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Can dogs eat apples?

Can Dogs Eat...

Dogs (including puppies) love apples. They’re high in fibre and antioxidants while also providing vitamin A and C to your dog. However, apple seeds contain cyanide (just like pears) and you should not feed your dog the apple core and seeds.

Can dogs eat apples?

Some vets believe that the vitamin C and antioxidants in apples help with degenerative conditions and can contribute to overall gastrointestinal health. Apples do have sugar in them which you need to be wary of if your dog has diabetes or cancer.

Dogs love the taste, crunch and texture, but you can change this up by freezing the apples beforehand which makes these into a whole new treat for your dog. Apples are also known to be good for a dog’s oral health (you should still brush their teeth regularly though).

These can be a great addition to any dog’s diet just make sure when feeding to wash and core the apple (remove the stem too) while slicing in to small, manageable chunks for your dog. For the first few times feeding monitor how your dog reacts to the apple to make sure there’s no bad reaction or allergy to the food as this can happen in rare cases. If you feed too many apples your dog could suffer from an upset stomach or even diarrhoea.