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Success Stories - Sensitive Stomach

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Success Story Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs

Sensitive Stomach

So far so good. Have two very different dogs, both rescue but one was an emaciated setter with a very sensitive stomach. They both love it. Just ordered my 2nd batch. No sensitive stomach issues which is one of the reasons for my trial order. This food has a pleasant aroma too.


Success Story Persians


Sensitive Stomach Fussy Cats

I have 3 Persians who’re very fussy regarding their food and 2 of them have sensitive tummies. Eight weeks ago I tried them on Pure and not only do they adore it but they now have no more tummy problems! Being flat-faced kits they suffer from very weepy eyes and since they’ve been eating this fab food this has reduced by 90%, I only have to gently wipe their eyes once a day, oooh and another thing their pooh is small, very low odour and firm, so no more dirty trousers!

Delivery is also prompt but what’s better is there is a kind and patient dude at the end of the phone when you’ve got questions. I can’t recommend this food high enough.


Success Story Alfie


Sensitive Stomach

Just had to let you know that our boys have been on Pure for 2 days proper now, not only do they love it, but Alfie had very loose poop, now its normal within 2 days! Absolutely brilliant.

Thank you and keep up the good work


Success Story Alfie


Sensitive Stomach

My dog (Alfie) was not taking to the grain-free foods I was trialling him on. Now pretty much all the way through his first Pure box, he absolutely loves it & no digestion issue either...win-win!


Success Story Alby and Junior

Alby and Junior

Sensitive Stomach

Great food which has worked wonders for my dog’s sensitive tummies. Service is always fast & excellent & the response to any queries is always quick, friendly & extremely informative. I can’t recommend the company & their products highly enough!


Success Story Alfie


Sensitive Stomach Fussy Dogs

My fussy and sensitive Maltese loves this food. I thought the change from kibble to Pure would upset his tummy but he adjusted to it from day one. Plus super fast delivery and excellent customer service when I got in touch with a query, I'm definitely a convert.


Success Story Bailey and Tyson

Bailey and Tyson

Fussy Dogs Sensitive Stomach

Bailey, 3 and Tyson, 6 have been on Pure for over a year now. Bailey was introduced to raw food from an early age but the cost and storage of the products was expensive and then we discovered Pure! Tyson survived parvo as a pup and has a very sensitive stomach (or maybe he is just fussy) but he wouldn't go near raw food and had lived off costly big brands with all those nasty extras. We successfully introduced him to Pure, a typical Labrador his bowl is licked clean every night, not once, but twice with Pure food for good measure. Pure has made our fur babies healthy and with their active lifestyle, it gives them a balanced diet so they have lost weight in the right places but remain healthy and happy!


Success Story Alfie


Sensitive Stomach Weight Management Sensitive Skin Fussy Cats

My fussy and often sensitive Bengal Alfie loves both varieties. He attempts to open the cupboard whilst the food quickly rehydrates and generally goes mad until he is fed. Looks great on it and is maintaining a healthy weight with a glossy coat.


Success Story Anya


Sensitive Stomach

Our second order with you and there will be many more. The senior Turkey has been amazing for our border collie Anya. She loves it and no upset tummy. Well done!


Success Story Bertie and Flossie

Bertie and Flossie

Sensitive Stomach

Bertie has been enjoying Pure and it has completely cleared his very very sensitive tummy issues that prevented him from gaining weight. When we added Flossie to our fur family Pure was the obvious choice. Both dogs lick their bowls clean and are full of vitality. Only the best for these two! Thanks, Pure for making healthy options easy!

Success Story Bertie


Sensitive Stomach

We adopted 10-year-old Bertie in June from a local rescue centre. I struggled for several weeks to find a food that would pass through his system without causing loose motions. He has now been having Pure for two months and his stools are absolutely normal. This is not only a relief because it means he’s healthy but also because (without going into too much detail) it makes life in the house much pleasanter, aroma-wise. As you can see from his picture, he is the most beautiful and serious little cat so deserves the best we can give him.


Success Story Bo and Teddy

Bo and Teddy

Sensitive Stomach

My 2 dogs have really sensitive tummies and I have tried a variety of different foods, this is the first one that has suited them and they love it, which is an added bonus plus it has saved me a fortune on prescription diets that still didn’t suit them completely. Three weeks into Pure and not one upset tummy between them! One very happy customer and 2 very happy dogs


Success Story Boo and CoCo

Boo and CoCo

Sensitive Stomach

Boo is 1 & CoCo is 12 weeks and I have to say we have had lots of problems with Boo and CoCo's stomach. Your food has been fantastic, not only does she love it, it hasn’t upset her stomach and if you don’t mind me saying, she doesn’t fart now at all!

CoCo’s breeders raised her on a raw diet and I didn’t want to continue it, she too loves the Pure food and is coming on leaps and bounds.

