Signs and symptoms of diarrhoea in dogs


Clearly the most obvious symptom of diarrhoea is loose stools. Make sure you take notice of the colour and odour as this might be a clue for your vet as to what's going on.

Sometimes you might also notice that your dog is very lethargic, and/or is suffering from a loss of appetite or be vomiting. Bloody diarrhoea in dogs is a cause for concern as are black tarry stools, fever and diarrhoea accompanied by seizures. It is especially important to closely monitor puppies with diarrhoea as they can dehydrate very quickly and diarrhoea can also be the first indicator of parvovirus, a serious life-threatening infection that needs to be treated as soon as possible. If your pooch is presenting with any of these other symptoms, it's wise to get them straight to the vet, just in case.

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