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Success Stories - Weight Management

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Success Story Alfie


Sensitive Stomach Weight Management Sensitive Skin Fussy Cats

My fussy and often sensitive Bengal Alfie loves both varieties. He attempts to open the cupboard whilst the food quickly rehydrates and generally goes mad until he is fed. Looks great on it and is maintaining a healthy weight with a glossy coat.


Success Story Billy


Weight Management

My Billy loves his Pure dog food, he has never been that enthusiastic for food but he loves Pure and makes sure there isn't a scrap left in the bowl! He has gained muscle and his fur grows very quick on it.

Very happy with Pure!


Success Story Bonnie


Weight Management

Bonnie loves her pure food and enjoyed mealtimes. Its been a godsend during her pregnancy and I'm super excited to wean her little puppies onto it


Success Story Billie and Charlie

Billie and Charlie

Weight Management

Had my 2 terriers on this now for 7 week's and they’re thriving......they are both so full of energy and my underweight JRT has finally put weight on and eating every day, something she's not previously done.....we're very happy


Success Story Bruno


Weight Management

Bruno loves his new diet, his favourite is duck delight. He may look depressed but it’s only because I won’t let him eat the boxes! Before Pure Pet Food Bruno's coat had lost its shine and he was overweight. We cut down his food and walked him daily but nothing worked. He has been on Pure Pet Food for 4 weeks and has lost 2kg his coat is super shiny.


Success Story Cavachon


Weight Management

Would highly recommend this food, it has transformed my Cavachon's life literally. I had actually ran out of grain-free high-quality kibble to feed her as she had tried them all and refused to eat them. I saw this and tried the starter pack and needless to say I have never looked back. She is healthy, full of energy and is filling out nicely now, she was very skinny as she wasn't eating properly. My only issue with this food is I have to control her continuous squealing while she is waiting for it to rehydrate. I feed the chicken delicious & duck delight 2 x 4kg selector pack and would advise this as it has the biggest saving and, to be honest works out quite reasonable to feed if you average this on a weekly basis.


Success Story Charlie


Sensitive Skin Weight Management

Just wanted to say thank you for helping to transform my gorgeous boy Charlie.

We have had him for about 18months and as you can see was a little on the heavy side and suffered terribly with itchy skin. Since being on turkey terrific his skin is much calmer and he is now a handsome perfectly proportioned pug.

Many thanks


Success Story Cookie


Tear Stains Weight Management Colitis

Hello, huge thank you to your amazing dog food. Cookie my cavalier King Charles is a rescue dog tried lots of foods due to an unknown intolerance including a very expensive vet prescription. It and they didn't work they caused tear stains, colitis, weight loss, poor coat condition and excessive thirst. A very unhappy eight-month-old. Eventually stumbled across a popular raw frozen food that worked well. I was good but didn't fit into our family lifestyle ... Due to a going on holiday to Scotland we panicked that we would not be able to source the frozen raw and that we wouldn't be able to travel with the amount that we would need for the whole trip. I then stumbled across you guys. Yeahhhhhhh two-week transition and wow no tear stains, weight on, great coat, no colitis, no excessive drinking and urinating in the house. It's also easy to make, easy to source good value for money and we will happily travel to Scotland without dog food needing to be kept at a very low temp.

Whoop whoop high paw thanks happy owners of cookie.

Ps cookie comes to work with me every day I am a manager of a care home working with residents that suffer from severe dementia. He brightens up there day and they love interacting with him. Very important he has a great diet with him working a 9-5 job the picture I sent was him having a lunch break in my office it's a hard life


Success Story Edd


Weight Management

I chose Pure because I wanted to lose weight and I’ve lost over 2kg without compromising on quality. Pure is complete food that is as quick and easy to prepare as dry and wet food but has all the benefits of raw or home fed. Just to add warm water to rehydrate and have human grade delicious food at your convenience


Success Story Lily, Miles and Owen

Lily, Miles and Owen

Sensitive Skin Sensitive Stomach Weight Management Fussy Cats

Our cats were fussy about Pure at first after the original ‘ooo this is new nom nom nom!’ But now they’ve come to terms with it, its helped out our old cat Owen with lots of issues, it’s stopped the youngest cat Miles who has allergies to soya and rice, he’s gained weight and stopped scratching all the time, he’s become much more calm as he’s not sore and itchy any more..... also a major bonus the poop doesn’t stink and is easy to clean out of the littler tray!!

Miles, he’s a 7 yr old British short hair. Miles is the one with food allergies which cause him to scratch his fur off and leave him with huge weeping sores... no more now he’s on Pure!

