Why Pure looks the way it does

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Thousands of happy, healthy dogs love the taste of Pure, and here’s why!

We're all about making delicious, wholesome dinners to help your dog thrive long into the future.

How we prepare Pure

To prepare Pure, we finely chop our tasty, natural ingredients into a fine powder, including real meat, fruit and a wide assortment of vibrant veg. By chopping our ingredients up super small, it makes the food much easier to digest than kibble, as our research confirms.

From there, we use an age-old preservation method, where we gently remove the moisture from those ingredients under an incredibly low heat. This naturally preserves the food, locks in all the nutrients and packs a punch in terms of flavour.

This way, we don't need to use any harsh processing methods or nasty preservatives that you'll often find in kibble and wet food, it's just natural, nutritious food that tastes great.

What are the benefits of drying the ingredients?

By naturally preserving the food in this way, it means we can make Pure a super convenient way to feed your pup, without ever compromising on quality or taste. Keep Pure in your cupboard, take it on your travels and serve up a complete and balanced meal at any time - no fridge or freezer space necessary!

Just add warm water, stir and serve up a deliciously healthy dinner, in a matter of seconds. And if you add a little extra water into Pure, you can help keep your pup hydrated throughout the day!

  • Locks in all the goodness

  • Packs in all the flavour

  • Convenient to store and prepare

  • Reduces the risk of harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli

So, with our tasty, tailored dog food, get set for waggy tails, empty bowls and all-round happier, healthier dogs!