Bad breath in dogs treatment

Bad Breath

If you are not sure what is causing your dog’s bad breath or suspect one of the possible health-related causes, then a vet check-up is the first part of a dog bad breath cure. Once any underlying medical cause is diagnosed and being treated, your vet can advise on a dog bad breath treatment plan. An annual vet dental check is a good idea, as they can clean your dog’s teeth if needed, and spot any oral health problems early.

The simplest dog bad breath remedy for the most common causes of bad breath is to clean your dog’s teeth. Many pet stores carry finger brushes designed for this, and flavoured toothpaste is available to make the idea more palatable to dogs. Never use human toothpaste, as some ingredients are not suitable for dogs. Making regular brushing part of the routine, preferably from a puppy, reduces the likelihood of periodontal disease. Suitable chew toys and chew treats will help remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. If you are unsure which chews are safe, your vet will be able to recommend some options. Carrot and apple are great natural low-calorie choices.

If your dog likes snacking on nasty things like dead animals, rubbish and faeces, keep a close watch when temptation is near so they cannot access anything you do not want them eating. This also stops them from picking up something that could lodge in their mouth or teeth. One bad breath home remedy for a dog having a temporary breath issue is to add chopped mint or parsley to their food, as these plants are natural breath fresheners.

The best method of how to cure bad dog breath is to do everything possible to prevent it from occurring. Keeping your dog in good overall health will help prevent bad breath. Making sure that they receive plenty of appropriate exercise for their condition, size and age helps keep the whole dog in good shape. Feeding an excellent species-appropriate diet made with top quality ingredients keeps the digestive system working well and the dog’s body in healthy condition. All Pure dog food recipes use human-grade ingredients to create a tasty, highly digestible and nutritionally balanced meal for your dog.

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