Both dogs are full of energy, happy and healthy and have a genuine glow about them. Thank you from the girls and thank you from me a very happy puppy mummy


Success Story Boo


Sensitive Stomach

My 9-year-old spaniel loves this dehydrated raw dog food and so does her owner! So much easier to use than the fresh raw food she has been on for the last two years. At the moment am mixing the two half and half and she has had no problems at all, in fact, it suits her better as she has a sensitive stomach. It will be so much easier to use when travelling rather than having to lug around the frozen trays of raw food. Thank you 'Pure' for making me and my dog very happy.

Success Story Brody


Sensitive Stomach

Our pet is called Brody, he is a French Bulldog.

Me and my partner had him at 9 weeks old, from day one he had diarrhoea. Not only did it cause a constant mess in the house but Brody looked so sad. He started to bleed (allot) when going to the toilet, we took him straight to the vets and was sent home with antibiotics. This was repeated for 6 months with no signs of Brody was getting better, the bleeding was worse than ever and our vet's bills was mounting up to over £600.

In a desperate attempt (as we thought our puppy wouldn't last long) we went onto a Facebook forum. Someone mentioned 'PURE FOOD' we googled the website and ordered the food.

Within the first DAY of feeding Brody, he stopped bleeding and his stools became normal, we honestly didn't believe it was his diet. We also thought it was too good to be true but now Brody has been on Pure Food for 3 months now and not only is he a happy puppy, we are.

Would just like to say a massive thank you as this has literally change our lives.


Success Story Brogan


Sensitive Stomach Oral Health

I bought the trial pack for my old girl after weeks of her not wanting to eat anything including her favourite chicken, veg and gravy. She'll be 16 in a couple of weeks and I was worrying she was at the end of her life and my vet was agreeing too, but now after just a few days, she's like a different dog, bouncing around again with her toys and younger furry sister. It's incredible the difference it's made for her. She has always been one for gravy and soupy wet dinners so I make it with extra water for her. I think for my old girl this has literally been a lifesaver.


Yesterday it was Brogans 16th birthday

She had a vet check today for her arthritis and the main reason she had stopped eating, her sore gums. Due to her age, her ageing heart meant an anaesthetic is out of the question so a dental is off the cards so it has been a very worrying time.

I started feeding her Pure as a very watery soup 2 weeks ago and as she wasn't eating it was a hard transfer from her old food and she absolutely loved it. The 10-minute wait for her by the moaning and huffing she makes must feel like hours lol but then there's a clean dish in minutes and she had no problems tummy wise by the changeover. I noticed a difference within days to her gums and the vet confirmed today that her gums are almost back to normal.

The massive plus for me, as well as her health, of course, is that her previously stinky breath has gone so kisses and cuddles are also back on the menu which makes us both very happy.

I'm am so glad I found Pure and thank you for the amazing difference it's made to her health and happiness.


Success Story Bertie


Sensitive Stomach

Bertie has had a sensitive tummy since we first had him. I tried feeding him fresh ingredients, as well as 'good quality' kibble.

Searching for an alternative food, I read reviews on Pure and ordered 2 trial packs. Immediately, Bertie's issues have resolved and he adores both the Chicken Delicious and the Duck recipes!

I informed the vet that Bertie was now eating Pure and she agreed that it was an excellent dog food!

Bertie is now 11 months and it is the first time I believe that I am feeding him something he deserves. Not only that, but I have worked out the cost and it's the same as I was paying on his previous kibble.


Success Story Buddy


Sensitive Stomach

I am writing to let you know about Buddy our lovely 21-month-old Sheltie. Buddy has been having ongoing stomach problems for about four months. He has had severe diarrhoea and bouts of sickness, he was also very lethargic around the house which was very unusual. He had no interest in his toys, in fact, the only time we saw him wag his tail was for his walks. Buddy is usually full of energy and wanting to play, he was always getting toys out of his toy box but all this stopped. He had a gurgling stomach and terrible wind.

We have had numerous trips to the vets who suggested we try various diets but to no avail. They tested him for food allergies, kidney, liver and low B12 levels but all was normal. The vets then recommended that have a scan to see if there was anything untoward but the scan revealed everything was normal. The vets then suggested that they perform an endoscopy on him and take a biopsy from his intestines, which we agreed to. The biopsy showed some inflammation which suggested that Buddy most probably had IBS. The referral vets wanted me to try Buddy on a commercial vet diet but when I looked into this food I found that it was full of additives and preservatives and really did not contain any goodness. I did some research (well a lot of research in fact) on the Internet and I came across Pure food🙌🙌.

