Can dogs eat bananas?

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Our canine companions always like to see if they can have a little taster of what we’ve got to eat, whether they’re allowed it or not. Some fruity snacks are totally off limits to our pooches, like raisins and grapes, but some fruits make a brilliant, healthy treat to snack on.

So, what about bananas? They’re tasty, low in calories and make the perfect on-the-go snack to pop in our bags because of their handy, natural wrapper.

All these factors would make them a great treat for our four-legged friends, but can dogs eat bananas? If so, are bananas good for dogs and should we be feeding them to our four-legged friends? Keep reading to find out more.

Can dogs eat bananas?

Yes! Luckily for your pup, they can share this piece of fruit with you, and they’ll probably go absolutely bananas for a banana.

Bananas are high in fibre, potassium and contain various vitamins, alongside being super delicious, the perfect tasty titbit for your pooch.

However, you do need to be careful due to their high-sugar content. Of course, these are all natural sugars, but dogs can’t handle the same levels of sugar that we can, especially diabetic dogs, so make sure you don’t let your dog scoff the full banana, a few slices as a special, well-deserved treat will do the trick.

By the ‘full banana’ this also means the peel, as this part can be pretty much impossible for your dog to digest!

Are bananas good for dogs?

Bananas do contain a number of different nutrients so they’re still a healthy snack, although they’re not the most nutritious fruit that your dog could be gobbling up. As long as you don’t trust a banana to provide your pooch with anything vital to their health, the fruit is still a somewhat healthy, low-calorie, delicious treat for your dog.

Despite all this, bananas do provide:

  • Potassium to promote good bone density, heart and kidney healthy and muscle growth

  • Vitamin C to help enhance the immune system

  • Vitamin B6 supports brain and bodily functions, stabilises hormones and builds proteins

  • Magnesium for bone development and aiding the body to use its vitamins and minerals effectively

  • Biotin for healthy skin and a shiny coat, alongside promoting muscle development

  • Fibre for stable digestion and regular, healthy bowel movements

Bananas are also low in fat, low in cholesterol and contain no salt, the only thing that could cause problems is the high natural sugar content.

Will my dog like bananas?

Every dog has their preferences when it comes to their food, just like a human! However, most dogs do find this fruity snack positively delicious, and will happily go barking mad for a banana. Give your pooch a small slice to start with to see if it tickles their tastebuds.

Can dogs eat banana peel?

Although the banana peel isn’t toxic to dogs, your dog will have a hard time digesting the peel just as you would.

Don’t worry too much if your dog does manage to snaffle some of the banana skin, however, keep a close eye on them and get in touch with your vet if you spot anything out of the ordinary. If they managed to eat a large quantity of the peel, it may cause digestive problems and a blockage, so make sure to keep it out of your canine’s reach.

Can dogs eat banana bread?

Anytime there’s a few spare bananas knocking around, most people will get straight into the kitchen to rustle up a banana bread for a delicious, sweet-smelling treat. And these aromas will be enough to get your pooch’s mouth watering, but we’d always recommend saying no to those puppy dog eyes and reserving the banana bread for human mouths.

Although it’s unlikely to cause too many problems for your pooch if they do manage to steal a bit, your banana bread will probably include added sugars which our dogs can be super sensitive to, especially dogs suffering with diabetes.

Some people also include things like raisins and chocolate chips in their banana bread recipes, which are toxic to dogs. All in all, it’s better to be safe and keep it well out of reach.

Can dogs eat banana-flavoured things?

Whether it be banana milkshakes, yoghurts or sweets, we’d always say to stay well clear of anything banana-flavoured. Typically, anything banana-flavoured will be overly sweet and the banana flavouring will be artificial rather than naturally from a banana, and this isn’t good for your four-legged friend. There’s also the risk that any of these snacks could contain xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener that’s incredibly dangerous to dogs due to its high levels of toxicity.

Always avoid feeding your pooch anything like this unless you know exactly what’s in it, as these chemicals and artificial flavourings will never be good for your pup.

Can puppies eat bananas?

Your pup should be perfectly fine eating a slice of banana, however, always stay cautious when feeding something new to a young puppy.

Puppies have very different calorie and nutritional needs to an adult dog, so although they’re most likely going to be absolutely fine (as well as super happy that they’ve been given this extra treat), just be careful to only give them a tiny slice.

How shall I feed my dog banana?

Always steadily introduce something new into your dog’s diet, and closely monitor them for any signs of digestive upset, sickness or allergic reactions. Don’t give your pooch the full banana as too much can cause digestive problems, instead, just give a few small slices as a special treat.

Your dog can enjoy bananas many ways, so get creative with it!

  • Mash the banana into a lickimat

  • Stuff it into a Kong

  • Cut the fruit into small pieces and freeze for a hot day

  • Add a few slices on top of your dog’s normal dinners

  • Mix with a little bit of dog-safe peanut butter

  • Make homemade dog treats

As we said, bananas can be a great little snack for your dog if you think they deserve a little extra treat. Just make sure that your dog is getting complete and balanced nutrition in their normal dinners so that they’re getting everything they need on the daily.

Although we don’t use banana in our recipes, we do utilise other super nutritious pieces of fruit like apples in our Pure dinners.