What are the most popular dog breeds on Instagram?

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Our world is full of influencers and pet lovers, so it seems almost natural that some of our furry friends turn their paw to fame and fortune too.

Some of our dogs (and cats) are more famous than humans, and we say with good reason. They’re super cute, and who doesn’t love scrolling through a feed of dog photos?

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Today we’re going to be talking about some of the most popular breeds on Instagram, what makes them so loveable, and some of the most popular pups getting papped.

What are the most popular dog breeds on Instagram?

French Bulldogs (39+ million posts)

These cute pups came about when toy bulldogs from England were bred with ratting dogs in France. The result was this miniature flat-faced pup, the French Bulldog. They were great ratters as well as companion dogs. Nowadays, they’re usually just pampered pets, and some of the most loved pooches on the internet. They’re also in the top 3 most popular breeds in the UK, USA, and Australia.

Why we love them:

Look at that squishy face and big ears, what’s not to love! (They’re what’s called a “brachycephalic” breed, hence the flat face.) Frenchies also have huge characters for their small size, which only adds to their charm.

Breed stats

Size: Small (but sturdy)

Life span: 10-13 years

Temperament: Patient, loving, needy

Some fantastic Frenchies are:

manny_the_frenchie (1.1m followers)

Manny is a member of a four-dog household, but he is the bone-a-fide star of the show. He is the most famous bulldog on the internet and has even won an award for being the most paw-pular and influential dog on the net.

izzythe.frenchie (809k followers)

This is one pampered pooch. Izzy is a furry fashionista, and her Insta is full of her modelling different looks. She’s also featured in a number of publications, including Vogue. There’s also a few funny photoshops too, and videos of Izzy doing day to day doggy things.

waltergeoffreythefrenchie (771k followers)

Walter, and his new fur-iend Bish, are a pair of typically naughty Frenchies living it large. You might have seen Walter online before, normally “shouting” at his mom and the camera, with some silly dog-speak subtitles. Yes, Walter is THAT naughty Frenchie, and he is determined to be heard.

Pugs (29+ million posts)

The clown of the canine world, these charming and mischievous pups love to be the centre of attention. Pugs are a toy dog bred for companionship and are good-natured, so it’s no wonder they thrive on attention. (Or why we love them!) They’re also another brachycephalic breed, giving them their distinctive squashed faces.

Why we love them:

They have a lot of character in a small package. They’re also incredibly expressive! And as you can see, they’re another squashy-faced, wrinkly cutie.

Some pup-ular pugs are:

itsdougthepug (3.9m followers)

He’s the king of the internet, and the second-most followed dog on Instagram. Doug’s even won a people’s choice award and has plushies of himself on sale at Claire’s. This sure is one pup-ular dog.

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“Vacations in 2020 be like...” -Doug

A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

jeremyveach (282k followers)

Jeremy and his pug Norm adventure together in an old bus across America. Norm is a master of killer poses, and the portraits of the pug out on his travels have garnered a huge following.

pugdashians (203k followers)

They’re a family of famous pugs, with fabulous fashion. What’s not to love? The main trio is Sissy, Tilly, and Natty. Although Tilly now has her own trio of puppies, and they’re all as cute as a button.

Chihuahua (27+ million posts)

Chihuahua’s are another tiny breed with big personalities. In fact, this breed is recognised as the smallest dog in the world. Despite their small stature, they make great watchdogs and even better companions. They come in long and short-haired varieties.

Why we love them:

They’re quick-witted and really obedient, usually. They’ve got big personalities and even bigger hearts all packed into a tiny frame, making them the perfect companion.

Some charming Chis are:

tunameltsmyheart (2.1m followers)

No dog in the world is as unique as Tuna. He’s a “Chiweenie”, a chihuahua and dachshund mix, and one of the most popular dogs on the internet, let alone Instagram. His fame is all thanks to his charming smile. Tuna also has two other Instagram accounts documenting his travels and his family life.

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I have one thing to say, Tuna. SAME!

