How to treat urine crystals in dogs

Urine Crystals

If a UTI is diagnosed, your vet will most likely treat the infection with an antibiotic. Crystals in the urine don’t necessarily indicate a health concern so a specific treatment isn’t usually required. However, your vet will find out what sort of crystals they are, to understand which type of stone they might go on to form and will give advice on how to help prevent this from happening.

There’s no doubt that drinking plenty of water is key to flushing the urinary system, which helps prevent crystal formation, washes away existing crystals and cuts down the chance of a UTI. But what if your dog is disinclined to drink? Another great way of getting moisture into their system is through their food.

The best food for keeping that urinary tract in tip-top condition is Pure Pet Food. Try one of our diets, designed to leave you in control of the re-hydration levels. Why not give Turkey Terrific, Chicken Dinner or Fish Supper a go? With all the nutrients they need, sourced from a handful of fresh and natural ingredients, our minimally processed recipes are dried and ready for you to prepare in your kitchen just by adding warm water. There are no grains in our diets either, helping to keep that urine pH-balanced. A carefully picked selection of vegetables in our recipes also helps keep that urinary system pH on track.

Ensure your dog has plenty of opportunities to take a wee, if they need to be left at home alone for a whole day, try and arrange for someone to come and let them out to spend a penny.

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