Lily is our 9-year-old Bengal.

Owen is the old man who was given weeks to live last October! But he’s still here! Maybe needs another steroid but he is still here, and the food is helping his sensitive tummy! Very rarely do we come across steaming piles of unpleasantness since he’s been on Pure Pet Food!


Success Story Oscar


Weight Management

We got Oscar as a pup and although well-loved he just wasn't doing as well as his littermates. He was underweight, super sniffly, tired quickly and had barely any teeth not to mention the toilet troubles! After a lot of research, I came across Pure and can honestly say that between the quality of the food, the results and the helpful guidance it's the best thing I've ever bought! Oscar is now at his proper weight, sniffles are gone and is overall a much happier healthy pup. He now has bags of energy and spends his time enjoying the outside and being mischievous.


Success Story Oscar


Weight Management

We just wanted to say how delighted we are with the food, we’ve been on it for 3 weeks now & we scoff every single meal, Oscar struggles to put weight on & being a working dog it’s important he stays in good shape, he’s gained 0.5 of a kilo since being on the food which is amazing!! Our only moan is the 10 minutes we have to wait for it to be ready! Thank you!

Success Story Ralph


Weight Management

Hi this is Ralph since being on Pure he has lost a lot of weight and is a much healthier and happier dog ... thank you Pure


Success Story Rex


Weight Management

What an excellent dog food. Made from quality ingredients. I was a bit sceptical at first and thought it was expensive but the boxes actually last a very long time. My dog loves this food and has actually slimmed a little because his food isn't packed with 'fillers'. Would recommend anyone to give this food a try. So pleased I did.


Success Story Sheldon


Fussy Dogs Weight Management

My family always fed our dogs a homemade diet growing up and as a result, I feel they lived long, happy, and healthy lives.

I decided to carry on offering a natural diet when I got a dog of my own last year. When I lived at home, my dad prepared all the meals for our dogs so I wasn't aware of the efforts that went into feeding a natural diet.

I was fortunate to discover Pure Pets Food while searching the web for homemade dog food recipes. I was worried Sheldon would turn his nose to new food as he can be fussy eater. To my pleasant surprise, Sheldon loved it immediately and I have been buying Pure Pet Food for a little over three months. Sheldon's coat is shinier than ever and he scored a perfect weight by his veterinarian at his last checkup.

I cannot recommend Pure Pet Food enough. We have tried all of their recipes and Sheldon loves them, his favourite is Turkey Delight. I love that the food is healthy and human-grade, but mostly I love how easy it is to prepare. I imagine we will continue using Pure Pet Food long term and I look forward to seeing what they develop next.


Success Story Susy


Colitis Sensitive Skin Weight Management Tear Stains

I am really happy with the food. Susy is no longer obese, she lost 10 % of her body weight, her gut is healthy, she has been colitis free since she started with the food, no more itchy paws and no more tear stains. She looks fab!

Thank you


Success Story Tasha


Weight Management Fussy Dogs

Our 11-year-old Miniature Schnauzer who was a rather fussy eater and use to graze through the day. She also had a number of teeth removed which was making it really hard for her to chew. She began to lose weight and was not a very happy dog. Since we changed her diet to ”Pure Pet Food“ she is now able to eat her food with no problems and now eats all her food in one sitting. She has regained her weight and is a happy dog once again. Best thing we ever did for her was to change to ”Pure Pet Food. Great website and prompt delivery. Thank you.


Success Story Tommy and Bosse

Tommy and Bosse

Weight Management

I have two dogs - both male Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but with very different attitudes towards food. Tommy is the greedy one who would happily eat sawdust (please note I haven't offered it though...) :) Bosse is the gourmet dog, who is incredibly picky - worrying about his health and weight I've fed him from the palm of my hand! That is until we discovered Pure Pet Food. I couldn't believe seeing my gourmet dog, then 9 years old, jumping up and down and barking to get his portion! We tried going back to other types of food, but Bosse had no interest in them and since he's also quite old now and has heart problems, I decided to order Pure Pet Food from your online store. And the old and frail one is again jumping up and down and not shutting up until he's happily munching on his Chicken Dinner! So thank you! :)

Success Story Trilby


Anal Gland Problems Weight Management

“This is my mean look, keep away from my Pure”. Trilby had an ongoing problem with impacted anal glands. Six months on and feeding Pure, she hasn't had a recurrence, and she's lost the extra weight she was carrying. Vet very impressed.


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