A post shared by Tuna {breed:chiweenie} (@tunameltsmyheart) on

lolitathealien (191k followers)

Incredibly cute and especially feisty, Lolita is a typical chihuahua and an absolute star! She’s a rescue pup and self-proclaimed diva and princess. Thanks to the bilingual captions, you might even pick up a little Spanish from following her.

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tenu frio ❄️ \~ me when it starts getting cold 🥶

A post shared by Lolita (@lolitathealien) on

the_kardoggians (160k followers)

The account follows sweet and slightly-derpy senior chi, Kimchi, and her buddy Cupid. They sometimes dress up, and Kimchi’s tongue is always hanging out. There are frequent throwback posts featuring Chloe, another senior chi who was the original star of the account until she passed away.

English Bulldog (24+ million posts)

The larger cousin of the Frenchie, the English Bulldog is considered a national treasure here in the UK. But their loyalty, dependable nature, and unique appearance have won over hearts all around the world. They are yet another brachycephalic breed, and their flat faces and wrinkles are a huge part of their charm.

Why we love them:

Despite their brutish looks and strong build, bulldogs have an incredibly sweet temperament. They’re dependable friends, easily recognisable to everyone, and especially handsome.

Breed stats

Size: Medium

Life span: 8-10 years

Temperament: Lazy, loving, brave

Some awesome Bulldogs are:

Mrbentley_thedog (352k followers)

Bentley is probably one of the cutest bulldogs on the planet. You might recognise him from his early viral fame when he was found moonwalking to avoid objects he was scared of. He’s got a few funny phobias but loves helicopter rides. It’s all combined to make one very pup-ular feed.

Sgt_bulldog (180k followers)

Sargeant the bulldog might look like a bruiser, but this good boy lives out on the Gold Coast in Australia and is just living his best life. Expect lots of snoozes, smiles, and seaside snaps from this pooch.

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Fight night 🥊 Who’s ready? 🥊

A post shared by 🐶🐾 SERGEANT 🐾🐶 (@sgt_bulldog) on

roscoelovescoco (178k followers)

The dynamic duo of Roscoe and Coco are both beautiful bullies with a large following. They’re paw-haps not quite as famous as their dad though, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. The pups are the stars of this account though, but they will have an occasional special guest posing with them.

Labrador Retriever (19+ million posts)

The faithful Lab has been popular the world over for decades. It’s the UK’s favourite dog, and it’s been the top dog in America for 29 years running! Coming in three colours, all equipped with kindly puppy eyes and famously waggy tail, it’s no wonder the friendly and smart Lab is so well-loved. They were perhaps one of the earliest doggy influencers too, thanks to their role as the Andrex puppy.

Why we love them:

Labradors will be friends with anyone and anything. Their cheerful disposition, eagerness to please, and bright smile and furiously waggy otter tails make them utterly irresistible!

Breed stats

Size: Medium-Large

Life span: 10-14 years

Temperament: Friendly, intelligent, outgoing

Some Insta-famous labs include:

dogswiss (69k followers)

If you love labs or outdoor adventures, you’re sure to love Nala the lab’s feed. The photography is beautiful, the scenery exceptional, and Nala the lab is adorable. She’s also had more hikes and adventures than most humans!

tico_the_lab (48.2k followers)

Tico is a beautiful black lab, and his feed is pretty simple. There’s no fancy lighting, jaw-dropping backdrops, or even doggy dress-up. It’s just an account entirely focused on a gorgeous dog in his daily life. The photos feel like anyone could have taken them, and that’s half the charm. The other half is Tico’s puppy eyes.

Kiba.kona.thelab (33.9k followers)

Kiba and Kona are father and daughter, and two gorgeous yellow labs with a nose for mischief. They’ve got the typical labrador smile down to a pat, ready to melt the coldest heart or win a snack. They are still labs, after all.

We can’t resist giving a special mention to Chester the lab. He might only have 23k followers, but he is a cutie and his feed is pretty unique. This lab shows some serious skill and restraint and is famous for balancing all kinds of food on his head.

