet Food) she suffers with alopecia and since starting Pure Pet Food her fur is growing back and she only has small patches left she is more lively and contented than I have ever seen her before I would recommend Pure Pet Food to anyone and have been doing thanks Pure Pet Food x


Success Story Rocket and Rasen

Rocket and Rasen

Fussy Dogs

So far so good. Literally only just received the food today. Gave my 2 dogs their first taster mixed in with some kibble... they couldn't wait to eat it and cleared their bowls (unheard of). 2nd meal of the day, they have only eaten Pure and left their old brand.. which was a good one! On that basis, I have ordered more, which I will mix with the old food as can't afford to waste


Success Story Ruth and Rachel

Ruth and Rachel

Fussy Dogs

My dog loves Pure. My very very fussy dog even cries for it which is a first for a 14-year-old lady


Success Story Sheldon


Fussy Dogs Weight Management

My family always fed our dogs a homemade diet growing up and as a result, I feel they lived long, happy, and healthy lives.

I decided to carry on offering a natural diet when I got a dog of my own last year. When I lived at home, my dad prepared all the meals for our dogs so I wasn't aware of the efforts that went into feeding a natural diet.

I was fortunate to discover Pure Pets Food while searching the web for homemade dog food recipes. I was worried Sheldon would turn his nose to new food as he can be fussy eater. To my pleasant surprise, Sheldon loved it immediately and I have been buying Pure Pet Food for a little over three months. Sheldon's coat is shinier than ever and he scored a perfect weight by his veterinarian at his last checkup.

I cannot recommend Pure Pet Food enough. We have tried all of their recipes and Sheldon loves them, his favourite is Turkey Delight. I love that the food is healthy and human-grade, but mostly I love how easy it is to prepare. I imagine we will continue using Pure Pet Food long term and I look forward to seeing what they develop next.


Success Story Skye


Fussy Dogs

The only food my very fussy Cavapoo will eat. We have finally been able to get some weight on her after being told by our vets she is underweight. Excellent customer service and delivery too. Would highly recommend this food to anyone wanting to feed their dog or cat a nutritious tasty food.


Success Story Spirit and Billy

Spirit and Billy

Sensitive Stomach Fussy Dogs

My dogs can be fussy and often get bored of food. They have had Pure for 6 weeks now and are sitting waiting for it to cool every single mealtime. There is never any left and they both go to each other's bowls just to check if there has been any missed. It's brilliant, also both have slightly sensitive tummies but we have had no incidents since they have been on this food. Fantastic!


Success Story Stitch


Fussy Dogs

I will be ordering Pure Pet Food from now on Stitch is a really fussy eater normally, but soon as he tried Pure Pet Food today he's literally going crazy for it following me in the kitchen and crying by his food bowl for more I truly recommend Pure Pet Food for your fur-babies

Success Story Tasha


Weight Management Fussy Dogs

Our 11-year-old Miniature Schnauzer who was a rather fussy eater and use to graze through the day. She also had a number of teeth removed which was making it really hard for her to chew. She began to lose weight and was not a very happy dog. Since we changed her diet to ”Pure Pet Food“ she is now able to eat her food with no problems and now eats all her food in one sitting. She has regained her weight and is a happy dog once again. Best thing we ever did for her was to change to ”Pure Pet Food. Great website and prompt delivery. Thank you.


Success Story Tasha


Fussy Dogs

Tasha can be fussy when it comes to her food, but as soon as I put this down, she ate the lot!

Ordered more and we definitely recommend.


Success Story Teddy and Bobo

Teddy and Bobo

Fussy Dogs

My dogs love Pure. One of them has been fussy in the past and refused all my offerings. Not any more! Ordering is easy, which I do over the phone, and delivery is quick. I would recommend Pure to anyone.


