How to treat flaky skin in dogs

Written by Dr Andrew Miller MRCVSDr Andrew Miller MRCVS is an expert veterinary working in the field for over 10 years after graduating from Bristol University. Andy fact checks and writes for Pure Pet Food while also working as a full time veterinarian. Pure Pet FoodPure Pet Food are the experts in healthy dog food and healthy dogs featured in media outlets such as BBC, Good Housekeeping and The Telegraph. Working with high profile veterinary professionals and nutritionists, Pure Pet Food are changing dog food for the better. - Our editorial process

So, you’re all set to wage war on those flakes? Here’s how you can set about it. Firstly, check that there’s no underlying illness that’s causing the issue. A quick consultation with your vet will help confirm your dog is otherwise healthy. Make sure your dog is flea-free and that there are no other ‘visitors’ in the fur that could be making their skin crawl.

Whilst keeping your furry friend clean and fresh is part and parcel of their care, don’t over-do the bath times. Always use bath time products specially designed for dogs and only bath them when necessary. Depending on the cause of your dog’s flaking, your vet may recommend a medicated or hypoallergenic shampoo. A regular grooming regime is an effective way of clearing away dirt and debris from the skin and coat, helping to keep it clean and healthy.

If your dog’s issue is down to a food allergy, finding out which ingredient is responsible can be tricky. Go back to basics and cut out the snacks. Steer well clear of dishing out table scraps too. Choose a simple diet made from only a few ingredients and stick at it to see results. Make sure the diet is nutritionally complete and balanced, providing all they need for total health including a glowing skin and coat. Stay away from anything containing artificial additives and fillers to minimise the chance of a reaction.

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If you’re looking for a natural, simple diet for your dog, then you’re in good hands. Pure Pet Food meals are natural and the ingredients lists are super short. And you won’t find artificial preservatives, fillers or additives of any kind in our products. With all the goodness of a carefully home-prepared diet and all the convenience of a ‘just add warm water’ preparation step, we’re confident you and your dog will love our dishes. You might also be interested to hear that our diets are healthy, taste amazing and are rich in skin-pampering nutrients like omega-3, omega-6 and zinc.

Meanwhile, try instantly nourishing and moisturising your dog’s skin with a dab of coconut oil. The vitamin E and essential fatty acids in coconut oil are well known for their skin-nourishing properties so it’s a great quick fix for super-smooth skin. Massage a very small amount into the fur then down onto the skin. And don’t worry if they are tempted to have a little taste as it’s perfectly safe. If they’d rather eat their treatment, why not let your dog try our Meaty Sweeties? They’ve got all the benefits of coconut oil, parcelled up into tasty and natural bite-sized treats.