We purchased Pure and within ⭐48 hours⭐ Buddy’s stools were back to normal and he hasn’t been sick. It is now over two weeks since we started Buddy on Pure Turkey Terrific and we are ecstatic with the results🤗. We have our Buddy back! his stools are normal, no sickness or gurgling noises from his stomach and he is back to playing with his toys and generally loving life again.

We just wanted to share this story in the hope that it might help someone else whose beloved companion might be showing the same symptoms. We also want to say a huge thank you to Dan and Mat the owners of Pure Food because without them we are certain Buddy would still be having problems with his stomach.

Hazel Cadman

Success Story Buzby


Sensitive Stomach

One of my 3-year-old Shih Tzu's Buzby has always had tummy troubles since we got him over a year ago, he was on wet food then, which I wasn't happy with, tried kibble for a very short time & then on to Homemade, even then we always seemed to be at the vet's with him. Finally came across Pure Pet Food, well! Within this week he is fully on Pure & there is such a change in him I can hardly believe it, bouncing around, so playful, he's just one happy doggie & one very happy owner, his brother was changed over at the same time so I have company when I'm making the food up now & they can't wait till it's ready. Have ordered nearly every recipe you have so far, started with the Turkey & they had Chicken Delicious this morning after it & 3 other recipes plus treats were delivered yesterday.

Please don't change anything, as they say, “if it ain't broke don't fix it”


Success Story Clemmie


Sensitive Stomach

Excellent products and great service - highly recommended. My dog loves the freeze-dried food and it’s good for her tummy.


Success Story Coco


Sensitive Stomach

Coco had had trouble with her tummy since she has been little. She came to me as a miniature Yorkshire Terrier and the breeder told me she was 13 weeks old. After discussions with the vet, he thought that she was actually 7 around weeks old. As they were selling her as miniature, and she clearly isn't, they think the paperwork was either fake or that she was possibly even from a puppy farm and may have been taken from her Mum too early.

We've been backwards and forwards to the vets since she was tiny with frequent sickness and diarrhoea and was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis in 2014. She was given multiple courses of antibiotics, antacid tablets, anti-sickness injections and stomach binding pastes.

Coco was never a big eater and we tried her on various foods with little success.

After the diagnosis, the vet told me to leave her on a prescription diet purchased from the surgery. I was concerned about the low-quality ingredients but if that was what the vet recommended it had to be right didn't it?? We were constantly topping up her meals with chicken or potato to encourage her to eat and even then, threw away more than she actually ate.

After the final straw of 3 ten day courses of antibiotics in the space of two months, I started looking into an alternative diet. One evening the Pure Facebook page came up on my timeline and I sent a message to the team asking for some advice.

The same week I purchased a box of Terrific Turkey, sensitive from Pets at Home and to be honest, I've tried so many foods I wasn't sure what to expect. She enjoyed the food as soon as I started to introduce it and I'm happy to say that, almost two weeks later, we haven't had any poorly tummies and she has eaten every meal.

I would recommend anyone with a fussy eater or a dog with gastrointestinal issues to give this a try. She's now sleeping better and her fur is much shinier too


Success Story Coops


Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

This is Coops, before going onto Pure Pet food she had terrible stomach and skin problems, now no itching and her stools are solid now if you add something to stop her chasing squirrels that would be the icing on the cake!


Success Story Chase


Sensitive Stomach

Just gave Chase his 2nd bowl of Pure, he loves it and his tummy is already better! Thank you so much


Success Story Dexter


Sensitive Stomach

This stuff is amazing. I buy the Vegi Plus mixer and add it to my four dogs raw meat. My German shepherd puppy is thriving now before Pure we were really struggling to get him to eat and then keep his food down.

He’s been on Pure for just over a month now and he’s not been sick once!! This is from at least twice a day before, which was very worrying. Dexter is 10 months old and I cannot state enough how good this food is for him. Being a large breed with fast growth and notorious joint problems, I was so concerned about his development. The poor pup was miserable as he vomited non-stop, this product is a godsend, thank you


Success Story Dottie


Sensitive Stomach

This is Dottie, she is 6 years old and weighs less than 2 lbs, and has Ataxia for 4 years, she suffered with terrible IBS symptoms, and then somebody recommended I try Pure. Well, she is a new dog and doesn't look like skin and bone anymore and no symptoms of IBS.


Success Story Digby


Sensitive Stomach

My three year old rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has had a delicate stomach since his traumatic puppyhood. No matter what we tried, his food often made him sick, until we discovered PURE. Yes, it’s a big leap from other food, and it can feel expensive when you first shell out your hard-earned, but I recommend it, and so does my dog. Overall it is cost-effective when you work out the daily cost, and so far, no sickness medication from the vet, so there’s a saving for us that way too. The transition period was painless, and I can honestly tell you that my dog hasn’t been sick once since he’s been on PURE. (About six weeks, I think – I’ve lost track). He also loves it. During his first week on the Wholesome Chicken recipe, he opened the door to the cupboard where it’s stored, dragged the bag out and tried to get inside. Highly recommended.


