Signs and symptoms of bad breath in dogs

Bad Breath

The most obvious symptom is a smell coming from the mouth. This can be fruity and sweet, unpleasant, or foul.

A healthy mouth has clean teeth that are not broken or cracked. The gum lines appear smooth and even, and the gums will be a pink colour. When looking in an unhealthy mouth, the teeth may have a brown covering of plaque and tartar, and the gums red and inflamed.

A dog with gum disease may leave traces of blood on chew toys or have blood streaks in their saliva.

A dog with a painful mouth may be reluctant to eat, particularly if fed hard kibble. They may paw at their mouth. They may drool more than usual and be reluctant to have their mouth examined.

Sweet or fruity-smelling breath, together with increased drinking and urination, breath that smells like urine, or foul breath with vomiting, not eating and yellowing gums all indicate possible serious health conditions, and a vet should be consulted.

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