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Success Stories - Sensitive Skin

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Success Story Aldo


Sensitive Skin

This is Aldo our 10-month-old French Bulldog. I have recently started feeding Vegiplus to my Frenchie who has food allergies. It is a great way to ensure that he is getting all of the nutrients that he needs from his home-cooked diet. I simply add fresh meat to the Vegi mix and he absolutely loves it! It is early days but his itching from his allergies seem to be improving. I have been recommending to other Frenchie owners as I frequently get asked what I feed him on as his coat is so shiny.

Success Story Alfie


Sensitive Stomach Weight Management Sensitive Skin Fussy Cats

My fussy and often sensitive Bengal Alfie loves both varieties. He attempts to open the cupboard whilst the food quickly rehydrates and generally goes mad until he is fed. Looks great on it and is maintaining a healthy weight with a glossy coat.


Success Story Basil


Sensitive Skin

We are fostering a wonderful Westie who came to us totally disinterested in food and very itchy. Within seconds of smelling Chicken Dinner all that changed. He waits with varying degrees of patience for the dinner to re-hydrate and then almost skips to his eating area. Itch? All gone. The delivery is very prompt and reliable so no worries about running out.


Success Story Bella


Sensitive Skin

Bella has several food intolerances and itchy skin. She began to refuse her raw diet- so we found Pure and all is well in the world again! Thank you!


Success Story Bella


Sensitive Skin

We welcomed Bella into our home in august - Bella is our first puppy & after doing some research we decided we want to feed as much home-cooked & raw foods as possible so she will be happy & healthy for many years to come! Although I was worried would she get all the correct nutrients from a home-cooked diet?! THEN I discovered PURE :) We transitioned her over slowly & she loves it! The bowl is licked clean in seconds! Her coat is super soft & she is full of energy. I also love how it's a great way to add extra water into their diet to keep them nice & hydrated. Very conveniently packaged we love it!


Success Story Atlas


Sensitive Skin

Really great food. I have a 6-month-old puppy that has grown up on this stuff. He absolutely loves it. Mix and match any of the recipes he doesn't mind, will eat em all. The vet has recently said how well he is and seems in very good health - especially the quality of his coat! So it is obviously doing something good! Just bought a whole load more.


Success Story Bey


Sensitive Skin Pancreatitis

Honestly, the best dog food I have ever bought! I have a 3-year-old French Bulldog who has struggled with skin allergies, pancreatitis and diarrhoea for the last year. I've tried almost every 'sensitive/hypoallergenic etc' food for her and nothing has cleared it up, until now! She's been on Pure Pet Food for about 3 weeks but I can honestly see a huge improvement with her skin and tummy and she seems so much happier! She can't get enough of it either! Thank you so much!


Success Story Bronte


Tear Stains Sensitive Skin

I thought I would write to let you know how much my little Bichonpoo loves Pure so much. Not only has it helped Bronte's little hotspots which the breed is prone to but the biggest difference I have noticed is that she no longer gets the ugly red tear stains in her eyes and around her mouth which were really bad. Her coat is beautiful and shiny and no more ugly stains. Thank you for making such a great product that Bronte loves. Darren at House of Hound Edinburgh suggested Pure to me and it's the best doggy advice I've ever had


Success Story Betty


Sensitive Skin

After 2 months of refused meals and itching skin, I’ve finally found something that works for us. It’s only been a week, but everything is going great. Thank you for a great food and Betty said thanks too!


Success Story Bobby


Sensitive Skin

When the vet told us Bobby probably had food allergies we were offered tests to find out what was going on. His insurance would cover the cost but we didn't feel happy to subject him to invasive biopsies so decided to try Pure Pet Food first. So far so good. His sensitive skin is much better after only a few weeks and he loves it!

(The intense stare and drooling in the picture are the result of the Meaty Sweaty in my hand) x


Success Story Bun


Sensitive Skin

Bun has been on Pure for 7 days now and her coat is now amazing. She struggles with dry skin and has bald patches but already her coat has got so thick and lovely! Just waiting for it to re-grow on her ears now!


Success Story Charlie


Sensitive Skin Weight Management

Just wanted to say thank you for helping to transform my gorgeous boy Charlie.

