How to treat colitis in dogs


The type (acute or chronic) of colitis and the underlying cause of the inflammation largely decide dog colitis treatment options.

Acute colitis frequently resolves within a few days and with minimal treatments necessary. Vets may advise between twenty-four and forty-eight hours of starvation, followed by small, frequent amounts of a low residue easy to digest food. The vet may also prescribe specific gut-friendly anti-inflammatories. Antibiotics might be given if the cause is thought to be bacterial or anti-parasitic treatments if worms or other parasites are suspected. Anti-spasmodic drugs can be given to help the gut walls settle and stop working too much, reducing the dog’s feeling of needing to go at much-reduced intervals.

Chronic colitis is ongoing and will often show symptoms coming and going throughout the dog’s lifetime. Because of this, treatment will usually be for life. While anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic medications can help when the dog is actively showing symptoms, for chronic colitis in dogs treatment frequently includes strictly dietary changes. If immune conditions are present, the dog may need medication to suppress the over-reaction of the immune system. For many concerned owners dealing with dog colitis, natural treatment is the preferred method and switching to a quality food that has an ingredients profile that can help relieve colitis symptoms fulfils this.

Common allergens in dogs include wheat and beef. Lean white meat, fish and eggs are easy to digest and leave little residue to move through to the colon, reducing the amount of waste that the dog produces. For a number of dogs, diets low in crude fibre have helped their symptoms. Lower fat contents have also helped dogs to show fewer symptoms associated with chronic colitis.

Pure Pet Food has a range of low-fat food options for your dog with a range of protein sources (Turkey, fish, chicken etc.). For colitis, dogs are recommended food with a fat content of between 8% and 15%. Turkey Terrific and Fish Supper have a fat content of 8% and are grain-free, both of which are suitable for dogs needing an easy to digest diet. We have had a number of customers come back and say that Pure Pet Food has really helped their dog with colitis, take a look at their stories below.

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