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Success Story Lulu



My Schnauzer is suffering from allergies (grain) and on top of that she is producing urate crystals which have to be controlled with vet prescribed diet and drugs. Problem is the prescription diet caused her allergy to get worse and she didn't want to eat it at all!

I was searching for a food brand that will meet her requirements for ages, in the meantime barely managing her conditions. She was still getting crystals and infections and it started to get serious:/ I am glad I found this brand, Lulu as of last Friday is officially crystal-free! The labs and usg confirmed that her bladder and kidneys are in perfect shape!

She licks the bowl clean, although it took a week for her to get around and start eating the food, she probably was a bit weird out by the consistency of her new diet but is licking the bowl clean now and looks for more :)

Thank you guys for this fantastic food, you have literally saved my dog's health!


Success Story Sooty


Pancreatitis UTI

Thanks to Pure Chicken Dinner Sooty's urine ph is now spot on according to the vet, he's been on prescription food for 5 years and it was supposed to prevent bladder stones but he had another spiky one removed last year. Since then we've been trying to get it right, and a change of prescription food set off his pancreatitis. No such problems with Pure and he loves it so much that he licks the bowl for at least 10 minutes after he's eaten. I've increased the amount by half a cup because he was losing weight, might have to go up another half cup. He needs to drink more, so will add more water. Thanks, Pure!


Success Story Wilma



My dog has Hyperuricosuria, and needed vegetables to alter her Ph levels. I phoned Pure Pet food and the representative helped me choose what was best. I ordered the Vegi + mixer. Wilma loves it and it’s doing the trick. I would recommend Pure Pet food every time


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