Golden Retriever (18+ million posts)

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world, famed for their luscious coats, sweet smiles, and gentle dispositions. These large dogs are gentle by nature, exceptionally loving, and eager to please, they come in top as one of the most family-friendly dog breeds and one of the smartest dog breeds! A jack of all trades. This had made them one of the most popular breeds ever, as pets and online stars.

Why we love them:

Goldens are really beautiful dogs. Just one look at their thick honey-colour fur and cheeky smiles makes them hard to resist. The fact they are brilliant, intelligent dogs and loving family pets only adds to their appeal.

Breed stats

Size: Medium-Large

Life span: 10-12 years

Temperament: Trustworthy, kind, patient

Popular Goldens include:

tuckerbudzyn (2.5m followers)

You’ve probably already seen videos of Tucker on whatever social media you use. This handsome boy shot to fame with his good looks, floof, and goofy dog speak in his videos. It’s no wonder he’s one of the most famous pups on the internet!

wat.ki (930k followers)

Watson and Kiko are a pair of golden brothers spreading joy. They live with another pup, Time. The trio of pups are always up for an adventure, and the two brothers usually pose for a hug wherever they go.

lizzie.bear (406k followers)

This account features another paw-fect pair of goldens, Lizzie and Ally. These adorable girls play and pose together, and the photos are both beautiful and heart-warming. These pups also know how to accessorise, and spread some serious love.

Siberian Husky (18+ million posts)

Huskies are some of the most recognisable dogs around, particularly those with striking blue eyes. They come in a variety of fur and eye colours, but all have a dense coat, upright ears, intelligence, and a streak of stubbornness. Huskies thrive on human company but are known to be pretty independent, making them pups with a ton of personality.

Why we love them

Huskies combination of attitude and adorable looks make them hilarious to watch, and endearing to own. Not to mention they are some of the most handsome pups on the planet!

Breed stats

Size: Medium-Large

Life span: 12-15 years

Temperament: Intelligent, alert, outgoing

Some Huskies to follow are:

Milperthusky (1m followers)

Their follower count keeps growing, and so does their family. This Insta was once for Millie and Rupert, but lovely Lola joined the pack last year. Follow this trio in their everyday life with their human family, including some funny dog-speak videos.

lilothehusky (494k followers)

Lilo and Infinity the huskies are joined by Rosie the cat for fun and adventures together. This adorable trio proves that love is beyond species. And even cats and dogs can definitely be best fur-iends!

maruhusky (329k followers)

Part dog, part panda, part seal, Maru has been winning hearts all over the world. Probably because of their calm and content smile. Like any influencer, Maru can be found modelling the goods. That, and posing with their plushie panda buddies.

Dachshund (17+ million posts)

Once upon a time, Dachshunds were useful hounds for hunting down rabbits, badgers, and other burrowing beasties. That’s how they developed their unique shape, so they could head into their setts and warrens. Today, you’re more likely to find a sausage dog curled up on a lap than delving in tunnels. But these little pups have all the love, character and energy of a big dog!

Why we love them

These dinky dogs are cute as a button, confident, and cheeky. Their personalities are bigger than their little, but long, bodies. You also have your pick of sweet long-haired pups, feisty smooth-haired, and wise wire-haired pooches. All three are just as paw-some as each other.

Breed stats

Size: Small, can be miniature

Life span: 12-16 years

Temperament: Clever, stubborn, devoted

Delightful Dachshunds to follow:

harlowandsage (1.7m followers)

Harlow the Weimaraner and Sage the mini dachshund were the best of fur-iends, and one of the original doggy influencers of their day. Sadly, Sage passed away. Since then, Harlow has been joined by more dachshund best fur-iends in Indiana and Reese. They’ve been joined by foster pups over the years, including Ezra, who’s the current member of their gang.

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Girl Power

A post shared by Harlow•Sage•Indiana•Reese•Ezra (@harlowandsage) on

crusoe_dachshund (808k followers)

If you’ve ever seen a viral video of a black and tan dachshund, usually dressed as a policeman, chances are you’ve seen Crusoe. He’s often dressing up, doing human stuff, and having a great time with his fellow dachshund, Daphne. Their Insta following isn’t as big as their youtube fanbase. Crusoe also happens to be a New York Times Bestseller, and winner of a People’s Choice Award, so he’s a real hot dog.