We have had him for about 18months and as you can see was a little on the heavy side and suffered terribly with itchy skin. Since being on turkey terrific his skin is much calmer and he is now a handsome perfectly proportioned pug.

Many thanks


Success Story Coops


Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

This is Coops, before going onto Pure Pet food she had terrible stomach and skin problems, now no itching and her stools are solid now if you add something to stop her chasing squirrels that would be the icing on the cake!


Success Story Buddy


Sensitive Skin

My rescue Shar Pei was losing his fur, being sick and just suffering. Shar Peis are prone to skin and ear infections and we have had Buddy at the vets over 8 times in 6 months with his ears and fur loss. Buddy was a rescue pup and I think his previous owner realised that he was going to cost a fortune with his issues.

Our vets have told us that he is also going to cost us a fortune because of his breed. They have said that he needs to be on steroids for life. Reading all the forums online we have realised that Shar Peis struggle with allergic reactions to many things and that is what attracted us to your food, simple quality ingredients with no added chemicals. He was losing huge patches of fur and was completely bald under his arms, neck and chest. He had every test going and they could not find and answer to why he was poorly and he was just simply fed up. We have tried everything but then decided, through research that feeding him raw was the best alternative. This is tricky as we both work, so I saw an advert on FB and ordered Pure. He would not touch it at first and turned his nose up. I fed him small bits and now he cannot wait for breakfast and tea. He has now been on Pure Pet food for 8 weeks and we have stopped his steroids. He is now growing his fur back, full of life and his ears are much much better.


Success Story Devon


Sensitive Skin

We're all very happy with Pure Pet Food at my house! Previously I was using high-quality kibble, but am pleased to have made the leap to dehydrated food. I have a 5-month-old lab who recently got and thankfully recovered from parvo. I'd bought Pure Pet Food online the day before she was diagnosed with parvo and had to stay at the vet's. Two days later, with doggy still at the clinic, the boxes of Pure I'd bought were delivered (I'm in Spain and very impressed with the speed of the delivery). I didn't know whether I should use Pure or not when she got home so I kept her on the vets recommended diet of royal canine gastroenteritis food. But I could see she was doing really well and was trying to eat everything so I started introducing Pure. I was very reassured by the fact that Pure have an online chat which means I could ask questions whenever I wanted to. The first two days I fed one meal Pure and two meals kibble. But within three days she only wanted Pure. We've just finished our first box of Chicken Delicious and her stools are perfect. Her coat is glowing and she's put on all the weight she had lost and I've never seen her so excited for her food. I've just ordered 4 more boxes. It's really easy to prepare and even my very sceptic boyfriend is totally convinced. Highly recommended.


Success Story Dolly


Sensitive Skin

My Shih Tzu Dolly would only eat cat food (I have 2 cats) her skin was dry and she was itchy she was a grazer didn't have a set dinner time she has been on Pure for a little over a month and she loves it her skin and coat is coming on a treat she doesn't scratch as much and has set feeding times which she looks forward to. Thank you


Success Story Eric


Sensitive Skin

We wanted to try our pug cross on raw food but just couldn't bring myself to give him it. Then saw this food and bought the trial packs, chicken dinner and terrific turkey. He absolutely loves this food. He has been on it 2 weeks now and his coat already looks so good and a bonus is that he no longer seems to have anal gland issues. Have placed my second order and it arrived so promptly. Have recommended it to friends

Success Story Fiona


Sensitive Skin

Simply perfect, my little Frenchie has no more problems of dermatitis or allergies since she switched to Pure. Her digestion and poop are also perfect!

Thanks Pure.


Success Story Frank


Sensitive Skin Tear Stains

Frank loves his Pure dog food (even if he makes a mess eating it!) It gives him loads of energy and his coat is lovely and shiny. It cleared up his tear stain too. Great food to feed your dog!!


Success Story Frankie, & Finlay

Frankie, & Finlay

Sensitive Skin

We have suffered along with our Frankie boy (Cavalier King Charles) for 18 months now, racking up the vet bills & countless variations of food. He started with biting his feet & then over a few months period started a full-on body scratch attack, drawing blood if left unattended, which was very distressing for him & us.

