How to treat dehydration in dogs


Sometimes mild cases of dehydration that are due to overheating or overexertion can be treated by encouraging your dog to drink, it can help to flavour their water with chicken broth or similar to tempt them. Making sure they rest inside in a cool place can help them recover too.

However, as we’ve learnt dehydration can be a very serious condition so it’s really safer to discuss their symptoms with your vet. Definitely take your pet to the vet if they are also vomiting or/and has diarrhoea, seems lethargic, or if you are worried that they look ill.

Perhaps the vet will give them some intravenous fluids or some other treatment and if there is an underlying cause you will be able to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan so that you know how to proceed.

A change of diet can play a big part in preventing dehydration caused by chronic diarrhoea or vomiting in conditions such as pancreatitis and IBS. So, if your pooch is diagnosed with an illness like these it can often help to transition them onto a low processed diet such as Pure Pet Foods Terrific Turkey which may help to alleviate the symptoms and may help to prevent your dog from becoming dehydrated again. Pure is also ideal for any dog that doesn’t always drink as much as they should as it provides moisture when made up as well as excellent nutrition and as we all know – prevention is better than cure!