Success Story Dudley


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Stomach

Absolutely fantastic

My very fussy West Highland Terrier bounces around every mealtime until I set his bowl down. Never has 15 minutes seemed so long! His finishes every last morsel and his digestive system seems to appreciate the new diet


Success Story Eli


Sensitive Stomach

We have no more nasty niffs from Eli anymore, it took us five years to find a food that suit him. He’s only little but he could sure clear a room with his nasty niffs!

Thank you Pure!


Success Story Frank


Sensitive Stomach

Here is our lovely boy Frank the labradoodle. He suffered so much with chronic constipation and eventually had to have medication daily, I was really not happy having to do this so I started reading up and searching for appropriate food. After months and months of searching and trying different foods to help Frank, I read all about Pure and thought this is what I have been looking for! I ordered the starter pack and introduced it to Frank over a week it was instantly tolerated by Frank and after just one week we had switched over completely and he was off his medication!

I could not believe the change in him, he also suffered from constant ear infections and while he has been on Pure he hasn't had one! I can't praise the food enough.

Here is Frank looking so proud of his dinner delivery! Thank you Pure from one happy doodle and his Mum x

Success Story Freya


Sensitive Stomach

Our dog's name is Freya, an ex-racing greyhound whose first four years of life were spent on a track. She is now retired.

I had no idea what she was fed but I was determined to ensure her diet was as close to natural as possible and good for her needs.

Freya has always been a bit sensitive with her food. Her food would give her foul gas that would empty rooms, a bloated belly and weird bowel movements!

I struggled to find her good food that is wasn't laden with grain or nuked to death.

Since on Pure, she is a changed dog. Full of energy, not always hungry and no foul smells or bowels.

Her eyes now sparkle, her skin is no longer dry and her fur is growing back slowly.

As you can see from the picture, she is now full of smiles!!


Success Story Havana Kasha & Maurice

Havana Kasha & Maurice

Sensitive Stomach

My Havana Kasha and his Siamese brother Maurice had different food issues, Kasha with IBS and Maurice with throwing his food straight back up. Three months on Pure and they lick the bowls clean at every meal and both problems have gone. We all look forward to mealtimes now!


Success Story Impy


Sensitive Stomach

This is Impy, she is a 7 1/2-month-old Bracco Italiano and finding a food to suit her was a challenge to say the least...thank goodness for Pure!!

What a fantastic product. I have a 5-month-old pup and two adult dogs and my puppy has suffered from upset tummy from the start. After trying several high-end complete foods, I stumbled across Pure. I wasn't holding out much hope given I'd resigned myself to the fact the puppy may always have tummy problems....well, what a surprise/big relief...within 2 days her 'offerings' were much more normal and after a month on Pure, she's thriving!

Success Story Indiana


Sensitive Stomach

Our old fella is called Indiana and is now 11 years and 9 months old, he has always had a very unstable digestive system throughout his life and we have been through a lot of premium dog foods including breed-specific ones which should have been ideal for him. Every one, without fail, lasted a short while before, once again, giving him problems with his stomach, he would be okay for 3-4 days and then we would have a bout of diarrhoea and the cycle would continue like this. As he has got older he has become even less tolerant of new things and got to the point of not being able to give him any treats at all which was upsetting as he is nearing the end of his life and I didn't want for him to go without.

I cannot even remember where I saw Pure first advertised but decided to once again change his food to see if this would help him and suit him. (It sounds like we did a lot of food changes but over the course of his life he has had only 3 premium brand foods)

I cannot say that I was overly keen on the look of the rehydrating food but I instantly had a companion by my side with his nose up in the air so something must have smelled good? He is eating the Terrific Turkey.

So where are we now? Starting in November 2016 he has thrived on Pure, he has not had one single bout of diarrhoea since eating this full time, he can eat whatever treat that I decide to give him and never has a single problem, his coat is full, thick, glossy and luscious!

I will not lie, this is an expensive way to feed a large German Shepherd dog of 42kg but my partner and I both feel that at this stage in Indiana's life he deserves all we can give him to make his life good, stress-free, comfortable and happy, we love this old boy!


Success Story Jackson


Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

Jackson is 19 weeks old. He's always had smelly wind, runny poos and itchy skin. We were about to test him for all-sorts which would have involved me chasing after him with a poop tube to collect samples. I decided to change his food over to Pure immediately in a last-ditch attempt to solve his problems, it couldn't get any worse after all. Lo and behold, we have found our solution! From the first bowl, everything has changed! He cries for his food now, I don't have to play with it in front of him until he stops heaving. This is a Lab happy with life! Don't ever change your recipes, they change mutt lives!!!!!