Frankie has quite a lot of plant & food allergies across the board & we control his airborne problems with over the counter hay fever tablets but could never get his food allergies under control, until we tried Pure. Blood tests revealed him to have potato, rice & grain allergies so the conventional dog foods are out as they use these as fillers. Fortunately, your Brilliant Beef & Chunky Chicken recipes are just what we needed.

Both Frankie & twin brother Finlay (no allergy probs) go berserk for your food in a way we’ve never encountered before & we can identify with the other comments on your site about how pets can hardly wait for it!! Gradually over the last few weeks, Frankie has calmed down a lot to the point (as I now write), he’s no longer wearing his protective shoes that keep him from hurting himself with all that clawing. He’s been on the food about 6 weeks so far, so we think that's real progress.

He may not be completely cured just yet but we dare to dream. If we keep on your food program I think we have a fair chance of giving him back his quality of life & that's all we ever wanted.

We have a lot to thank you for.

Gary and Marion

Success Story Hadley


Sensitive Skin

Just wanted you to see what your food has done for my boy Hadley in a few short months! Just the end of his tail needs to grow now! THANK YOU!

He couldn’t absorb nutrients from cooked food and was becoming very ill! This food saved his life!


Success Story Jackson


Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

Jackson is 19 weeks old. He's always had smelly wind, runny poos and itchy skin. We were about to test him for all-sorts which would have involved me chasing after him with a poop tube to collect samples. I decided to change his food over to Pure immediately in a last-ditch attempt to solve his problems, it couldn't get any worse after all. Lo and behold, we have found our solution! From the first bowl, everything has changed! He cries for his food now, I don't have to play with it in front of him until he stops heaving. This is a Lab happy with life! Don't ever change your recipes, they change mutt lives!!!!!

Success Story Lily, Miles and Owen

Lily, Miles and Owen

Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach Weight Management Fussy Cats

Our cats were fussy about Pure at first after the original ‘ooo this is new nom nom nom!’ But now they’ve come to terms with it, its helped out our old cat Owen with lots of issues, it’s stopped the youngest cat Miles who has allergies to soya and rice, he’s gained weight and stopped scratching all the time, he’s become much more calm as he’s not sore and itchy any more..... also a major bonus the poop doesn’t stink and is easy to clean out of the littler tray!!

Miles, he’s a 7 yr old British short hair. Miles is the one with food allergies which cause him to scratch his fur off and leave him with huge weeping sores... no more now he’s on Pure!

Lily is our 9-year-old Bengal.

Owen is the old man who was given weeks to live last October! But he’s still here! Maybe needs another steroid but he is still here, and the food is helping his sensitive tummy! Very rarely do we come across steaming piles of unpleasantness since he’s been on Pure Pet Food!


Success Story Marty and Jay

Marty and Jay

Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a great product! I have two flat-coated retriever and they love your food. One has a sensitive skin, the other a sensitive stomach. I found your food after watching the film pet Fooled and searched for a dehydrated dog food. I am surprised that not more people in the UK know about Pure.

I am especially happy that you do not throw half a spice rack into your food, there are many good dog foods with a high protein content on the shelves but they are full of various herbs (which also the dog may or may not like nor need) and that is a catastrophe for the owner of an allergy-prone dog. So I am very happy that you kept it simple and Pure and only have as little ingredients as necessary. Also, my sensitive stomach dog gets diarrhoea from any new food, but not from your food and I did not even introduce it slowly as I should have (I know).


Success Story Mimi and Yumyum

Mimi and Yumyum

Sensitive Skin Fussy Cats

We give our cats Pure and we have never seen them with such enthusiasm for their food. Their sickness has ceased and they have a healthy glow and lovely sheen to their coats. Fantastic product and very happy.


Success Story Minty


Sensitive Skin

I have a fussy cat with a very bad skin condition, as in, he pulls his fur out for no reason in big chunks. The only thing that seemed to help after various food eliminations was steroids. My little old man is a rescue and is thirteen years old and I couldn’t keep him on them for long as they could damage his kidneys. Then I discovered Pure! I thought I have tried everything else, might as well try this. The results were amazing! Within a week, my fusspot had scoffed Pure every time it was put in front of him and his skin is so very much better, in fact almost cleared up. Thank you Pure.