Loulouminidachshund (359k followers)

Loulou is a beautiful black and tan dachshund living in a pretty modern home. Last year, she helped her family raise some ducklings, which was super cute. This year, she has had her own litter of equally pretty puppies. You can follow this account to watch this sizzle of sausages growing up.

Pomeranian (15+ million posts)

These dainty dogs look like a cross between a fox or a bear and a ball of fluff, and if that doesn’t sound adorable, just look at them. It’s no wonder poms have been favoured companions for centuries. More recently, they were some of the first dogs to dominate the internet, starting with Boo, whose mantle as cutest (and most popular) dog online was taken up by Jiff.

Why we love them

Poms are perfect companion dogs, small in size and easy to look after. Yet despite their stature, they have bundles of bounce and energy to keep you entertained. Not to mention that irresistible foxy grin!

Breed stats

Size: Small (Toy)

Life span: 12-16 years

Temperament: Mischievous, confident, intelligent

Poms to follow:

jiffpom (10.1m followers)

The most followed dog on the internet, Jiff the pom is more famous than most humans! He’s cute anyway, but he also regularly dresses up too, adding to the appeal and celebrating special occasions. He’s helped present facebook keynotes, starred in music videos, and even holds two world records. No wonder Jiff is the internet’s top dog.

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A post shared by j i f f p o m (@jiffpom) on

bertiebertthepom (438k followers)

Bertram was adopted from a shelter and is now living his best life working at an art gallery and winning the hearts of the world. This chocolate pom looks more like a teddy bear than a pound puppy and went viral when he dressed up as Paddington Bear.

bigpomfamily (172k followers)

Need a bigger pom fix? Then follow bigpomfamily for no less than six of these fluffballs on your feed! And they really are fluffballs, they look more like pom-poms than Pomeranians! Enjoy plenty of photos of this paw-some pack in their day to day lives.

Yorkshire Terrier (15+ million posts)

Originally bred to catch rats in mills and in tunnels, Yorkshire Terriers are smart, brave and fiery. This line of work helped create the confident canine we know today. A perfect example of their brave nature, intelligence, and loving disposition is Smoky. She was found in the jungle in WW2 and backpacked with soldiers.

She entertained them with tricks and was credited with saving hundreds by keeping a crucial airfield running when she ran a communications wire through a tiny pipe only 8 inches wide, but 70 feet long.

And if that wasn’t enough, she was also the world’s first therapy dog. Plenty of today’s Yorkies share the same adorable appearance, bravery, and loyalty as the pint-sized hero.

Why we love them

Yorkie’s make incredible companions, loyal and loving to their humans. Their silky hair is enviable, and their confident and bright personality fills a show ring, never mind a room.

Breed stats:

Size: Small (Toy)

Life span: 13-16 years

Temperament: Fiery, comedic, affectionate

Some Yorkies to follow are:

michcant (96.9k followers)

Fabulous fashion, stunning silky hair, and a sweet smile that would melt any heart. This is one pup with more sass and style than an issue of Vogue, and we love it.

teddy_the_tiny_terrier (89.4k followers)

Teddy really is tiny by name and nature, but this pint-sized pupper has bundles of cuteness. This feed is pretty simple, there’s no fancy studio shoots or fashion parades. Just one adorable pooch. Usually, snoozing.

kodietheyorkie (87.1k followers)

Somehow, Kodie seems even smaller than most Yorkies, but his smile is a mile wide. This teacup pup even seems outsized by his toys! With his signature top knot and some cute clothes, it’s easy to see why this good boy has such a fervent following.

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🤩🤩Happy Monday, Happy Week!🤩🤩

A post shared by Kodie Bear (@kodietheyorkie) on

It's no surprise why these dogs are popular all over Instagram, they're all incredibly cute, who wouldn't want to stare at photos of them all day?