Success Story Kash, Osh and Maurice

Kash, Osh and Maurice

Sensitive Stomach

My two adult cats and new kitten are thriving on Pure. I spent years looking for a food that suited their digestive issues.

The adult cats have eaten Pure twice a day every day for coming up to a year now, which is unheard of for any of the other brands I tried!


Success Story Kasha


Sensitive Stomach Fussy Cats

This is Kasha relaxing after his Pure supper!

Kasha loves his grub but much of it doesn’t love him and up until finding Pure it’s been impossible to find a food he’ll eat more than a couple of times, that doesn’t upset his digestion. (His brother Maurice is big fan too.)


Success Story Keme and Tamaska

Keme and Tamaska

Sensitive Stomach

My two Utonagans love this and since they have been on it, had no more icky stomachs, great!


Success Story Kira


Sensitive Stomach

My adopted shorkie came to us with diarrhoea and hated the Wainwrights kibble we were told to feed her. After 2 weeks of getting up every 2 hours for her to poop in the back yard, we were really worried and ready to try anything. Got the sample packs of chicken delicious and the duck one and she loved them both. Her stomach has settled now and she's very happy with her tasty new food. I wouldn't want to just eat dry biscuits so why should she?!


Success Story Lucy


Sensitive Stomach

I've been feeding Lucy on Pure Pet Food for about 3 months now and I think it’s brilliant. Lucy kept suffering with an upset tummy and it used to make all sorts of noises and she would only want to eat grass when it happened. She is now like a different dog, no bad tummy at all and she’s so much more alert. I think this product is wonderful.


Success Story Kizzy


Pancreatitis Sensitive Stomach Colitis

Kizzy is an eight-year-old Border Terrier cross who has always been full of energy and clearly enjoys life, that is until around two years ago. Kizzy began to suffer bouts of diarrhoea and constipation with pain and vomiting. After going back and forth from the vet, multiple tests and a lot of money later, they found she was suffering from pancreatitis. However, they had no idea as to what was causing it.

March 2016 my vet referred us to a Specialist vet practice in Surrey, where my poor girl had ultrasounds, blood and neurological tests, anything to try and find an answer. I would pay anything to improve Kizzy's quality of life but this visit cost me £2000 and the tests didn't reveal anything we didn't already know.

Throughout the year Kizzy became more and more withdrawn, refusing to play or go out for walks. I could see she was depressed and I didn't know what to do. January 2017 Kizzy ruptured her Cruciate ligament in her right knee and I now needed to think about subjecting her to surgery even though she was unwell. We went ahead with the operation and she has healed well, but because of her pancreatitis, there were a lot of pain medications she couldn't be prescribed.

Thankfully her leg healed well and in that sense, she was back to normal, but not the way I know her. The following months until July 2017, Kizzy's condition only got worse, until she was bleeding heavily out of her backside both randomly and when she went to the bathroom. Again I was taking her to the vet several times a week with vomiting, bleeding, pain and discomfort not to mention the constant dehydration. She was eventually diagnosed with Colitis. It was found that pancreatitis had been reactive, the inflammation in her little tummy was disrupting everything.

Now we had a diagnosis we could treat it, she was prescribed daily steroids (something we tried to put off as long as possible) fibre pellets, and Zitac to try and reduce the vomiting. It was also recommended that I buy vet-approved prescription food for her. I was incredibly hopeful and went on with the best of intentions. However, Kizzy wasn't having any of it. She refused the grey coloured, bland smelling food and would go days without eating and despite all the medications, she was still passing blood and mucus, she was becoming thin and I truly worried about her quality of her life and future.

What I found incredibly hard was feeling as though I had to choose between feeding her a food that was essentially a poison to her little body or letting her starve, it was breaking my heart.

Then on one of my regular visits to my local Pets at Home store, I unloaded all my concerns onto a member of staff who was trained in pet nutrition. She recommended Pure pet food, something I had never heard of before.

I bought a large box as I had this feeling that it would be a success, I was excited to see if Kizzy approved. And she did, Kizzy took to the food immediately and has never failed to leave an empty bowl. The food looks and smells appetising and she seems to like the warm temperature especially now it's getting colder.

It sounds like a fantasy rather than fact but Kizzy is now totally medication-free, she no longer passes blood and is regular in her bathroom habits. I haven't seen her out of pain this long since her symptoms began and she has all her energy back. Pure has also helped Kizzy to maintain a healthy weight, which is fantastic for the metal plates in her leg.

The sparkle is back in her eye and she is enjoying life, which gives me nothing but pleasure.

I can't thank you enough for developing pure, it has changed both mine and Kizzy's life beyond measure. (and saving my bank balance too)

I now recommend pure to everyone I come across.


