9 Lovely dog walks in Lincoln

Dog walks
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Lincoln is a beautiful historic city in the East Midlands, tucked into the county of Lincolnshire. Although a medieval city, it has a wonderful vibrancy and life to it as well as a surprising amount of good walks. Beyond the city are expanses of beautiful countryside, which you and your pup will have the chance to explore on these walks.

Lincoln itself is a wonderful city to visit with your pooch, with many opportunities for days out together. In fact, the city has compiled its own list of dog-friendly accommodations, cafes, and attractions making Lincoln a surprisingly wonderful area for walkies.

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If you’re thinking of going dog walking in Lincoln, you can try any of the following routes. Some of these walks will take you just beyond the city, but all will remain close by if not within its boundary.

Lincoln castle

On a few days each month, the magnificent Lincoln Castle becomes completely dog-friendly. That means your pup can follow you through history as you explore the medieval walk, victorian prison, Magna Carta and more.

Essentially, your pooch can go anywhere you do, provided they’re on a lead. The only restriction is the vault, where dogs aren’t allowed. The freedom to explore this magnificent castle at your leisure means the pair of you can enjoy a delightful day out together to one of the biggest landmarks and attractions in Lincoln.

Check the website for their dog-friendly days and be sure to book yourself for a trip through time that you and your dog are sure to love. It’ll be a day of walkies neither of you will forget in a hurry.

  • Walk Length: However far you explore

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Lincoln Castle entrance

  • Terrain: Paths, stones, stairs, indoors, gravel, flat

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: Lincoln Castle, Castle Square, Lincoln, LN1 3AA

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West Common

West Common is a haven of green and the ideal dog walking spot in Lincoln. Once home to Lincoln racecourse, the common is now made up of marsh and grassland, making it perfect for easy walking throughout the seasons. There are many horses living here though, so be sure to keep your dog under close control.

It also means you can keep an eye on your pup and make sure they’re not treating themselves to a swim in one of the ponds! Other than the horses, there is an abundance of wildlife and you may even be lucky enough to glimpse a skylark wheeling overhead.

Perhaps the most memorable part of this walk is the exceptional view you will have of Lincoln cathedral. It’s a mesmerising sight and makes visiting the common all the more worthwhile for a relaxing stroll. If you head south through the common, you can amble along the river or canal with your pup. After your walk, you can head back into the city to take your pick of the many dog-friendly establishments to refuel.

  • Walk Length: 3.3km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Car park

  • Terrain: Trails, flat, even, slopes, grassland

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: 169 Angelica Road, Lincoln, LN1 1DG

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Skellingthorpe Old Wood

This patch of forest is only a stone’s throw from the city and is a popular spot for dog walking and horse riding. As the name implies, it’s a beautiful area of ancient forest where your pooch is sure to love an off-lead exploration of the foliage.

The wood is right on top of the village of Skellingthorpe, so you can start and end this walk there. Aside from a short stretch in the village on the paths, you can let your dog off lead for this route. If you need to rest and refresh yourself after your walk, The Stone Arms pub is dog-friendly and will bring a bowl of water over for your furry friend to quench their thirst as you do yours.

  • Walk Length: 7.2km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Skellingthorpe community centre

  • Terrain: Paths, flat, uneven, woodland, unmade trails

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Skellingthorpe, Lincoln, LN6 5UT

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Cow Paddle

This patch of common doesn’t just have an amazing name, it’s also a wonderful spot for dog walking in Lincoln. It forms a thin haven of green space in the East of the city, and the perfect place to take your pup for a burst of off-lead activity. Although relatively small, the area is still big enough for a long walk or ball-chucking. You will also have a clear view of the cathedral from here, which is an especially beautiful sight at sunset.

You also have the opportunity to take a much longer walk if you combine a stroll through Cow Paddle with a walk on the South Common, listed below. As with many of the walks on this list, you’re not far from the centre of Lincoln so you can either pick up provisions for a picnic at the shops or venture into town to take your pick of the dog-friendly places to eat. There are three pubs close to Cow Paddle (And South Common), including the warm and friendly The Shakespeare.

  • Walk Length: 3km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Washingborough Road

  • Terrain: Trails, flat, fields, even

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Cow Paddle, Washingborough Road, Lincoln, LN4 1EF

More information: Cow Paddle Common, Heritage Connect Lincoln

South Common

This large area of common land feels more like the open countryside than a green pocket by a city. You can easily combine a walk here with a trip to nearby Cow Paddle, another great area for dog walking in Lincoln that we’ve included on this list.

This area is popular with all kinds of people, including those just seeking an escape from the city centre. Famous for holding the seasonal fairs and circuses, the common also happens to host a variety of natural habitats, making for a varied dog walk and patchwork of different landscapes all within the city suburbs. Some areas, especially the south-west of the common, are left wild and unkempt giving the feeling of a wild country landscape.

