All about theBest dog food for Whippets

Common allergies Meat, eggs and dairy
Fussiness Low
Common ailments Hypothyroidism, heart murmur, cryptorchidic

What is the best dog food for Whippets?

Wonderful Whippets make fantastic companions, and as far as dog’s go they’re a healthy and long-lived bunch. A healthy diet will maintain your pup’s good health and lead to a long life and non-stop happy, waggy tails.

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The problem is, Whippets are real food hounds and will do everything they can to snuffle a snack, which isn’t ideal when they need to maintain that long, lean body. But what sort of nutrition is needed to keep that stunning sprinter’s physique, and what should you look for in the best dog food for Whippets?

The best dog food for Whippets will include:

  • Plenty of proper protein for healthy muscles.

  • Fats for fueling your speed racer.

  • Vitamin K and fatty acids for healthy skin.

  • Vitamins for excellent eye health.

  • Digestible ingredients to settle sensitive stomachs.

  • Perfectly balanced nutrition to keep your Whippet lean.

Proper protein to maintain muscles

Whippets are powerhouses of explosive energy and speed, and that’s thanks to their special running style and their muscular, lean bodies. Just like any gym buff, Whippets need to eat a lot of high-quality protein to keep their muscles in good shape, including the ability to repair any injuries.

It’s im-paw-tent to look for whole proteins so your dog gets all the goodness from the meat they eat. Avoid foods that bulk up their protein content by using low-quality ingredients like pea protein, meat meal, or animal derivatives because they just don’t contain the same essential nutrients as whole muscle meat.

Highly processed food also destroys the amino acids found in protein. That’s bad news for Fido because these acids are the building blocks your Whippet needs to build new proteins, which allow them to repair and maintain their own muscles and grow new skin. A lack of amino acids like Taurine has been linked to dilated cardiomyopathy, a kind of heart disease, so making sure your Whippet gets all those essential amino acids is im-paw-tent for keeping their heart healthy too.

Pure Pet Food keeps things simple, we just use whole cuts of meat and gently air dry it so the goodness is locked in and the food stays fresh for your buddy’s bowl. It means your Whippet gets plenty of protein and always eats the essential amino acids and nutrients they need to stay healthy and race-ready.

Fats for fueling your whizzy Whippet

Although we humans might think twice about eating fats, they are paw-some sources of energy for dogs. For our furry friends, fat is the easiest and most efficient source of energy. Dogs metabolise almost all the fat they eat (provided they aren’t being overfed) and they receive about 2.5x times more energy from fat than they do from carbohydrates.

Metabolising fat like this also helps to keep them warm, which is im-paw-tent for Whippets since they’re prone to feeling the cold! That means the best dog food for your Whippet will have a good paw-tion of animal fat to use as fuel.

It is still a balancing act though. Too much fat is bad news, since it can cause weight gain and pancreatitis. But too little fat, and you’ll have a sluggish pup. Pure recipes are all carefully tailored by nutritionists and backed by a whole pack of vets to make sure they contain the ideal pro-paw-tions of nutrients to keep your pooch happy and healthy. All the fat in our food is from single-source animal fat too, so it’s highly nutritious and delicious for your furry friend.

Nutrients to nourish their skin

Whippets don’t have very thick fur to protect their skin, and there’s not a lot of fat to cushion any bumps they have. It means your pup is prone to picking up nicks and scratches pretty easily. That makes it even more im-paw-tent for your Whippet to eat whole meat and fats so they get plenty of protein and fatty acids to help their body to repair itself.

As well as fatty acids, the best dog food for Whippets will provide Vitamin K which helps their blood to clot properly. Clotting is im-paw-tent to make sure any scrapes and scratches scab neatly so they don’t bleed too much and allow the skin to heal underneath. Vitamin C will also help with the healing process. Vitamin K is found in leafy greens and fish, while vitamin C is readily found in many fruits and vegetables, paw-ticularly bell peppers.

Helping to maintain healthy vision

Many of the eye problems that Whippets are prone to are inherited conditions. However, it has been proven that diet and maintaining a healthy weight help to delay the onset of age-related conditions, like cataracts. It also helps to slow the progression of illness and lessen a condition’s severity.

Vitamin A is another paw-some nutrient to keep your Whippet’s eyes in good health, and it’s found in everything from eggs to fish to carrots, kale, and sweet potatoes. In fact, gram for gram, sweet potatoes are far richer in vitamin A than eggs or salmon. All in all, you can keep your Whippet bright-eyed by making sure they’re eating the right paw-tions of dog food that’s packed with vegetables that naturally provide the nutrients they need.

Suitable for sensitive stomachs

Whippets might be greedy gannets most of the time, but their tummies can be a little tricky. Sensitive stomachs can be triggered by all sorts, but artificial ingredients are paw-ticularly troublesome for our furry friends. Other paw-sibile triggers are dietary intolerances or allergies, which can be caused by any ingredient in their food whether it’s wheat, corn, chicken, or beef.

We keep our food simple at Pure, so there’s only a handful of natural ingredients that you’re sure to recognise so you can easily tell exactly what your Whippet is eating. There’s never any artificial nasties either.

All our whole, natural ingredients are carefully chosen to be nutritious and su-paw easy for dog’s to digest, so your pooch can absorb more of the goodness from their food while keeping their gut happy. That’s why Pure has helped to settle so many sensitive stomachs and you can read all about our success stories here.

Perfectly balanced nutrition

Balance is essential in a Whippet’s diet. Take the example of fat which we used earlier, too much and you’ll have a porky pooch but too little and they won’t have enough energy. It’s im-paw-tent that Whippets eat a balanced diet in the right volumes because most of them are real lazy bones, and eating too much - or having too much of the wrong thing - will cause them to pile on the pounds. Plenty of exercise alongside paw-fectly balanced and portioned meals are vital for maintaining your Whippet’s lean physique, and to stop them from looking like a weeble.

Your Pure plan will be tailored to your individual dog’s needs, so the food will be fit for their breed but also take into account individual factors like their activity level and paw-sonality to make sure they’ve got the ideal doggy dinner. Just tell us about your best bud and we can recommend the paw-fect dog food for your Whippet.