Success Story Misty


Sensitive Skin

This is Misty, who is one of the most fussy eaters around!

She also has allergies to quite a few ingredients too. After trying many foods and finding nothing that works or anything she was willing to eat, we decided to take a chance and try Pure.

Misty's fur also tends to fall out, she will nibble and clean her feet till they crack & bleed and she gets really bad ear infections that often end up with trips to the vets.

But after a month or two on Pure she has no more ear infections and her fur is thicker too.

I'm so glad I took the chance and tried Pure!


Success Story Molly


Sensitive Skin

Molly the Collie looking good on her Pure Diet. No more skin complaints, coat looking great


Success Story Mungo and Bella

Mungo and Bella

Sensitive Skin

We have two Wire Fox Terriers, one of which suffers from skin problems (itchy and prone to infections). When the skin problems start, medication including antihistamines and antibiotics, just manage to keep the condition under control but it has always reappeared - this is not acceptable as a long term solution. We have been feeding Pure (to both dogs) for just a few months. Whilst we are still using the antihistamine there has been no outbreak of skin problems. In addition, the coats of both dogs are in the best condition that they have ever been. We plan to start withdrawing the antihistamine in the next few weeks and feel confident that the change in diet has solved the problem.

Sally and David

Success Story Millie


Sensitive Skin

I am almost afraid to say this but Millie - my 12 year old Beagle - has suffered from a yeast infection on her skin for years. She is continually scratching and looking quite uncomfortable. She has been on Pure Pet Food for about three weeks now and I am amazed at the change in her! Although she does have an occasional scratch she is now able to relax and have a comfortable snooze. Her skin is so much improved apart from under her neck which still looks very red with no fur but I am hoping in time this will also improve. So far I can't praise your food enough!


Success Story Ollie


Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

We have been feeding our 2-year-old beagle Pure for the past 6 months. He loves it! Especially the Duck delight flavour. As a breed that is prone to gaining weight easily, we have found that this satisfies his taste-buds and keeps his tummy trim. He also has a history of skin irritation, but since switching him his coat is now beautifully glossy and much thicker on his underside. His "doggy business" is also much more regular and solid compared to the nasty puddles he would leave in his wake when we fed him dry kibble. I will be buying Pure for any future dogs as it is convenient to store, has a prompt delivery service and is great value for money. Two thumbs up!

Success Story Ozzie


Sensitive Skin

Our dogs love it! Ozzie the Shih Tzu has suffered for years with itchy ears and ear infections. Now his ears have been clean and not smelly at all! This can’t be a coincidence?


Success Story Poppy


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Skin

Poppy has been enjoying Pure Pet Food for a month now she can’t wait for meal times she usually starts pestering me half an hour before meal times (which she never did before Pure Pet Food) she suffers with alopecia and since starting Pure Pet Food her fur is growing back and she only has small patches left she is more lively and contented than I have ever seen her before I would recommend Pure Pet Food to anyone and have been doing thanks Pure Pet Food x


Success Story Punch


Sensitive Skin

My dog, Punch is almost 18 years old and was suffering from skin allergies, her eyesight was fading and her hearing wasn’t what it used to be. I was getting very concerned about her health and well-being and having recently done a nutritional therapy course (for humans), it dawned on me that the same principles would apply to dogs. I desperately searched the internet for something that I would feel happy to feed her in her twilight years and came across PURE. I didn't want to feed her raw as I had tried this before but she was never really interested.

Anyway I ditched the kibble and started Pure, within just 1 week of feeding Pure I started noticing the difference, her skin allergies cleared up (which was a miracle after having endless courses of anti-biotics and biopsies done at the vets), she also had a few skin tags which disappeared and general demeanour improved and she seemed to just simply get her lust for life back!

It has been a godsend and the way she runs around now, nobody believes me when I tell them her age. Pure has certainly made a difference to me and punch and I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.

Thank you Pure.