The common also gives you clear views of the cathedral and castle on the hillside which you can stop to admire while your pup scampers around nearby. There’s also a lot of history to unearth here, such as the remains of the Roman road, and ponds formed from the old clay quarries.

Again, this area is close to the city centre so there are ample amenities nearby. Alongside the previously mentioned The Shakespeare, there is the Golden Eagle. Or you could walk a little longer into the city to visit on one the very dog-friendly eateries.

  • Walk Length: 6km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Car park

  • Terrain: Trails, flat, fields, slopes, even

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: South Common, South Park, Lincoln, LN5 8ER

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Fossdyke canal

Close to Burton Water, and a short distance from Lincoln lies the oldest canal in Britain. The Fossdyke Canal was built by the Romans to link the River Trent and the city. A lovely trail now runs alongside the waterway and it makes for a wonderful waterside dog walk near Lincoln.

The trail runs for six miles, so you can choose a there-and-back route the whole way or just a shorter section, allowing you and your pup to stretch your legs by the tranquil water. You can start a walk from The Woodcocks or the Pyewipe Inn, both are splendid country pubs. In fact, you can even start the trail from the city centre and follow a circuit out to the Pyewipe Inn and back. However, starting at the pub means you will have ample parking and the incentive of a nice drink and tasty treat after the walk. (For the humans, too!)

  • Walk Length: 9.6km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Pyewipe Inn

  • Terrain: Trails, flat

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Saxilby Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 2BG

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Lincoln walking tour

If you’re visiting the city for the first time, we highly recommend taking a walking tour of the cathedral quarter. Whether you are self-guided or pay a small fee for one of the guided tours, they’re well worth it and will welcome your furry friend alongside for free. It means while you get to explore and learn about all the history, stories and quirks of this historical city, your dog gets a good walk to stretch their legs and a breath of fresh air.

Staying within the city also gives you both the opportunity to visit some of the many dog-friendly eateries nearby. There are nine very dog-friendly pubs in the cathedral quarter alone and many more in the wider city. One of these spots, The Wig & Mitre, can be found on the enigmatic Steep Hill. Aptly named and frequently regarded as one of the best streets in Britain. If a pub isn’t to your fancy, the Pimento Tea Rooms are also on Steep Hill and welcome pooches.

The cathedral quarter is also where you will find The Arboretum, another great spot for dog walking in Lincoln, and next on our list.

  • Walk Length: 5km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Lincoln Visitor Information Centre

  • Terrain: Paths, cobbles, hills, flat

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: 9 Castle Hill, Lincoln, LN1 3AA

More information: Visit Lincoln, Britain Express

Lincoln Arboretum

In the heart of Lincoln is a beautiful, grade-II listed park created by famed Victorian gardener Edward Milner. The park has recently undergone a vast multi-million restoration so is more splendid than ever, including the lovingly restored bandstand.

There is something for everyone here, with play areas, lakes, fountains and pretty gardens to admire and explore. On a hot day, you’ll be thankful for the shade from the many mature trees that line the walks here, while your dog will be thrilled by the expanses of open lawn, perfect for games of fetch.

Given their proximity, it’s very easy to take a walk to see the castle and cathedral before a gentle stroll around the arboretum, turning a dog walk into the perfect opportunity to go sight-seeing. It also means you are within walking distance of many great dog-friendly facilities, but if you don’t fancy venturing far, there’s always the arboretum cafe for a quick pit stop with your pup.

  • Walk Length: As long or short as you fancy

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Main entrance

  • Terrain: Paths, flat, slopes, trails, lawns

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: Monks Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN5 7AY

More information: Lincoln Gov, Visit Lincoln, Country File

Hartsholme country park

This 200-acre, green flag awarded country park is the perfect for a walk or camping trip with your family or pooch. Whether you’d like a walk in the open grassland with your pup, a cycle around the lakes, or stroll in the ornamental gardens, you’re sure to find an excellent spot for some quality time in the great outdoors.

As well as the camping grounds and ornamental gardens, there is a cafe, visitor centre and facilities, playground, and access to Swanholme Lakes nature reserve. (Dogs must be on leads in the reserve to avoid disturbing wildlife.)

The park has everything you could need for a whole day or weekend stay in this oasis of countryside so close to the city. If you fancy a change of scenery and longer stroll, you could take a walk through the beautiful Swanholme lakes and to the Swan Holme pub for a hearty dinner.

  • Walk Length: Various

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Hartsholme Park

  • Terrain: Paths, flat, slopes, trails, lawns

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: 377 Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln, LN6 0EY

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