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Success Stories - Tear Stains

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Success Story Bronte


Tear Stains Sensitive Skin

I thought I would write to let you know how much my little Bichonpoo loves Pure so much. Not only has it helped Bronte's little hotspots which the breed is prone to but the biggest difference I have noticed is that she no longer gets the ugly red tear stains in her eyes and around her mouth which were really bad. Her coat is beautiful and shiny and no more ugly stains. Thank you for making such a great product that Bronte loves. Darren at House of Hound Edinburgh suggested Pure to me and it's the best doggy advice I've ever had


Success Story Charlie


Tear Stains

Charlie has been on Pure for about 4 weeks and his tear stains and mouth stains have almost gone! He was on raw food before but this food has helped and he loves it one photo is before and one now.


Success Story Cookie


Tear Stains Weight Management Colitis

Hello, huge thank you to your amazing dog food. Cookie my cavalier King Charles is a rescue dog tried lots of foods due to an unknown intolerance including a very expensive vet prescription. It and they didn't work they caused tear stains, colitis, weight loss, poor coat condition and excessive thirst. A very unhappy eight-month-old. Eventually stumbled across a popular raw frozen food that worked well. I was good but didn't fit into our family lifestyle ... Due to a going on holiday to Scotland we panicked that we would not be able to source the frozen raw and that we wouldn't be able to travel with the amount that we would need for the whole trip. I then stumbled across you guys. Yeahhhhhhh two-week transition and wow no tear stains, weight on, great coat, no colitis, no excessive drinking and urinating in the house. It's also easy to make, easy to source good value for money and we will happily travel to Scotland without dog food needing to be kept at a very low temp.

Whoop whoop high paw thanks happy owners of cookie.

Ps cookie comes to work with me every day I am a manager of a care home working with residents that suffer from severe dementia. He brightens up there day and they love interacting with him. Very important he has a great diet with him working a 9-5 job the picture I sent was him having a lunch break in my office it's a hard life


Success Story Frank


Sensitive Skin Tear Stains

Frank loves his Pure dog food (even if he makes a mess eating it!) It gives him loads of energy and his coat is lovely and shiny. It cleared up his tear stain too. Great food to feed your dog!!


Success Story Molly and Betsy

Molly and Betsy

Tear Stains Fussy Dogs

I saw the advert for Pure Pet Food and decided to give it a go as I have two very fussy eaters; I am so pleased that I did!! Meal times are a breeze now and my fur babies are healthy and happy. Betsy’s tear stains have also improved. The online ordering and chat services are extremely helpful, polite, informative, quick and easy. No need to wait days for delivery as your order is dealt with immediately. I really am pleased I took a chance with Pure Pet Food and would definitely not hesitate to recommend them or their products! Well Done and keep up the good work!!


Success Story Pepe


Seizures Tear Stains

I thought I would send you some pictures of my wee Pepe, he's a 6-year-old rescue Chihuahua, who unfortunately takes seizures and has very few teeth, he also had very bad tear stains, after reading your reviews, I thought I would give pure a go. I can see a huge improvement in him already, not only does he look better but he has loads more energy and doesn't sleep all the time now, so thank you Pure for making me and my little boy happy


Success Story Susy


Colitis Sensitive Skin Weight Management Tear Stains

I am really happy with the food. Susy is no longer obese, she lost 10 % of her body weight, her gut is healthy, she has been colitis free since she started with the food, no more itchy paws and no more tear stains. She looks fab!

Thank you


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