Can dogs eat kiwi?

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Sometimes called the “Chinese Gooseberry”, kiwis or kiwifruits are surprisingly nutritious fruits with very few calories. Although they can taste pretty tart which puts some people off, the kiwi is a staple of the fruit bowl and makes a healthy snack with a variety of health benefits, including allegedly aiding asthma sufferers.

If you’re on the lookout for nutritious and natural treats to offer your pooch instead of highly-processed biscuits, you might have wondered “can dogs eat kiwis”? Tart tastes can sometimes put a pup off or mean food is dangerous to eat, is this the case with canines and kiwis?

Can dogs eat kiwi?

Yes, most dogs can eat kiwi. The fruit is perfectly safe for dogs to eat as long as it is cut into small pieces and fed in moderation. It’s mostly water (about 80%) and contains a fair amount of vitamins and sugar, so it makes a sweet but reasonably healthy treat for your pup.

However, like most foods, whether or not your dog can eat kiwi will depend on their individual sensitivities. This is because your pooch simply might not like the taste of kiwi, or they could have a sensitive stomach and find it disagreeable.

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If your pup eats a lot of kiwi in one sitting, it might give them an upset stomach and cause abdominal discomfort, vomiting or diarrhoea. You should also cut it up into pieces to prevent any choking risk. Otherwise, there is little danger in feeding this fruit to your furry friends.

Can dogs eat gold kiwi?

Yes, dogs can eat gold kiwis (or yellow kiwis). They are pretty much the same as regular green kiwis just a different colour and sweeter taste, and they are still perfectly safe for your pooch to snack on and boast the same nutritional benefits.

Can dogs eat kiwi berries?

We don’t hear of kiwi berries very often, but they are the grape-sized, hairless cousin of the kiwifruit and they are just as delicious. The two plants are very similar and so kiwi berries are safe for dogs to eat, just don’t feed your dog a whole berry in case they gulp it down in one and could potenially choke on it.

Can dogs eat kiwi skin?

Believe it or not, kiwi skin is technically edible and both you and your dog can eat it. It’s quite a strange, fuzzy texture and quite tough to break down though, so your pup might not find it appetising and a big chunk of it could irritate their gut.

However, the skin is full of insoluble fibre, vitamin E, and folate and eating the skin will boost these nutrients by about 30-50% compared to eating the fruit’s flesh alone. Not bad for something you’d usually toss in the trash!

Not every human or hound can eat kiwi skin though. The skin contains minuscule calcium oxalate crystals which are tiny but sharp and can cause them any irritation when ingested. Your pooch might get an inflamed, itchy mouth after eating kiwi skin.

If you’re going to feed your dog some kiwi, skin and all, just make sure it’s cut into bite-size chunks to avoid any choking risk and to make it easier to chew and break down. Only give your pooch a small piece of kiwi at first to make sure it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions, and if your pup seems fine, feel free to feed them some more.

Is kiwi bad for dogs?

No, there’s nothing in a kiwi that is particularly “bad” for a dog, and it doesn’t contain anything toxic or harmful. Unless your dog has an individual sensitivity that means they find kiwi disagreeable, this fruit is a reasonably healthy sweet treat for your pooch to enjoy.

Kiwis are about 80% water and the rest of their contents is just naturally occurring sugars, vitamins, and minerals. All in all, it means eating a bit of kiwi can be considered quite good for your pooch. Although your pooch won’t be eating enough kiwi to really benefit their health, it’s a natural treat you can offer them that helps to top up their nutrients.

Is kiwi good for dogs then?

In short, yes, kiwis can make a nutritious and natural treat option for your pup to enjoy.

You might be surprised to find out that a kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange. It’s also packed full of vitamin K, folate, and potassium. It also contains some plant-based enzymes which have been proven to aid digestion in both humans and hounds. There’s fibre in the fruit too (especially if they eat the skin) which is also good for their gut.

Folate (vitamin B9 or folic acid) is im-paw-tent for maintaining normal metabolic functions, including the creation of red blood cells and DNA. Potassium meanwhile is an electrolyte that allows energy to move between muscles and cells and maintains the electrical currents in the body which keeps the nerves sending signals regularly and their heart beating normally.

Vitamin C is im-paw-tent for wound healing and supporting the immune system of your furry friend, as well as acting as a powerful antioxidant. Meanwhile, vitamin K is used for healthy blood function and maintaining the blood’s ability to clot. However, dogs are able to synthesise or create both of these vitamins within their body, so they don’t need too much from their diet.

If your pup is prone to calcium oxalate kidney stones, you may need to keep an eye on the amount of vitamin C they eat as it can contribute to stone formation. If you have any concerns, speak to your vet for personal advice for your individual dog.

Are dogs allergic to kiwi?

Dogs aren’t necessarily allergic to kiwi, but, individual animals can seem more sensitive to it than usual. This is the case for most foods though and is down to the fact that each dog is an individual with its own sensitivities and tastes.

However, eating kiwi skin can cause some irritation to your dog’s mouth. Eating kiwi skin can cause swelling and itchiness that could be mistaken for some sort of allergy. This reaction is due to the calcium oxalate crystals found in the skin. However, how it affects your dog can vary. Some dogs don’t seem to react at all, while others can end up itchy and out of sorts.

If you want to stay on the safe side, you could just feed your dog kiwi fruit flesh and bin the skin.

But, the skin is edible and contains most of the fruit’s nutrients, so you could try cautiously offering a small piece to your dog to see how they react, and feed them more if they seem perfectly fine with it.

How much kiwi fruit can a dog eat?

Never feed your dog a whole kiwi, especially if they’re a gulper, because it can be a choking risk. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and if you can’t guarantee your dog will chew everything properly, it’s best to cut food up. Cutting up a kiwi negates the choking risk and keeps your pup perfectly safe.

Plus, a whole kiwi fruit is too much for a small breed like a Chihuahua to eat anyway and having that much fruit might upset their stomach. A big dog might manage to eat a whole kiwi in chunks without a fuss.

When deciding how much kiwi to feed your dog, always stick to the 10% rule. Although kiwis are natural and healthy snacks, it is still considered a treat. All treats, including fruits and veggies, should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie allowance.

Recap: Can dogs eat kiwi?

Yes, dogs can eat kiwi fruit whether it’s green, yellow, or a kiwi berry. Kiwis are perfectly safe for dogs and even the skin is edible, although it might irritate some dogs mouths.

As with all new foods, introduce kiwi to your dog’s diet slowly and monitor their reaction before offering them more. Always feed your dog kiwi in moderation and in bite-sized pieces to prevent the risk of choking or stomach upset.

Instead of kiwi, why not try a complete and balanced dog food that includes some fruit in anyway? Pure is nutritious and natural, containing fruits like apples to provide your dog with an extra dose of vitamin A and C in their dinner.