Success Story Lily


Sensitive Stomach

Our dog is 14 years old and we were having trouble finding a food that didn't cause her to be sick (which was happening a lot). My husband heard of Pure pet foods and we decided to give it a go. It is amazing food, she isn't sick at all with it and it has also given her a new lease of life. People are shocked to hear how old she is, thinking she is a puppy as she has so much energy now. We would highly recommend this food to anyone!!!


Success Story Lola


Sensitive Stomach

Pure has really helped Lola our Frenchie who has a sensitive stomach. It's cleared up her diarrhoea within a few days of starting to swap over to it. Very happy with it so far.


Success Story Lola and Henry

Lola and Henry

Pancreatitis Sensitive Stomach

My two very fussy Mini Schnauzers have been dining on Pure for a year now and would never go back to anything else. It was with great excitement that new flavours came out and Turkey Terrific is a big big hit. They can't wait to get stuck in which is a joy to see after years of bribery with extra meat tucked away in their old dried food!!

What excitement to see a treat to compliment your food. My two mini Schnauzers loved these but nothing lasts for long with two dogs!! Always worried about treats and fat content as both my dogs have sensitive stomachs...one ended up with pancreatitis after the tiniest treat from elsewhere. Thankfully we can trust Pure to come up with something we know we can trust!! Big thanks guys!!

Success Story Louis


Sensitive Stomach

My Boston terrier Louis has been on Pure since June and it’s been a Godsend. From being a puppy he has suffered from a sensitive tummy and we have tried all kinds of food during the last 4 years. Nothing has been that great and he has had colitis a couple of times. I came across this food after researching dog food on the internet. No more upset tummy's, his poo is firm and what's more, he loves it!! Can't ever see me changing his food again.

Success Story Lily, Miles and Owen

Lily, Miles and Owen

Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach Weight Management Fussy Cats

Our cats were fussy about Pure at first after the original ‘ooo this is new nom nom nom!’ But now they’ve come to terms with it, its helped out our old cat Owen with lots of issues, it’s stopped the youngest cat Miles who has allergies to soya and rice, he’s gained weight and stopped scratching all the time, he’s become much more calm as he’s not sore and itchy any more..... also a major bonus the poop doesn’t stink and is easy to clean out of the littler tray!!

Miles, he’s a 7 yr old British short hair. Miles is the one with food allergies which cause him to scratch his fur off and leave him with huge weeping sores... no more now he’s on Pure!

Lily is our 9-year-old Bengal.

Owen is the old man who was given weeks to live last October! But he’s still here! Maybe needs another steroid but he is still here, and the food is helping his sensitive tummy! Very rarely do we come across steaming piles of unpleasantness since he’s been on Pure Pet Food!


Success Story Maggie, Ruby and Cisco

Maggie, Ruby and Cisco

Sensitive Stomach

Been trying my 3 on this for a few days and so far empty bowls and no loose poop.

What I like best is I can feed them all the same. Maggie is only a puppy so don’t need to worry about them eating her food and her eating theirs

Two-week update

I honestly cannot recommend this enough, after running out of my starter pack (my fault) I placed my second order. While awaiting delivery I reverted back to their old food, straight away they had sloppy stinky poop and bad gas, I have a puppy who still has accidents in the house, so not good!

My new order arrived put them straight back on Pure and the sloppy poop has gone!

Thank you Pure


Success Story Leni


Sensitive Stomach

Just wanted to say a huge thank you from myself and Leni my 2year old cavapoo. Pure has been a lifesaver, my Leni has gained weight nicely after refusing most top-quality brands of dog food. He refused them because they caused bad digestive problems and diarrhoea, he knows what's good for him! He now clears every bowl, he's happy and no bad tummies, that means a lot less worry and stress for me! Well done for producing an amazing dog food


Success Story Magic


Sensitive Stomach Fussy Dogs

Big thank you to Pure Pet Food! Our girl Magic started getting a really sensitive tummy and was being sick a lot on her old food and no one, not even the vet could figure out why! She is a fussy girl too so it is hard to find things to eat that she really likes. We have now switched her to Pure and she loves it! The stomach sensitivity has stopped, she is a lot less bloated, and her sense of cheekiness and fun has well and truly returned! Now she begs for dinner rather than turning her nose up at it. Thanks again for giving us our happy girl back!


Success Story Martha


Sensitive Stomach

Martha my little ShihTzu loves this xx. No more runny poos!!


Success Story Marty and Jay

Marty and Jay

Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a great product! I have two flat-coated retriever and they love your food. One has a sensitive skin, the other a sensitive stomach. I found your food after watching the film pet Fooled and searched for a dehydrated dog food. I am surprised that not more people in the UK know about Pure.