Success Story Ringo


Sensitive Skin

After watching Dragons Den my husband & I were really impressed so I first got the sample packs to see if Ringo, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, liked the food. He absolutely loved it and he now goes to the toilet much easier than when he was on the BARF diet, he was often constipated. He is a really clean dog but his constant licking was driving us mad and I realised that this too has stopped since he's been fed Pure food, so I'm sure his skin was also irritated. So improvement all round, and when I give him his evening feed I make up the next day’s food ready and keep in the fridge as he cannot wait the 10/15 minutes it takes to hydrate! I’m hoping eventually there may be even more flavours to choose from


My Rhodesian Ridgeback Ringo has always liked his food but he loves Pure Food I've never seen him so excited! He was previously fed a raw diet and was having trouble going to the toilet and also had regular skin breakouts. That has all improved now and he is a very happy dog! I was surprised how long the box lasts for, it really does go a long way and is worth every penny. I alternate between the duck and chicken to give him a change and he enjoys both. Thank you for such a great product

Success Story Rory


Sensitive Skin

I have a 2 yr old Tibetan Terrier who has had an unexplained ”itch“ since being a puppy. I have spent hundreds of euro on blood tests, skin biopsies and different food products. I searched for grain-free foods and found Pure. Rory has only been on the Chicken Dinner for 3 weeks and his itch has almost gone. He no longer chews his coat or licks his feet. It's a very palatable food and easy to mix. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you


Success Story Scarlet


Sensitive Skin

This is Scarlet, from a pup she has suffered badly from allergies, making her skin, ears and feet raw which also caused her to lose a lot of her hair.

We started her on Pure and the results were literally amazing... As you can see her skin cleared up and her hair is slowly growing back and she looks amazing!
Best of all I’ve never seen her enjoy her dinner so much! So thank you Pure!


Success Story Seren


Sensitive Skin

I have a 5-year-old Doberman who became extremely sensitive to and reactive to grass seed and almost anything else it seemed. Although she was treated by the vets the scratching was persistent. Since switching to the Pure Turkey Terrific there is an evident improvement in her coat, skin and scratching behaviour. I believe that it is not natural for dogs to eat the grains that are present in other dog food. This is a fabulous range and I recommend it even if your dog has no sensitivity issues.


Success Story Skye


Sensitive Skin

Skye is absolutely loving Pure, and the Meaty Sweeties, she has been on this a few weeks and no itchiness and I have noticed fur has grown back on the back of her ear tips!! Although I just thought they were normal. What can I say we are more than happy with Pure and the service from you guys is second to none! Keep up the good work x

Success Story Susy


Colitis Sensitive Skin Weight Management Tear Stains

I am really happy with the food. Susy is no longer obese, she lost 10 % of her body weight, her gut is healthy, she has been colitis free since she started with the food, no more itchy paws and no more tear stains. She looks fab!

Thank you


Success Story Tasha


Sensitive Skin

Hi just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant product, my Shih Tzu has suffered with cysts on her paws for 3 years we tried everything and was eventually prescribed Prescription Diet by the vet which improved the problem slightly however introduced other problems. In November I found your website by chance and as she was that bad at the time I moved her straight onto PURE, she improved within 24 hours and 4 boxes down and no reaction or breakouts since and she absolutely loves it.


Success Story Ted


Sensitive Skin

So glad I found this food via a review on a blog. My dachshund ted has been suffering from skin problems for a while. He had two lots of antibiotics from the vets which wasn't helping so I decided to try some tweaks to his diet. Well, he loves this food like nothing I've ever seen, my other dog even goes over and licks the empty bowl so it must be good. Ted now has a glossy coat and his skin problems are getting better.


Success Story Wilma and Monty

Wilma and Monty

Sensitive Skin

This food is just a miracle for my dogs. My Shih Tzu has very sensitive skin and this has eliminated it altogether. My dachshund is a very fussy eater and he just adores this food. Clean bowls every time. The customer service is second to none. All thanks Andrew in customer service. Who has helped me place my orders.


Success Story Zara


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Skin

I have an extremely fussy Shar Pei bitch with really bad skin allergies. She normally will not touch dog food and will leave it. She loves pure!! She licks the bowl clean every time and can't wait for her 'mash'. Her skin is also 1000x better than it was before she was eating pure !! Couldn't recommend highly enough!!


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