What is tailored dog food and why does it matter?

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For years the only way to feed your furry friend would be to head to the shops and buy a sack of boring brown biscuits, or slave over a hot stove making them a meal at home.

Nowadays, there’s much more variety in the types of dog food available, and a greater understanding of what dogs need to be healthy.

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Among all these new foods and dietary trends, tailored dog food has emerged. But what’s the concept behind this canine cuisine, and is it really healthier for our dogs to eat? Read on to find out how tailored diets are made for your dog and why they’re great ways to feed our furry friends.

What is tailored dog food?

If you want to get fit and healthy, you’d ask a nutritionist or a PT to create a tailored diet plan just for you, designed to provide the nutrition and portions you need to become your healthiest, happiest self.

Tailored dog food is similar. It’s a specially formulated diet created to suit your dog and their individual needs. It still contains all of the nutrients every dog needs to be healthy, but it’s adjusted to suit your dog specifically.

How is it made?

Here at Pure Pet Food, the way we make tailored dog food is simple and we only use the best human-quality ingredients.

We create tailored recipes using real ingredients you recognise, like carrots, chicken and apples. We then carefully balance the ingredients to give your dog every single nutrient, vitmain and mineral they need to thrive.  

Depending on the unique needs of your dog, we’ll tailor each recipe’s ingredients and amounts to make sure it suits your dog. It’s a bit like how you would make your own dinner at home!

To figure out what diet will be the best for your dog, we’ll ask you a few questions such as your pooch’s breed, age, gender and activity levels to understand their lifestyle and dietary requirements. We’ll also ask you about any ailments and allergies they may have, so we know what ingredients we definitely shouldn’t use in their food so we can get their recipes totally perfect.

We then set to work creating a delicious and nutritious recipe for your dog that meets their individual needs. No matter what recipe we create, it will always use natural, real ingredients, which are finely chopped then put under a slow, low and gentle heat to carefully remove moisture and bacteria from the ingredients, naturally preserving the food, locking in all the goodness and keeping it tasty.

Why is tailored dog food good for dogs?

Every dog is unique with individual needs and their own personal preferences. Tailored food helps to match your dog’s nutrition to their actual needs and caters for their individual quirks too.

It’s healthy and nutritious

The main benefit of tailored dog food like Pure is that you can provide high-quality nutrition designed to fit your dog’s needs down to a tee. We also make sure their food is made from natural human-quality ingredients with no hidden nasties or weird surprises. It’s just tasty, wholesome food you’d recognise and eat yourself.

Our food isn’t subjected to harsh processing either, like kibble, so all that glorious goodness stays intact. Even a tailored kibble can’t match that, since even the best ingredients have their nutritional value destroyed by the processes used to make boring brown biscuits.

You can cater for picky pups

Although most dogs will wolf down whatever you put in front of them, there are plenty of picky dogs out there. Sometimes such fussiness is because of an ailment, allergy, or intolerance. Tailoring your dog’s food means you can avoid any ingredients that cause your dog discomfort, using only the ingredients you know your dog loves.

Here at Pure, we think healthy food should be tasty too, to encourage dogs to eat their dinners and make sure they get all the energy and nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

Taste isn’t the only thing you can customise with Pure though. Because our food just needs a little water to rehydrate it ready to eat, you can customise it’s texture too. You can change the amount of water you use to change the food’s consistency. You could make a wetter food if your dog prefers that or needs help staying hydrated, or you could keep it chunky.

You can also try spreading it on a licki matt or stuffing it in a Kong to make dinner time an exciting enrichment activity. You could even use warm water to make the food smell super tasty and make it even more appetising!

It’s always in perfect portions

It doesn’t just stop at nutrition and taste though, we’ll also work out your dog’s perfect portion size. No one wants to underfeed or overfeed their pet, and portion control is vital to help maintain a healthy weight, prevent obesity, and ensure your dog lives a longer life.

So a tailored dog food from Pure will meet your dog’s exact nutritional needs, in the amount they need, in flavours they love.

Tailored food is good for dogs and owners

As well as all the amazing benefits for your dog, tailored food can make life easier for owners too.

Firstly, a tailored diet takes all the guesswork and effort of adjusting your dog’s diet and portions according to their needs.

Although any “complete” dog food should meet your dog’s nutritional requirements, you would still have to go to the effort of calculating calories and measuring out meals to make sure your dog eats the amount they need.

And if your dog has a specific allergy or ailment, avoiding triggering ingredients can be nearly impossible with pre-packaged food.

Plus, our tailored dog food is delivered to you free of charge, and you can adjust your deliveries anytime too. That means you’ll always get food delivered just when you need it and never have to worry about rushing to the shops and lugging back a sack of food.

Finally, Pure Pet Food is one of the most convenient tailored diets for dogs because you don’t need any fridge or freezer space to store it, there’s no cooking or chopping needed to prepare it, and no risk of contamination. You just store the food at room temperature and when it’s time to feed Fido, scoop some of the food into a bowl, add a scoop of water, stir, and serve. It couldn’t be easier!

So what is tailored dog food and why does it matter?

In short, tailored food means you can make a delicious dog’s dinner that provides the exact nutrition your dog needs, in the amount they need, whilst avoiding allergens and irritants, and making sure it tastes the way your dog likes it.

In the case of Pure, that also means providing high-quality, natural food without any added nasties or hidden surprises.

Tailored food also makes life much easier for owners, taking the guesswork out of calorie control and measuring meals, and you won’t even need to leave the house to buy your dog’s dinner.

You can try a tailored diet for your dog today by simply telling us about your pooch, and we’ll get to work sniffing out the perfect ingredients for their dinner.