I am especially happy that you do not throw half a spice rack into your food, there are many good dog foods with a high protein content on the shelves but they are full of various herbs (which also the dog may or may not like nor need) and that is a catastrophe for the owner of an allergy-prone dog. So I am very happy that you kept it simple and Pure and only have as little ingredients as necessary. Also, my sensitive stomach dog gets diarrhoea from any new food, but not from your food and I did not even introduce it slowly as I should have (I know).


Success Story Max


Sensitive Stomach

Excellent food and a fast-international delivery. I have fed Pure to Max for a year now and he really likes it. It has been great for his digestion and overall health


Success Story Ollie


Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach

We have been feeding our 2-year-old beagle Pure for the past 6 months. He loves it! Especially the Duck delight flavour. As a breed that is prone to gaining weight easily, we have found that this satisfies his taste-buds and keeps his tummy trim. He also has a history of skin irritation, but since switching him his coat is now beautifully glossy and much thicker on his underside. His "doggy business" is also much more regular and solid compared to the nasty puddles he would leave in his wake when we fed him dry kibble. I will be buying Pure for any future dogs as it is convenient to store, has a prompt delivery service and is great value for money. Two thumbs up!

Success Story Oscar


Anal Gland Problems Colitis Sensitive Stomach

My gorgeous boy Oscar has various medical issues - colitis, chronic gastroenteritis, gut issues, and awful anal gland problems. It was an absolute nightmare finding a food that didn’t exacerbate his issues. Until we found Pure Pet Food. It is absolutely brilliant!!! Whilst he still has his issues, he is a thousand per cent better on this food. I would never ever change him from this brand - it has saved his life. Xxxxxxx


Success Story Oscar, Jarvis and April

Oscar, Jarvis and April

Sensitive Stomach

All 3 of my dogs were raw fed, up until coming out of a 9 day stay in kennels..all 3 had varying degrees of Gastroenteritis, my 3-year-old cocker was the worst effected...they all refused their raw meals and I tried most things, to no avail! My cocker started losing weight (which he can afford to) and I happened upon Pure...I got my trial packet yesterday...gave them each their tea....they wolfed it down!..the relief was unmeasurable!...they still get raw meaty bones on top, but thanks to Pure foods my dogs are happy, and HEALTHY once more!!... I will be sticking to Pure Foods from now on x


Success Story Ozzie


Sensitive Stomach

A few months back Ozzie was suffering badly with his stomach, a trip to the vets saw him on antibiotics and still, he was no better. We decided to change his diet and tried various different dog/biscuit combos with no success. Until by accident I came across an advert for Pure pet food and thought “why not give it a try?”

The rest is history, he now sits excitedly waiting for his food to cool down with a sparkle in his eyes and is definitely happier.


Success Story Ozzy


Sensitive Stomach

My elderly Ragdoll Ozzy has really improved since switching to Pure. His tummy is better, he's less anxious and there's far less yowling for food. I have already recommended Pure on 2 or 3 breeder pages as I know a lot of cat breeders would love it.

Thank you, we love this food!


Success Story Ozzy


Sensitive Stomach

Great customer service. Even better cat food. My cat Ozzy has both IBD and kidney disease. His tummy has been so much better on the Pure food. He's looking much healthier too. Will be sticking with this food.


Success Story Pheobe


Sensitive Stomach

So pleased I found this Pure food. I have a lab puppy who had foul-smelling loose faeces from the day we got her, changed her kibble but still no improvement. So decided to try this. Within 48 hours, firm, odourless faeces!! And she absolutely loves it, she struggles to wait whilst it rehydrated!! Excellent service too.


Success Story Pierre


Sensitive Stomach

My French bulldog Pierre is 3 years old. We have had Pierre from a puppy and he has always had an issue with bringing up his food after eating it. Even when he wasn't running around. We tried everything.....changing food, making sure he only ate in the evening. Nothing worked. He had an operation and that didn't even work.

Since we saw your dog food advertised we thought we will try it and see how we get on. The food has worked, Pierre is no longer bringing his dog food up and is a happy healthy dog and can't get enough of the food. Happy dog = Happy owner


Success Story Ralph


Sensitive Stomach

Ralph loves his turkey terrific and today he's trying duck... I know he doesn't look happy but he is! Thanks for making such a great product. I've tried Ralph on so many different types of food as he has a really sensitive digestion and this is perfect and made him so much better, he's been on it 2 months and is doing great. Thank you again x


Success Story Reggie


Colitis Sensitive Stomach

We have a sprocker spaniel that suffers from a terribly sensitive stomach with bouts of colitis. After nearly 2 years of trying practically every food on the market, we were recommended Pure by our vets. We haven't looked back since. We have a fit healthy dog that thrives on this natural recipe. Many thanks for such a brilliant easy to store product.


