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Can dogs eat pears?

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Pears are safe for dogs to eat but their seeds contain traces of cyanide (similar to apples). Make sure before feeding pears you remove the seeds. The best way of feeding pears is by slicing them into small pieces, removing the seeds and feeding only a couple to your dog.

If your dog accidentally eats pear seeds don’t worry too much as the amount of cyanide is small and your dog will need to eat a lot of them to feel a difference. If you do see any change in behaviour go to the vet and get an expert’s opinion.

Can dogs eat pears?

Pears contain copper, fibre, antioxidants and vitamin B1, B1, C, E and K which are all great for your dog’s overall wellbeing. If your dog is diabetic, it’s best to stay away from pears due to their high sugar content. If you overfeed your dog you may see gastrointestinal issues or an upset stomach, if you see any of these consult a vet to make sure everything’s okay.

Pears are completely fine in moderation, but the majority of your dog’s diet should be a high-quality dog food.