Success Story TJ


Fussy Dogs Colitis

Read the reviews and my first thought this sounds good, my very fussy 6-year-old Shih Tzu turns his nose up to most things, so I thought I would try it. Well, it was totally amazing to watch him waiting for it to soak....he just can't wait to eat his dinner now...it's so lovely to see him enjoying his food. My Shih Tzu T. J. does suffer from colitis so have to feed him cautiously. I am so glad I found Pure by accident on the Internet, I will highly recommend the product to friends. I have tried him on Chicken delicious and have got Duck delight today hope he likes that also!

Follow up after 6 months of feeding

My T J has been on Pure pet food for approx 6 to 8 months now and still absolutely loves it, he still cannot wait for the 10 minutes it takes to be ready to eat. I cannot recommend it enough it's the best food on the market, it so nice to see him enjoy his meals now and never ever leave anything in his bowl. His coat is so soft and in such good condition. He used to suffer from colitis and has not had any upset tummy's since he has been on Pure Pet Food. From a very satisfied Shih Tzu.

Success Story Toffee


Fussy Dogs

I would like to say a huge thank you to Pure Pet Food. We adopted our rescue dog, Toffee, back in April. The shelter told us they didn't really know anything about his background, other than he may have been living on the streets in Ireland, so he wasn't used to proper dog food. They also told us they had changed his food three times during the period he was with them, and he still wouldn't eat. We've been trying since then to find a food that he will eat, and now we've found it! Toffee is a fussy husky, but he now eats a full bowl of dinner every day, which is something I never thought we would manage to achieve. We tried your coupon code for the starter packs to see if we could find one flavour he would eat and he likes all four of them! I'm amazed at the quality of the food, and how quickly it arrived with us. We would highly recommend your food to anyone. Thank you from a very happy husky and his owners.


Success Story Trickey


Fussy Dogs

My 15-year-old Border Terrier was slowly starving himself, he wouldn’t eat anything. I thought I would give Pure a go as a last resort and he loves it! I have to start him off by hand-feeding but once he gets going he wolfs it down


Success Story Tyson


Fussy Dogs

I have tried countless types of foods, raw, fresh home-cooked and others he would eat for a few weeks and then not eat it, I came across this, I was hesitant at first as it’s quite expensive but I bought a box of chicken dinner and at first he wasn’t sure but 8 months on and he’s still eating it. He’s only tried the turkey and the chicken dinner as I’m unsure on how he will like the other flavours I can’t afford to lose out if he doesn’t like it. It’s also great to hide his supplements in without him noticing, I am amazed at how long he has been on this as normally after a few weeks I am back on the hunt for a different food.

He also absolutely loves the treats, I would like to thank you for creating a food that my extremely fussy dog loves.


Success Story Yoda


Fussy Dogs

You guys have saved me from so much stress with your food. Yoda lost her appetite about a week ago due to pregnancy. The only thing she'll eat is your chicken delicious! I need to order her more. Thank you


Success Story Zara


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Skin

I have an extremely fussy Shar Pei bitch with really bad skin allergies. She normally will not touch dog food and will leave it. She loves pure!! She licks the bowl clean every time and can't wait for her 'mash'. Her skin is also 1000x better than it was before she was eating pure !! Couldn't recommend highly enough!!


Success Story Zoe


Fussy Dogs

I have my GSD on a raw diet for 3 yrs now. I am always looking for suppliers and came across Pure. Now it is very different to what I usually feed my girl on but thought I'd give it a go and an alternative variation for her as well as sometimes being and easier option if someone else needs to feel her for me. The first bowl she had was the chicken dinner and it bearly touched the sides - a very clean bowl was left. She's also had the beef and the fish all with same results. The only reason I've given it 4 stars and not 5 is because, in reality, it doesn't look quite like it does in the pictures, but what food ever does!! But in any event, my girl likes it and always eats it up so she's pleased which makes me pleased.


Success Story Zorro


Fussy Dogs

Great products, my dog loves them all. Quality ingredients. Clear, easy instructions. Fast delivery, all correct. Suits a lot of fussy dogs, although ours isn't. We generally raw-feed our dog but sometimes he likes a warm dinner and this works well as a complete food or complements home-prepped food. Wouldn't choose any other dehydrated food at present.


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