Success Story Ronnie


Sensitive Stomach

I have an 18-month-old Cavalier King Charles who has serious food/eating issues. He has a very sensitive digestive system and although the problem that caused him to pass frank blood whilst opening his bowels was resolved a few months ago, his fear of eating still remained. I have to sit on the floor, hand-feeding him with organic chicken and steak. I don't like giving him grain, so supplemented his diet with sweet potato and root vegetables.

I went to see Chris at Pets at Home in Bracknell today, he's advised me before and he's very, very knowledgeable. We discussed my dog's needs and Chris recommended your product. I was a little cynical, I've tried so many products, but brought it home.

My skinny, fearful little doggy has just asked (with big googly eyes and exchanging looks between me and his empty bowl), for his third portion.

I am so happy!

Thank you for this wonderful, natural product.


Success Story Rosie


Sensitive Stomach

A wonderful company and wonderful food. Just recently started our 6-month pup on the starter pack and so far it's been very good. Our girl Rosie was a rescue with really runny stools, it’s still early days but we're already seeing an improvement. It’s quite pricey but compared to the rubbish that goes into other pet food it's understandable, after all, you can’t put a price on health and well-being. Please, guys, don’t ever sell out to the likes of Purina, keep it family-run. Very caring people, Many thanks


Success Story Podge


Fussy Dogs Sensitive Stomach

Podge has always had a really sensitive stomach, and we have to be really careful with what he eats to avoid upsetting it. On top of this, he's really fussy, and would often leave his biscuits untouched. I was worried about him losing too much weight but also reluctant to give him anything extra just in case it affected his stomach. After reading about Pure online and hearing all the great success stories we decided to take the plunge, and Podge is so glad we did! No more upset tummy and no more leaving food untouched. One very happy dog mum here :)


Success Story Spirit and Billy

Spirit and Billy

Sensitive Stomach Fussy Dogs

My dogs can be fussy and often get bored of food. They have had Pure for 6 weeks now and are sitting waiting for it to cool every single mealtime. There is never any left and they both go to each other's bowls just to check if there has been any missed. It's brilliant, also both have slightly sensitive tummies but we have had no incidents since they have been on this food. Fantastic!


Success Story Ted


Sensitive Stomach

Ted loves the Chicken Dinner. Before he used to have the most disgusting wind problem but since changing no more smelly dog! and he licks the bowl clean every time.


Success Story Tim


Sensitive Stomach

Very fast delivery, easy and convenient food to mix, tailored ration advice for our dog, he loves the food and it agrees with his tummy. Every box ticked!


Success Story TJ


Colitis Sensitive Stomach

It's been just over a year now that I discovered PURE PET FOOD for TJ my Shih Tzu. Before I found this food I tried him on most other makes of dog food from wet canned to raw with mixer and dried kibble none help TJ's sensitive tummy, he kept getting recurring colitis that was very frustrating for TJ and myself, also vet bills were mounting up. Then I tried him on PURE PET FOOD and have never looked back, he still loves it, he is still impatient waiting 10 minutes for the prep time and his coat is in amazing in condition. He has never had any recurring colitis since being on this food, which we would like to thank Mat and Dan for all the hard work they have put into making this food the best on the market. T J highly recommends PURE PET FOOD to all his doggy pals.


Success Story Vinnie


Sensitive Stomach

Vinnie is a rescue dog from the dogs trust and we have had him for just over a year now

When we picked him up he had a very loose tummy which we tried lots of different foods starting with Wainwrights which we were given but continued to make him loose

We tried about 4 different canned or pouched foods for 2-3 days at a time but none still settled his tummy :(

We saw Pure pet food in pets at home which was a little more expensive but was on an offer so we tried this and after just 1 day he could actually go to the loo which was a relief for us

He has been on the food since then and pets at home have reduced the range and this is why we came direct and bought a decent supply as well

He loves it and it doesn’t smell like other dog foods do he gets 2 scoops twice a day with a few science plan biscuits and he has been fine


Success Story Willis


Sensitive Stomach

This is Willis. He is a French Bulldog and we'd tried lots of different recommended foods but he constantly had diarrhoea. A friend recommended Pure. He adores it and doesn't have diarrhoea any more.


Success Story Willow


Sensitive Stomach

My dog (a Siberian husky) has a sensitive stomach and also struggles sometimes to swallow her food. Pure Pet Food is ideal for her as it's soft enough for her to swallow and tasty for her. I previously had her on tails.com but I have found she eats her new food without any problems. Definitely will be keeping Willow on Pure Pet Food.


Success Story Xanders


Sensitive Stomach

I am so amazed by the difference in my gorgeous dog thanks to your food! He is allergic to gluten/wheat (and nuts) and it makes him sick and lethargic. After only a few weeks on Pure he is a healthy happy puppy again


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