How to treat tear stains in dogs

Tear Stains

If the cause of dog tear stains is a medical one such as infection, your vet will prescribe medication as required to treat the condition. For cases such as entropion, the treatment may involve surgery to stop the eyelids rolling in.

In the case of allergies and irritants, once the allergen or irritant has been identified and removed then the excess tears should be reduced. Anti-histamines may be needed if it is not possible to remove an allergen completely. If the allergic reaction is due to something in the dog’s food, a switch to a good quality, balanced and species-appropriate grain-free food that is suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities will be easier on their system. Particularly suitable for sensitive dogs in the Pure range are Chicken Dinner and Turkey Terrific although all Pure recipes are grain-free.

Some of the mechanical causes are permanent and so need management. Preventing tear stains in dogs with these kinds of problems involves keeping the face scrupulously clean. Wiping the face with a warm damp cloth, at least twice a day removes tears and reduces staining.

Keeping the area around the eyes trimmed will stop hair going into the eye to irritate it. This also stops tears keeping the skin damp, preventing secondary yeast infections. If not comfortable trimming your dog’s hair yourself, regular trips to the groomers may be required. You can use organic unrefined coconut oil for dog tear stains under the eyes, as it provides a gentle water repellent coating, stopping stains and protecting the skin. Use porcelain, glass or stainless steel food and water bowls, as plastic bowls can become damaged and harbour bacteria which may cause irritation.

Common advice on how to clean dog tear stains recommends warm water and cotton pads to clean the area, and this is the safest tip for how to remove dog tear stains naturally. If the stains are stubborn, a dilute boric acid solution like contact lens cleaning solution may help. There are many other tips given in various places on how to get rid of dog tear stains, but often include substances that may cause more harm than good.

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